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Video Competition for Children and Young Adults
European Development Days 2013
Official Contest Rules
1. To enter this contest you must be between the ages of 13 and 24 at the time of entry. All video entries must be submitted in one of the 5 official contest languages: English, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish. All video entries not submitted in English must be accompanied by a full English transcription, which can be provided usin 2. The contest opens for entries at 12:00 CET 8 August 2013, and closes at 23:59 1 November 2013. Contest winners wil be announced on 5 November 2013. 3. All video entries must be submitted using the online registration form on the Facebook page of European Development Days (EDD): ou do not need to have a Facebook account to enter this contest. You must have access to a valid e-mail address to enter. 4. All video entries must first be uploaded to YouTube. You must submit the URL to your YouTube video using theon the Facebook page of the EDD. 5. Only one video per contest participant is allowed. Any attempts to submit multiple videos by the same contest participant wil render that participant disqualified. 6. By submitting your video to the EDD, you agree to grant the EDD free of charge the right to use your video in any manner and media, including without limitation, the right to publish, adapt, distribute, copy, display or translate. You also grant the EDD the right to license to others. 7. By submitting your video to EDD you confirm that you have been granted the rights to be recorded on video the image, likeness and sound of voice for EACH identifiable person who appears in your video. (EDD reserves the right to request proof of this at any time during the contest, and reserves the right to disqualify your submission if proof is not provided). 8. By submitting your video to EDD you agree to take part in any contest publicity if asked to do so. The prize may only be taken as stated and cannot be changed. There wil be no cash alternatives. 9. EDD does not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries. Proof of 10. You must supply ful details as required by the registration form, and comply with all rules to be eligible for the prize(s). No responsibility is accepted for ineligible entries or entries made fraudulently. 11. As submissions are received, EDD wil vet all entries for suitability of content matter before posting. Once posted, candidates wil be able to share and promote their video entry and mobilise their friends and relatives to vote by linking to their video on the EDD Facebook page. 12. EDD wil award 2 winning prizes for each of two age groups: 13 – 17 (EU citizen prize and non-EU citizen prize); and 18 – 24 (EU citizen prize and non-EU citizen prize). The creators of the winning videos (one person per entry if a joint effort) wil be invited to Brussels (travel, accommodation and a daily living allowance wil be provided) for the duration of the EDD13 in November 2013. For the winners under the age of 18, the EDD wil also provide travel, accommodation and a daily living allowance for an adult chaperone. 13. The winning videos wil be chosen based on the number of votes received based on the final count at 23:59 CET on 1 November 2013. The decision of the EDD contest administrators is final, and EDD wil not enter into correspondence justifying its decision. 14. Entries should not be longer than 2 minutes. Any submitted entry of a 15. If a winning entrant is unable to be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made to do so, EDD reserves the right to offer the prize to the next best entry. 16. Contest winners outside the EU who wil require a visa to travel to Brussels are responsible for securing their own visas and should begin this process immediately after having been notified that they have won. The EDD wil assist by providing the necessary documents for the visa application. 17. Participants may share their video entries and encourage their network of friends, family, etc. to vote on the EDD Facebook page. Only one vote per person wil be counted. 18. Any attempt by a participant to subvert the contest, or to discourage votes for other participants’ entries wil lead to immediate disqualification. 19. EDD reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest or any of the arrangements, schedules, plans or other items directly or indirectly related to the contest, at any time and for any reason if deemed necessary in its opinion. 20. You waive all claims against EDD, its personnel and agents arising out of any oral or written publication or republication of any statement made in connection with the present contest, your person or your video entry. 21. You agree to indemnify and hold EDD, its personnel and agents harmless from any third party claims for loss, damage, prejudice, liability or expense suffered as a result of or in any manner in connection with your video entry, any other of your acts or omissions 22. Your participation in the contest, including being selected to receive a prize, in no manner constitutes an endorsement or support by EDD of your views, aims, or of any products or services. You shall not advertise or otherwise claim to have obtained any such endorsement or support. The EDD name and logo are the property of the EDD and should not be used in any manner whatsoever without the prior consent of EDD. The EDD must approve in writing any statement, advertisement, press release or similar communication in any media, relating to your participation in the contest. Requests for such approvals may be addressed to


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