Herpes virus

Herpes Simplex Type II(Genital Herpes)
Genital Herpes Virus in the Nerve ganglia; Herpes I Virus;
Blisters in 1-2 days, becoming open genital ulcers. Ulcers last 2 weeks or longer. From
poor immune response, stress, sickness, menstruation, cold or fatigue. Herpes II virus
in a pregnant woman may develop into fatal encephalitis requiring Caesarian Section;
The same virus may cause cervical cancer; 10% of women shed the virus from their
cervix, yet have no visible symptoms.
What You Can Do:1) First Two Days: Soak a flannel cloth in 1-cup Castor oil, place on warts, cover with plastic and a heating pad for 1 hour daily.
2) Second Two Days: Apply Mandrake tincture on alternate days on small areas of 3) Third Two Days: Apply Poke Root tincture for two days. Continue applying Castor Oil, Mandrake, Poke Root for 2 to 3 weeks.
4) Mix the following tinctures all together and take 5 drops in water 3 times per day: 5) Take warm Soda Bath, add 1 cup of Soda to bath water 2 times weekly.
6) Take very hot fever bath 3 times weekly.
7) Mix 3 drops Mallow Root(tincture) and 2 drops Wild Yam(tincture) all together then take 2 times daily. If you use herbs, mix all together in 1 pint of hot water, and drink daily.
8) Eat 85% Raw Vegetables daily.
9) Take a simple Bowel Cleanser of Psyllium Husk powder in 4 oz of juice mix, shake and drink before it gets thick, 3 times daily. 10)Take 3 Capsules of Senna every other day.
EBV is the name also for MONO. It is a member of the Herpes virus family which
include Herpes Simplex - which causes cold sores, genital Herpes; Herpes Zoster which
causes Chicken Pox and Shingles; and CMV Cytomegalovirus, a virus that commonly
infects post-transplant patients.
85% of U.S. adults have this. All Herpes viruses can have recurring infections or “reactivation.” The doesnʼt eliminate the virus so it becomes dormant in cells, only to re-emerge at a later date. It infects the antibody-producing white blood cells(B-cells) and remains long after the infection is brought under control. The major concern is that EBV may later develop into Lymphproliferative disease(LPD), which is a malignant condition. As it may be responsible for Chronic Fatigue and can cause Hepatitis and damage the liver. A later event in its progress can be Burkittʼs Lymphoma and Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, two rare cancers, though it is not the sole cause. Transmission is through contact with saliva of an infected person not usually by blood or air.
What You Can Do:(This is a 60-90 day program)1) Take Psyllium Husk powder in 4 oz of juice, shake, mix and drink before it thickens 3 2) Every other day take 3 capsules Senna.
3) Drink 2 quarts of water with lemon juice per day.
4) Take a Garlic enema. Blend 3 cloves of garlic in 12 oz of water strain and use for a retention enema, hold for 15 minutes and expel(Garlic passes through the Blood-Brain barrier).
5) Take Vegetarian Penicillin: 2 quarts of water, add 2 washed organic un-peeled Grapefruits; 1 bulb of Garlic cut; 1 Onion, 1/3 tsp of Cayenne, 2 Organic un-peeled lemons, 1 Cup of Yarrow, blend well and take 1 cup every hour until finished.
6) Take Hot Fever Baths 3-4 times per week elevating your temperature as high as 103˚ if possible, regulate according to the ability of the person to handle the heat and have an assistant taking your temperature every 2 minutes then take a cold shower.
7) Do a Epsom salt rub. In a pail add enough water to make a paste rub over entire body including the face before the fever bath 3-4 times weekly.
8) Take 5000 mg Vitamin C 2 times per day. (up to bowel tolerance; diarrhea cut back if 9) Take 100,000 IU Beta Carotene 4 times daily. After 2 weeks, cut back to 50,000 IU 10)Take 1 T Blackstrap Molasses 3 times daily11)Drink Carrot and Green Juice daily 1-2 Quarts(use a green supplement if not able to get greens, Barley Green, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, etc.) 12)Eat a large green salad with tomatoes, onions, organic bell peppers, olives(with vinegar, preservatives) and homemade dressing;(Olive oil, lemon juice, honey. sea salt, and Italian seasoning) 13)Eat plenty of fresh fruit. Do not mix with vegetables.
14)If you eat starches only one per meal.
15)Homemade soups: potatoes, lentils, organic tofu soup with vegetables, etc.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~VARIOUS NOTES I HAVE MENTIONING HERPES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aloe Vera and AIDS
After many months of observation and reading a report by Ron Mealy on Aloe Vera
