Tetrabenazine Tablets
Tetrabenazine Tablets are not addictive. Consumer Medicine
What is in this leaflet
Before you take Tetrabenazine
It does not contain all of the available When you must not take it
Do not take Tetrabenazine Tablets
• You are allergic to tetrabenazine or against the benefits they expect it will If you have any concerns about
taking Tetrabenazine Tablets, ask
your doctor or pharmacist.
Keep this leaflet with the medicine.
What Tetrabenazine Tablets
are used for
in the brain, and by doing so it helps to Some medicines and Tetrabenazine
Tablets may interfere with each
other. These include:
Do not take Tetrabenazine Tablets
after the expiry date printed on the
Do not take Tetrabenazine Tablets if
the bottle seems to have been opened
or the tablets do not look quite right
(see Product Description).
If you are not sure whether you
should start taking this medicine,
talk to your doctor.
Before you start to take it
Tell your doctor if you have or have
had any of the following medical
Tell your doctor if you are pregnant
or intend to become pregnant or to
If you have not told your doctor
How to take Tetrabenazine
about any of the above, tell him/her
before you start taking
Tetrabenazine Tablets.
Follow all directions given to you by
your doctor or pharmacist carefully.
Taking other medicines
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if
you are taking any other medicines,
including any that you get without a
prescription from your pharmacy,
supermarket or health food shop.

If you forget to take a dose of
If you do not understand the
Tetrabenazine Tablets, leave out
instructions on the bottle, ask your
that dose completely. Take your
doctor or pharmacist for help.
next dose at the normal time it is
How much to take
Do not take a double dose to make
up for the dose that you missed. This
If you have trouble remembering
when to take Tetrabenazine Tablets,
ask your pharmacist for some hints.
If you take too many
Tetrabenazine Tablets
How to take it
even if there are no signs of discomfort When to take it
Take your medicine at about the
same time each day.
How long to take it
While you are taking
Tetrabenazine Tablets
Continue taking your medicine for
as long as your doctor tells you. This
Things you must do
Make sure that all of your doctors
and pharmacists know about your
use of Tetrabenazine Tablets.
Remind them if any new medicines
If you forget to take Tetrabenazine
are about to be started.
If you are going to have surgery, tell
the surgeon or anaesthetist that you
Side Effects
are taking this medicine.
Tell your doctor or pharmacist as
soon as possible if you do not feel
well while you are taking
If you become pregnant while taking
Tetrabenazine Tablets. Like all
this medicine, tell your doctor
Things that you must not do
Do not be alarmed by this list of
Do not use Tetrabenazine Tablets to
possible side effects. You may not
treat any complaint other than that
experience any of them.
directed by your doctor. It may not
Ask your doctor or pharmacist to
answer any questions you may have.
Tetrabenazine Tablets should only
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if
be used by the person for whom it
you notice any of the following:
was prescribed. Do not give
Tetrabenazine Tablets to anyone else
even if they have the same condition
as you. It may not be safe for another
Do not stop taking your medicine or
change the dosage without checking
with your doctor.
Things to be careful of
Tell your doctor immediately if you
notice any of the following:

Be careful driving or operating
machinery until you know how
Tetrabenazine Tablets affect you.
• Stiffness or tightness in the arms or If you feel light-headed, dizzy or
faint when getting out of bed or
standing up, get up slowly. Standing
Other side effects not listed above
may also occur in some patients.
Tell your doctor if you notice
anything else that is making you feel
After using Tetrabenazine
Each Tetrabenazine Tablet contains 25 mg of the active ingredient, Storage
Product description
What Tetrabenazine Tablets look

Tetrabenazine Tablets 25 mg are buff.
They are scored and marked with “CL”
over “25”.

Source: http://www.orphan.com.au/file_upload/Tetrabenazine_CMI.pdf

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