09_HWPlus_Elem_WB_Key.qxd 16/11/10 10:24 Page 89 Workbook key
11 2 Pierre is a French name.
3 Oxford is an English university.
A Hello. What’s your name?
9 2 Cathy is Louise’s sister. 3 Stephen is 4 English is an international language.
B Suzanne. What’s your name?
A My name is John. Where are you from,
5 George is Mary’s husband.
6 A Mercedes is a German car.
7 A Pentax is a Japanese camera.
B I’m from London. Where are you from?
8 David is Ann’s brother.
A I’m from New York.
11 2 a hot day 3 a young girl 4 an old man 3 1 She’s Yasmina Kamal. 2 She’s from 5 They’re Ilona and László Novak.
5 2 My name’s Maria. 3 He’s married.
4 2 Cairo isn’t in Turkey. It’s in Egypt.
4 Five and six isn’t twelve. It’s eleven.
5 £13.75 Thirteen pounds seventy-five p.
5 You aren’t English. You’re Italian.
6 We aren’t in a Russian class. We’re in a 7 Rolls-Royce cars aren’t cheap. They’re 5 3 Yes, he/she is. / No, he/she isn’t.
1 She’s a flight attendant. She wears a
three languages. She serves drinks.
She’s a doctor. She works in a hospital.
8 Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t.
6 2 It isn’t hot today. 3 I’m not married.
He’s a receptionist. He works in a hotel.
aren’t from Oxford. 6 We’re at work.
languages. He works with a computer.
He’s a postman. He works outside. He
7 2 You are not old. 3 My flat is small.
walks a lot. He delivers letters. He starts 09_HWPlus_Elem_WB_Key.qxd 16/11/10 10:24 Page 90 4 Adjectives
4 Sue likes fruit, but she doesn’t like 4 He has tea and toast for breakfast.
5 I speak French, but I don’t speak 5 He leaves his flat at half past eight.
6 Tom speaks Arabic, but he doesn’t speak 7 He works in a bookshop. He starts 8 At one o’clock he has lunch in a 11 2 It’s ten past eight. 3 It’s twenty to six.
4 It’s quarter past one. 5 It’s ten to 6 1 We always go to France in spring.
eleven. 6 It’s twelve o’clock. 7 It’s five 2 We usually stay in a hotel. / Usually we past two. 8 It’s twenty-five to one. 9 It’s quarter to seven. 10 It’s half past five.
11 Then he watches television.
11 It’s nine o’clock. 12 It’s five to eight.
12 He goes to bed at eleven o’clock 12 1 Subject Object Possessive
5 Our children never come with us.
6 We often go to a restaurant on 13 2 Keiko Wilson is Japanese, but she lives in New York because she is married to 6 A My sister is very clever.
an American. She is an interpreter. She B What does she do?
likes New York because it is interesting, A She is an interpreter.
but her husband, Walter, doesn’t like it.
B Where does she live?
A She has a lovely flat in London.
country. They have two children.
B Is she married?
Walter takes them out of the city in his A Yes. Her husband’s name is Rob.
free time. They go walking in summer B Does she have any children?
and skiing in winter, but Keiko doesn’t A Yes. She has one son. He is eight years
go with them because she doesn’t have 1 ✓ 2 ✓ 3 ✘ 4 ✘ 5 ✘ 6 ✘ 7 ✓ 2 1 2 A Are there any cups?
B Yes, there are. They’re on the coffee
3 A Is there a newspaper?
B Yes, it’s in the bag.
4 A Is there an umbrella?
B No, there isn’t.
5 A Are there any flowers?
B No, there aren’t.
6 A Are there any letters?
B Yes, there are. They’re next to the
2 2 A Is there a fax machine?
4 An architect doesn’t translate things.
B Yes, there is.
3 1 2 do 3 don’t 4 do 5 doesn’t 6 does A Where is it?