concentrate, I decided to include Aloe Vera juice concentrate in my AIDS program. We
found it helps with Epstein Barr and AIDS. Everyone that took the juice concentrate
stated that energy increased and they were able to sleep through the night.
A team of scientists from Texas A & M University and three other institutions say that acemannan (which is a component of Aloe Vera) purified from green, spiky Aloe Vera plants, appears to help drugs such as Retrovir (zidovudine, a drug formerly known as AZT) and acyclovir (ACV) block the pathology associated with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and herpes simplex virus (HSV). They also found that the compound interfered with HIV ability to reproduce in affected cells.
Dr. Maurice C. Kemp, a virologist at Texas A & Mʼs college of Veterinary Medicine, said the research suggests that one-tenth the AZT dose could be administered to AIDS patients if it is given with acemannan. Kempʼs laboratory research uses cultures of cells to study how acemannan affects the way viruses attach to cells and spread once they have infected them. With my program, there is no need for AZT.
This plant of the western plains will serve mankind well into the future based on recent scientific documentation of its immune-enhancing effects. Current pharmacology indicates Echinacea is antitumor, anti-viral, and an immunostimulant. It also is effective against herpes and influenza, is used for wound healing, has been proven to activate reticulo-endothelial layer to increase alpha, beta and gama globulin (which is the formation of antibodies), and to increase the rate of phagocytosis.
An extract of Echinacea also revealed anti-viral activity. In extensive experiments the extract exhibited an action similar to interferon except, unlike interferon, the drug remains active even when stored at room temperature. Since interferon is difficult to obtain, Echinacea could prove to be a very important aid in increasing immunoproduction.
Red Raspberry
Red Raspberry leaves contain high concentrations of tannins, which is most likely responsible for the antinauseant, antivomiting, antidiarrheal, and astringent effects of this plant. Various species of Raspberry have been shown to induce ovulation, relax the uterus, act as a diuretic, stimulate immunity, kill viruses (including herpes), control glucose-induced high blood sugar, promote insulin production, kill fungi, and stimulate interferon induction.
Blue-Green Algae
Most of the recent attention to the seaweeds has centered around dextran sulfate's possible action against the AIDS virus. Dextran sulfate is created when dextran is boiled with chlorosulfonic acid. It is a sulfate ester not a sulfonic acid. Dextran sulfate has been used for more than 30 years in Japan, primarily as an intravenous drug that reduced clotting and lowers blood cholesterol. Dextran sulfate also inactivates the herpes simplex virus.
The AIDS virus-killing compounds discovered in the Blue-Green Algae are classified as sulfolipids. These lipids are found within the structures of chloroplast membranes and occur widely in other algae, higher plants and microorganisms which conduct photosynthesis.
Initial clinical trials with dextran sulfate treatment for HIV indicate a fairly frequent improvement of general well-being. Consistent changes in T-cell count were noted. A John Hopkins University study confirmed the initial results from a study at San Francisco General Hospital that dextran sulfate is poorly absorbed when given orally.
In a study on aloe by a group of researchers in the Netherlands, immune-enhancing activity was discovered. Beginning with the traditional medical uses for this plant, these workers purified an aqueous gel-extract. A highly active polysaccharide fraction was isolated from the aloe gel. This component proved active in the production of antibodies and also stimulated another aspect of the immune response (i.e., complementary activity). The authors compared the effectiveness of this gel fraction of aloe with dextran sulphate, a sulphated polysaccharide found primarily in certain seaweeds. (For about 40 years Japanese researchers have been testing dextran sulphate and ably demonstrating its anti-tumor and anti-clotting properties.) Disclaimer: This information is for education and lifestyle purposes only. It is not for
treatment or diagnosis.

Source: http://www.revelationofhem.org/page12/files/herpes-virus.pdf


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