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Whippet Puppy Care First and foremost, your whippet puppy needs YOU … you cannot spoil a whippet with too much affection and attention. Your whippet will live a long, healthy life in your companionship as your loving family member given proper nutrition, exercise, training, and socialization. There is certainly no one right way to raise and train a puppy. Be open to suggestions an

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A ÉTICA DOS ESTÓICOS A Vida Neste capítulo, vamos ter em consideração a vida e a obra de Cícero, Séneca e Marco Aurélio. Para além da leitura das suas obras, nomeadamente De Oratore , De Officiis e De Amicitia de Cícero, Da Vida Teliz e Cartas a Lucílio de Séneca e, por último, Os Pensamentos de Marco Aurélio, consultámos a obra Pedagogia Moral de Quintan

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