eadaches are bad enough, but, oh, those mi- aged cheese, chocolate, organ meats (kidney, liver), graines! Here are some thoughts for those of sour cream, soy sauce, vinegar (relish, salad dress- you who are experiencing this terrible pain. ings, sauces, catsup), yogurt and yeast extracts. Oth- ers contain Nitrites found in processed meats such
as bacon, bologna, canned ham, corned beef, hot Migraines usually begin sometime between the teen dogs/frankfurters, pastrami, pepperoni, sausages, years and the age of 40. Typically affecting one side and smoked fish. Yet others contain the flavor en- of the head, they can last anywhere from a few hours hancer Monosodium Glutamate/MSG also called
to a few days. Some people have them weekly, oth- hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HVP), hydrolyzed ers have fewer than one a year. Classic migraines
plant protein (HPP), “natural flavor” or “flavoring,” begin with warning signs such as flashing lights or and kombu extract; MSG is used to the tune of ap- colors, feeling of looking through a tunnel, and/or proximately 20,000 tons per year to add flavoring to one side of the body feeling prickly, hot, or weak. most processed foods. Another trigger can be any These can last about 15 to 30 minutes before pain food containing Artificial Sweeteners such as as-
commences. Common migraines are indicated by
partame or NutraSweet and even citrus fruits, dairy tiredness, depression, restlessness or talkativeness products, fatty foods, onions, seafood, soybeans, and for 2 or 3 days before the headache actually begins. wheat products for some. Some find caffeine to be a
Scientists formerly thought constriction (aura, nau- Treatments
sea and vomiting) and dilation (pounding pain) of Prophylactic medication which attempts to head off blood vessels caused migraine headaches, while the migraines can include: beta blockers (Tenormin, muscle contraction caused tension headaches. How- Lopressor, Inderal), calcium channel blockers ever, new research is leading to the belief that both (Cardizem, Dilacor, Procardia), antidepressants migraine and tension headaches have the same ori- (Elavil, Zoloft), serotonin antagonists (Sansert), anti- gin in the brainstem: the trigeminal nerve, located convulsants (Tegretol, Depakote, Dilantin), and er- got derivatives (Cafergot, Sansert). The largest in the head, this nerve carries Abortive medications which attempt to stop sensory impulses to and from the face. When stimu- the pain already begun can include: aspirin, aceta- lated by a certain headache trigger, it releases a burst minophen (Tylenol, Panadol, etc), ibuprofen of neurotransmitters (chemicals that pass impulses (Motrin, Advil, etc) or NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti- from one nerve to the next) which in turn normally Inflammatory Drugs such as Naprosyn, Anaprox, prompts release of yet another neurotransmitter: se- Ponstel, Meclomen, Tolectin, & Toradol). rotonin. Interestingly, low serotonin levels can not Doctors sometimes add various prescriptions only cause the headaches to continue rather than be- to control the engendered side effects such as ing halted, but low levels also are associated with blurred vision, constipation, depression, diarrhea, both depression and sleep disorders, both of which dry mouth, edema, fatigue, flu-like symptoms, gas- trointestinal distress, hair loss, increased pulse rate, insomnia, jitteriness, liver damage, low blood pres- Triggers
sure, nausea, nightmares, retention of urine, and up- Unfortunately there are a host of migraine triggers from fluorescent lighting, to sudden loud noises or However, most doctors also suggest life-style strong chemical odors, to molds in carpeting or heat/ changes including avoidance of known headache cold ducting, to low blood sugar. Numerous women triggers, counseling, stress management including get headaches before or during their monthly period. yoga, biofeedback, and relaxation therapy. If mi- Many foods also contain triggers such as the graines first appeared after initiating birth control Tyramine found in alcohol (especially red wine),
pills, an alternate method is usually advised. A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE
needs, it is hard to advise how much to use, but to be on the safe side, perhaps one half to one teaspoon In addition to the excellent life-style changes top water per day for a few days, building up slowly above, we also suggest being checked out by a Cra- to perhaps 3T daily before starting to consume the nio-Sacral practitioner who can examine the oral actual gel itself as per directions. Top water is vault and perhaps be able to better balance the formed when 1/4 cup of Clay is mixed with 1 cup
physiological aspects of the head to free the trigemi- purified water, shaken thoroughly (plastic/glass nal nerve from any impingement. To locate a practi- only) and then allowed to sit for a few hours. The tioner, or find out more about this therapy, The gel will settle to the bottom leaving the water on top; is the place to start. Gentle, good chiroprac- In addition, we personally take livestock Ex-
tic can also be helpful as can NeuroMuscular Mas- cel periodically to aid in both liver and intestinal
cleansing. It works wonders at only 1/2 teaspoon . Since we believe that all headaches are symptomatic of toxic overload and unbalanced nutri- 3) Rebuilding
Once cleansing is complete, adding in the DYNA-
1) Hydrating
MITE basics of Regular or Plus and TriMins (up to
As simple as it is, most individuals do not consume 8 per day temporarily in migraine situations) starts nearly enough water which can, in and of itself, re- the building process. To help alkalize and stabilize sult in dehydration headaches. The general rule of the system, many individuals also choose to take thumb is 1 quart of water per 50 pounds of body Herbal Green, and to support vascular health, 4-8
weight. Of course all drinking/cooking/bathing wa- Hiscorbadyne+ capsules are suggested.
ter should be as pure as possible; both chlorine and Because of migraine nerve involvement and fluoride have also been implicated in headaches. Re- lack of serotonin, we also suggest major nerve/ verse osmosis water seems to remove most toxins hormone support via PMS (Premium Magnesium
from water while carbon-filtered showerheads will Supplement), Athletic Formula (chromium for
keep the bulk of toxins from entering your body via blood sugar stabilization and extra Zinc for sero- tonin production) and a full B-complex with added To make drinking water even “wetter” and DMG/B15; even though this powder is sold only for
thus better able to perform its job, the addition of livestock, we take 1/2 tsp daily to increase blood DYNAMITE Catalyst Water is highly recommended. oxygenization even through the blood/brain barrier.
Adding Elixir to the mix supplies necessary electro- An L-Tryptophan supplement might also help boost
serotonin production. Perhaps 1-2 Izmine per day
for full trace mineral support might also help. 2) Cleansing
Topically, we find it helpful to spray herbal Because of the toxin/headache connection, generally homeopathic Release on points analogous to the
deeper cleansing of both liver and intestines may be equine points of poll (top of head), withers (base of required other than normal hydration and dietary neck), croup (sacrum/tailbone), and 4 coronet bands changes toward the pure and alkaline. It would be (wrists/ankles) plus over the entire eye-nasal, or wise to pay close attention to all the dietary sugges- trigeminal nerve, area. For any nerve/muscle pain, we personally ingest horse Tranquil.
cial concentration on the Salads section. Included
there are numerous Blended and Juiced Salad ideas for serious cleansing. In fact, some individuals find ost holistic practitioners allow one month of celery juice to be effective in halting migraine symp- healing per year that a health challenge has existed. Moving more quickly can precipitate a healing crisis Taking some internal Miracle Clay, which
causing the very headaches you are attempting to safely binds toxins for thorough removal, can also control. Patience is definitely advised! be helpful. Since each person has very different

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