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Oral Benadryl Protocol for Hypersensitivity Reaction Signs & Symptoms
(As Approved for 2009-10 Academic Year)
FOR THE STUDENT WITH NO KNOWN &/OR PRIOR Hypersensitivity Reaction/Allergic Reaction/Anaphylaxis, oral Benadryl (or generic equivalent) will be available at your child’s school & will be an option for you to choose for your child if any of the following signs/symptoms are present. Hypersensitivity reaction is a potentially fatal allergic reaction occurring within seconds to minutes after exposure to an antigen. Common antigens are penicillin and other antibiotics; biologicals, such as serums, vaccines, tetanus, toxoid; injectable or oral medications; insect bites or stings; foods; allergy extracts; latex exposure; blood transfusions; narcotics, etc. For example, your child may have never been allergic to bees or nuts previously, but after stepping on bee or eating a peanut butter sandwich, the once non-allergic child may immediately start having symptoms of an allergic reaction. Reactions can range from mild (i.e. rash) to severe (i.e. anaphylaxis/death). Oral Benadryl (or generic equivalent) would be given to help lessen the severity of the child’s allergic reaction, while awaiting the arrival of EMS. • Hypersensitivity reaction symptoms may include :
Itching, Tingling Sensation in the Mouth, Swelling of the Lips, Tongue, Mouth
Itching &/or Complains of Tightness in the Throat, Hoarseness, Hacking Cough,
Nasal Congestion

Hives, Rash, Complaints of Feeling Itchy, Flushing &/or Swelling about the
Face or Extremities, Bluish Skin Color

Nausea/Vomiting and/or Abdominal Cramps, Diarrhea
Tightness in Chest, Shortness of Breath, Repetitive Coughing &/or Wheezing,
Shallow Respirations

Chest Pain, Drop in Blood Pressure, Weak or Thready Pulse
Irritable, Anxious, Restless, Feeling of Apprehension, Loss of Consciousness,
Weakness or Dizziness, Seizure

ORAL BENADRYL Protocol (or generic equivalent diphenhydramine)
LIQUID= 12.5 mg per 1 teaspoon

Children 6-12 yrs
1-2 teaspoons
every 4 hours as needed for
(48-95 pounds)
hypersensitivity reaction symptoms
Children >12 yrs
2-4 teaspoons
every 4 hours as needed for
(>96 pounds)
hypersensitivity reaction symptoms

Medication will not be given unless the student is fully awake, able to sit up, able to talk, & able
to swallow.
EMS may be summoned & Parent/guardian will be contacted if oral Benadryl (or
generic equivalent) is given to student for any of the above mentioned symptoms. Student will be
continuously monitored by OCS staff until Parent/Guardian &/or EMS arrives to assume care of
student. By documenting your consent on the “Consent for Non-Prescription Medications Provided
by the School,” you are giving your authorization for your child to receive the specified non-
prescription/over-the-counter medication(s) on an “as needed” basis during the 2009-10 academic
year, in accordance with the manufacturer and pediatric guidelines, as indicated by signs, symptoms,
&/or complaints that your child may have.

Source: http://owensborocatholic.org/documents/OCS_benadryl_policy_09-10.pdf

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