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A/d = Hill’s A/d supplemental food (number is mL given at feeding) – food is cut 4:1 with chicken broth Clin = Clindamycin ¾ of a 75 mg tablet, twice a day (antibiotic) Zen = Zeniquin ½ of a 25 mg tablet, once a day (antibiotic) Cyp = Cyproheptadine ¼ of a 4 mg pill, twice a day (appetite stimulant) Reg = Reglan (metoclopromide) 1/3 of a 5 mg pill, twice a day (anti-vomit, GI motility) Pep = Pepcid A/C (to soothe stomach) RR = Respiration Rate last day he vomited until Wednesday July 4th 1 mL Clavamox; vomited 2xliving room, once in dining room obviously hadn’t eaten on his own weight was taken at vet no assist feedings that day vomited in l/r after debbie got home between 9 pm and midnight ate 3 bites of adult kibble, threw it up; not interested in food but i got 20 ml into him hadn’t used the litterbox overnight – had diarrhea when scared by falling plank at 3 am not enjoying the assisted feedings, trying to get away but I can still get the food into him split can of Fancy Feast Tender Beef w/chicken between IJ and G3 – G3 ate about half of his immediately seemed to take the A/d better, groomed himself after eating nibbled on some of the big cats’ wet food mixed with Fancy Feast, then I weighed him, then I fed him 20 mL A/d, he “helped!” – no use of litterbox YET!!! amount of urp (wet and dry) noticed at 9 am, had heard retching just before RR while relaxed, eyes closed, not quite asleep warmed up some fancy feast and baby food, gave to both IJ and G3 – G3 just nibbled G3 very active in evening, hopping around on things. He “helped” with his feeding tonight. gave him baby food with FF beef/chicken – likes the baby food! somebody had urped up some kibble (probably G3) gave the Clindamycin and Zeniquin; chased with A/d – went down funny, he urped it up, so I gave it to him again with a water chaser was going to give him more A/d but when I went in, he was eating canned food, so I opened another can of Fancy Feast and left it out for them. He went for it bigtime! all the wet food was gone in the morning – either G3, IJ or both ate it! put down Fancy Feast with baby food, both IJ and G3 chowed down gave ½ can of Fancy Feast, then a while later gave the other ½ can – IJ and G3 ate most of it!` I put out kibble for both kitties; found some urp in the kibble at 10:45 pm – not much, and there was partially digested kibble in it – seems he can’t handle the kibble on top of the A/d he urped up some partially-digested kibble then ate it again I gave them ½ can of FF, he dug in, urped up some, licked it off floor gave other ½ can of FF with some baby food – both came out to eat (in fact, Georgie came out to WAIT for food!) ate eagerly, seems very energetic today, relaxed, purring, affectionate (for Georgie!) gave them ½ can FF, they gobbled it all down, then gave G3 20 ml of A/d mixed 90/10 with water. fed them FF during the day, with baby food in the evening – they scarfed it down. G3 enthusiastic about A/d tonight! mixed up the Clindamycin in water and gave it to him in a syringe with A/d temp was lower but then thermometer slipped in a bit more and it went up to 101.9 he was very urpy and after lots of retching, he urped up lots of foam with a tiny bit of semi-digested kibble he’s getting harder and harder to pill so I ground his stuff to a powder and put it in his A/d assisted feeding; he eats the feedings enthusiastically peeking through the screen – InkJet was in the middle of the room chirping, and Georgie was on top of the little crate relaxing. InkJet persisted, and Georgie jumped down and they began to play/wrestle! came home, small amount of foamy urp with small amount of food in it on floor gave G3 FF with A/d first – ate some but not that enthusiastic. Then gave meds, and food, he ate pretty well. Inkjet extremely hostile to Nicky when I brought him in. Probably just scared. G3 very scared so I took him out. two little spots of urp on floor (kibble) gave him the Clindamycin ground up in the A/d put down FF for both but immediately fed G3 – he was curious about IJ eating FF. After 20 mL (of planned 30) he broke free and went over and ate some kibble, then sniffed at FF and went under table. I was worried kibble would trigger urping so decided to stop there. urp under shelving – some A/d and the little bit of kibble he ate came home, weighed him – no more urp. gave fresh FF (savory salmon put out ½ can of FF for the two of them urp on floor (kibble) – put out full can of FF – ½ for each – G3 went right for it and chowed down last dose of Clindamycin, gave it to him ground up in A/d – he ate enthusiastically – all 31 mL came home, he had gained weight, no vomiting spoke too soon – heard him having loose BM in litterbox, went in to see what it looked like he had just urped on floor (partially digested kibble) and again on his blanket under the sink. Put out some Sci Diet wet food, he went for it. His weight was down to 9.39 in 25 minutes! came home to find a small amount of urp on the kitchen floor was going to feed him 20, but at the end of the 10 he looked like he was going to urp, so I stopped. I also found some dried urp on his bedding under the sink – cleaned it up so I could tell if there was any more in the morning. Sigh. I’m still up. I locked other kitties in bedroom and let Georgie and InkJet have free reign of the rest of the apt. They’re very active. Just noticed Georgie under rack in kitchen, he had urped up some kibble and was licking it up again. He seems to be vomiting more frequently found two more small urps in kitchen – one was kibble, the other was mostly clear. put out ½ large can Sci Diet wet (salmon) he went put out other half of can of Sci diet (Savory Salmon Entree) – they both went for it. Aysia chased InkJet into the kitchen. mutual whacking ensued. georgie growled, afraid of her put out ½ can of Nutro Max canned – G3 was after it like a shot while he was very relaxed, almost asleep under sink (but aware that I was there) I put down flaked chicken FF and Georgie went for it, then vomited it up immediately in thick mucus, attempted to eat it back up, vomited it again. I put down A/d and he ate that enthusiastically. put out more Sci diet canned, he went for it. put down sci diet canned at 9:40, he went for it immediately but seemed like he was on the verge of upchucking it a couple of times while eating scarfed up a bit of the big cats’ kibble, urped it up almost right away gagged and urped immediately after eating Sci Di canned which was only slightly gritty; assist-fed 30 mL A/d in evening seems to have a good appetite but just doesn’t eat enough because of regurgitation? assist fed 20 mL A/d mixed with Sci Diet seafood canned he wasn’t into it – syringe was sticking because Sci diet is pure A/d, threw away the A/d + Sci diet mix no evidence of urp (Aysia chased abd biffed him and scratched top of nose lightly, blood inside ear) gave him canned chicken food, he seemed interested and started eating right away but I need to continue to assist feed I think went in to weigh him and feed A/d, he sounded sniffly and sneezed (or coughed?) blood droplets on me, took to ER, vet found laceration inside nostril, probably source of blood


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Carnosine Carnosine is a dipepeptide composed of Alanine and Histidine which occurs naturally in meats and accumulates preferentially in muscle, brain, eyes and nervous tissue. THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED FOR THE USE OF PHYSICIANS AND OTHER LICENSED HEALTHBenefits proven in studies with a dose ofCARE PRACTITIONERS ONLY. THIS INFORMATION IS INTENDED FOR PHYSICIANS AND OTHERLICENSED HEAL

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MINUTES OF MEETING - OPEN SUBJECT: FORCE EXECUTIVE BOARD 6th JULY 2009 CONFERENCE ROOM 1 - HQ PRESENT: Julie Spence – Chief Constable (Chair)George Barr – for Head SDDKaren Daber – Head Safer CommunitiesMike Dyke - FederationJohn Feavyour – Deputy Chief ConstableMick Gipp - Divisional Commander – Central DivisionPeter Greenwood – Head of QATAndy Hebb – Divisional

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