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Technical Information Sheet, Rev. 04/2001 AGLAIA RENOVATION PLASTER
Ready-to-use, fiber-reinforced leveling plaster, especially for creating fine plaster-like surfaces
indoors. Sound-absorbent and excellent absorption capacity regarding humidity and airborne
pollutants. For application and texturing use a trowel. Natural white, ideal for glazing without
further pretreatment. Exclusively made from natural raw materials.
Ranges of Application:
Water absorption and water-vapor
diffusion characteristics:

For universal indoor use in private homes as well ascommercial and public buildings on all coatable walls and ceilings. Provides fine-plaster wall coatings through pleasant light scattering of quartz grain. Excellent room Physical/Technical Characteristics:
climate properties. Recommended from a biological and ecological building point of view. Due to filling capacity and fiber reinforcement, especially suitable for renova- ting walls in old buildings and designing light-weightbuilding boards.
Color tone:
Natural white. For glazing technique and recoatability Processing:
AGLAIA RENOVATION PLASTER is a ready-to-use product. Thoroughly stir up, apply an approx. 1 mm thick Under normal conditions, completely dry and safe to layer and texture, using a stainless steel trowel (smoothing coat after 12 to 16 hours. Thick layers, high humidity trowel). A fine modelling plaster structure with non- and low temperatures delay the drying process. Therefore, directional, barely visible edges is perfect. A uniform, ensure proper ventilation and heat while drying. Minimum structure-free application is achieved by leveling out application temperature: 13°C air and surface.
the edges using a wet trowel. A possible second layer may be applied, but no sooner than 12 hours after the On moderately absorbent, smooth surfaces: first one. May also be economically machine-processed approx. 1.0 to 1.2 kg per layer and m2.
in large buildings (e.g. plaster machine: WAGNERPlastcoat PC5; 8 mm jet). After a minimum drying period Available Sizes:
of 2 days, AGLAIA RENOVATION PLASTER may directly be color glazed with AGLAIA BEESWAX GLAZE BINDER.
Because of the strong absorbency, the first glaze coat Clean appliances, tools and clothes with water should only be weakly pigmented. If required, can also be coated with AGLAIA RESIN WALL PAINT or AGLAIA Storage:
Lasts at least 12 months when stored cool and free For more information on Surface and Pretreatment,
of frost in the airtight sealed original container. Once see backside of this information sheet.
opened, cover with very little alcohol, re-seal container Technical Features:
airtight and use up as soon as possible.
Easy and ready-use natural plaster for seamless wall Composition:
coating. Enriched with micro-fine quartz grains (0.4 mm).
Full declaration according to the quality standards of Especially absorbent and abrasion-resistant. Remove the Association for Natural Colors (AGN): contaminations with sponge and water. Multiple after- [1]: Tap water, Chalk; [2]: Titanium dioxide, Quartz sand, treatments possible without producing stress. High Beech cellulose, Carboxymethylcellulose, Boric salts; absorption capacity regarding airborne contaminants [3]: Turkey red oil, Citrus peel oil, Dehydrated castor (stand) oil, Linseed (stand) oil, Lipophilic swelling clay,Zinc white, Milk casein, Shellac, Lecithin, Dammar resin,Colophonium glycerol esters, Aluminum silicate,Eucalyptus oil.
[1] . Raw material rate in product > 10%[2] . Raw material rate in product 1-10%[3] . Raw material rate in product < 1% BEECKtechn AGL2 engl.qxt 04.05.2001 18:26 Uhr Seite 26 NATURAL PAINTS
Technical Information Sheet, Rev. 04/2001 AGLAIA RENOVATION PLASTER
Surface and Pretreatment:
General Requirements:
Thoroughly remove remainders of molding oil from concrete with soap water. Wettability test with clear The surface must be clean, dry, solid and coatable.
Check fresh plaster for sinterskin (glass-like glossy,waterproof surface). If necessary, sand to make the plaster absorbent. Dry-brush any water marks, Carefully brush and prime absorbent masonry with efflorescing substances, etc. and seal spots with AGLAIA PRIMER, thinned with 2 parts water. Level out AGLAIA SHELLAC INSULATING PRIMER or entire joints and indentations with e.g. AGLAIA FINE SURFACER surface once or twice with AGLAIA INSULATING and, if necessary, precoat with AGLAIA RESIN BONDING WHITE. Samples are imperative when applying to tar/ nicotine/soot stained or efflorescing surfaces as fiber reinforced plasters are sensitive to bleeding. Despite of Carefully check for recoatability, efflorescing sub- good filling properties, touch up open spaces, flaws and stances and adhesion. Thoroughly clean old, dull, indentations beforehand to match style and structure.
absorbent wall paint coats and precoat with AGLAIA Smoothen rough surfaces by leveling out with filler and RESIN BONDING COAT. Remove dense, smooth oil sand or scrape off protruding plaster and edges.
or latex coats through sanding or stripping. Old non- AGLAIA RENOVATION PLASTER is designed to produce washable distempers will easily get soaked when in a uniform surface and should not be used as a filler for contact with water, and should be completely removed leveling out coarse grained or structural plasters.
using water and a brush. Carefully brush chalking lime Reinforce cross joints of light-weight building boards and silicate coatings. Make samples.
with fabric, level out with filler and sand. Observe the Paper and fabric wall papers are not suitable because board manufacturer’s instructions.
of lacking recoatability. Carefully remove any remain- Suitable surfaces:
ders of old wall paper, glue or adhesive.
̈ Lime plaster (PIc), Lime based cement plaster (PII): Safety Instructions and Disposal:
Coat normally absorbent plaster directly with AGLAIARENOVATION PLASTER. Strongly absorbent plaster ̈ Hazard Class: not subject to identification should first be primed with AGLAIA PRIMER, thinned requirements under Toxic Chemicals Ordinance/ with 2 parts water. Solidify crumbly, sanding plasters Chemically sensitive and environmentally ill persons, ̈ Gypsum plaster (PIV), Gypsum based lime plaster please pay attention to the full declaration. Keep out of (PIVc), Gypsum plaster boards and Fibrous plaster reach of children. Do not dispose of organic coatings into the sewage system. Disposal of product remaindersaccording to legal regulations. Disposal of empty con- Precoat smooth surfaces with AGLAIA RESIN BONDING tainers through resource collection points.
COAT for better adhesion and easy application.
̈ Waste Code: Product and Product Remainders Surfaces with a good grip, such as fibrous plaster (European Waste Code): 080199 (Coatings).
boards, may be primed with AGLAIA PRIMER, thinnedwith 2 parts water. Always check gypsum-based surfacesfor discoloration and bleeding substances and insulate,if required (see General Requirements). Gypsum plaster It is our objective to provide, through this technical information, advicebased on our skills and practical experience. Any instructions given are boards impregnated to become water-repellent non-binding and do not release the user from his or her liability to check (wettability test!) will not require priming. Precoating for product suitability and application methods him/herself with regard tothe surface used. Technical modifications may result from product develop- with AGLAIA RESIN BONDING COAT is possible. ment. Upon publication of a revised or new version, these instructions will ̈ Wood based materials, Chipboards and Wood based automatically lose their validity. The details contained in the EU Safety DataSheets in their current form dictate liability for classification in terms of the Hazardous Substances Regulation, disposal etc.
Water-soluble, bleeding substances from wood chipsand resins! Therefore, prime to saturation with AGLAIAPENETRATING PRIMER and, if required, precoat withAGLAIA INSULATING WHITE. Make samples!


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