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What is Osteoporosis?
Should I see my Doctor?
What If I already have osteoporosis?
Throughout life, bone is constantly being If you are worried, yes, you should. If you are at removed from your skeleton and replaced. risk, they may arrange for special scans and osteoporosis has been diagnosed, but your When rebuilding becomes less than removal, blood tests to diagnose the extent of the circumstances may be different. The amount due to lowering oestrogen levels, the bones problem if there is one. The earlier that you are of exercise that you can manage will depend aware of the problem, the sooner you can get on how advanced your condition is, your age, This will affect one in three women and one in and possibly other medical conditions (ask for Your doctor will be able to tell you about HRT osteoporosis also show signs of osteo-arthritis, which is most suitable for you. (Didronel tablets and this needs to be taken into account when combined with calcium has been shown to planning treatment.
How can I tell if I have Osteoporosis?
actually restore some of the lost bone mass). They may also have helpful advice or leaflets Osteoporosis can ultimately affect the whole regarding suitable diet and exercise.
skeleton, but tends to be most troublesome in the spine and long bones of the thigh. In advanced cases it can be recognised in elderly Can Osteopathic treatment help?
people, usually women, as forward curvature of the spine.
Your Osteopath may be able to offer some A loss of height is often an early sign of the relief from your symptoms. For many patients Should I take Hormone Replacement
disease, but this can also occur in 'simple' old Therapy?
age, where there is no osteoporosis.
affected joints will help to restore a more Unintentional weight loss (with no reduction in healthy blood supply and greater freedom of This is a difficult question to answer because size) in middle age may be a sign that your movement.
This does not in itself suggest a cure, but if you are more mobile and less uncomfortable, you The first symptoms may be of back pain, or a will be able to do more exercise and this is a HRT replaces the hormones that a woman change in the shape of your back, or you may loses after her menopause. Raising oestrogen have recently broken a wrist or hip in what In addition, your Osteopath may have advice levels has been shown to reduce the chance of seemed a very minor accident.
regarding diet and which exercises are safe for If other members of your family have suffered For many women, HRT has been a blessing, from osteoporosis you may be more at risk and relieving them of hot flushes, tiredness and should watch more carefully for the onset of apathy, allowing them to have normal marital How can I help to avoid it?
relations, lifting depression and irritability. The effects can be seen on X-rays and bone Others find that their menopausal symptoms scans, as a thinning of the cortex, or outer layer Try to adopt as healthy a life-style as you can.
are aggravated and they gain weight.
of hard bone, but this should be arranged by The better your level of general fitness the Some doctors will advise that a woman takes your GP or one of the specialist Osteoporosis better your body is able to avoid, or cope with, HRT for the rest of their lives, others that it is these problems. Here are some specific things only necessary for the first five to eight years that will help to reduce the chance of after a natural menopause. Those women who developing osteoporosis; have an early total hysterectomy, and cannot produce their own hormones will need to take So can Osteoporosis be cured?
!Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake.
!Avoid excessive intake of tea and coffee.
This is not a condition that can be cured, but !Keep your weight down (but avoid very strict There are some “natural” remedies which are many of the effects of the disease can be reputed to help, such as wild yam, from which lessened, slowed or even halted, so that !Eat a healthy diet, low in fats and red meats,
high in fresh fruit and vegetables. If blood
preventative methods is absolutely crucial.
supplies of calcium drop below normal, Sage tablets for hot flushes.
other systems will draw calcium from the Horsetail tea provides silicon which is essential bones to serve functions such as muscle for bone formation and other required minerals What are the causes?
and vitamins can be provided by a balanced multi vitamin and mineral supplement.
The causes are varied and include prolonged inactivity, long-term high doses of cortico- We would advise that you speak to your GP or steroids, laxatives, antacids, or diuretics, that it is best obtained from food e.g. dairy a specialist in this area of gynaecological metabolic disease, total hysterectomy (where products or even better, from dark green medicine because each woman's situation is the ovaries are removed) and changes that vegetables such as broccoli. (Vitamin D specific to her.
occur after the menopause. Women who begin helps you to absorb the calcium). Vit D,
menstruating late or reach the menopause early are more vulnerable due to reduced oestrogen exposure. Women are also prone to National Osteoporosis Society
skin is exposed to sunlight. Taking cod liver However, men cannot be complacent, as there oil capsules each day will ensure an o s t e o p o r o s i s , c o n ta c t t h e N a t i o n a l is increasing evidence of osteoporosis in men, generally active and don't exercise enough.
!Take plenty of exercise, especially brisk N.O.S. Camerton, Bath BA2 0PJ Eating disorders and “yo-yo” dieting increase walking or weight training, but do take into the risk and there may be hereditary links.
account any other health problems that you Their helpline is staffed by nurses from 10am -

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