5 School doesn’t start at six o’clock in B It’s on a table.
the morning. It starts at nine o’clock.
3 A Are there any pictures?
6 Headway doesn’t teach German. It B Yes, there are.
A Where are they?
B They’re on the wall behind the sofa.
4 A Are there any people?
2 Transport
B Yes, there are.
A Where are they?
B They’re sitting on the sofa.
5 A Is there a coffee table?
2 I like coffee, but I don’t like tea.
B Yes, there is.
3 We like playing tennis, but we don’t A Where is it?
B It’s in front of the sofa.
09_HWPlus_Elem_WB_Key.qxd 16/11/10 10:24 Page 91 3 e Can you play the guitar? 4 c Can you ride a motorbike? 1 1 I usually work eight hours a day, but 5 b Can you use a computer? yesterday I started work at 9.00 a.m.
6 d Can you cook Italian food?7 g Can you drive a car? 4 2 Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.
3 Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.
4 Yes, there are / No, there aren’t.
5 Yes, there are. / No, there aren’t.
4 Ann and Max usually go sailing at 6 Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.
2 2 A How much is the camera?
7 Yes, there are. / No, there aren’t.
B It’s only £150.
5 It usually rains a lot in winter, but last A How much was it before?
year it snowed for three months.
B It was £200.
A Well … what a bargain!
August, but last summer we stayed in 7 2 Take these bags into the kitchen.
3 A How much are the trainers?
B They’re only £50.
4 A Is this book John’s?
2 2 A Does Ann usually drive to work?
A How much were they before?
B Yes, it is.
B Yes, she does.
B They were £80.
5 A Are these books Mary’s?
A Did she drive to work yesterday?
A Well … what a bargain!
B Yes, they are.
B No, she didn’t. She walked.
6 A How much are these glasses?
4 A How much is the television?
3 A Does Max usually watch TV in the
B They’re very cheap.
B It’s only £250.
7 A This exercise is very easy.
A How much was it before?
B Yes, he does.
B No, it isn’t. It’s difficult.
B It was £500.
A Well … what a bargain!
A Did he watch TV yesterday evening?
8 1 Is that your brother over there? B No, he didn’t. He listened to music.
2 Look at those beautiful flowers! 5 A How much is the briefcase?
4 A Do Ann and Max usually go
B It’s only £45.
4 A Is that house Ann’s?
A How much was it before?
B Yes, they do.
B Yes, it is.
B It was £90.
A Did they go sailing last weekend?
5 A Are those boys your brothers?
A Well … what a bargain!
B No, they didn’t. They played tennis.
B Yes, they are.
6 A How much are the pens?
6 A How much is that?
5 A Does it usually rain a lot in winter?
B They’re only £15.
B It’s £350.
B Yes, it does.
7 A Do you like those shoes?
A How much were they before?
A Did it rain a lot last year?
B No, I don’t. They’re horrible.
B They were £45.
B No, it didn’t. It snowed for three
A Well … what a bargain!
5 2 Yes, she does. 3 They were in bed.
6 A Do you and Max usually go
B Yes, we do.
A Did you go camping last August?
B No, we didn’t. We stayed in a hotel.
3 A It was my birthday yesterday. I’m
B Really? What did you do?
A Well, I had dinner with friends in an
B What did you eat?
A We all had pizzas. They were very
B Did you enjoy your birthday, then?
A Mmm. It was excellent! When’s your
A Oh, really! Happy birthday!
4 Regular verbs
Past Simple
1 f Can you play the piano? 2 a Can you speak any other languages? 09_HWPlus_Elem_WB_Key.qxd 16/11/10 10:24 Page 92 Irregular verbs
Past Simple
3 How long did he go for? Three weeks.
3 They got married twenty years ago.
8 Did he enjoy the holiday? Yes, he did.
9 Their son was born eight hours ago.
3 His father wasn’t a teacher. He was a 4 He didn’t go blind when he was six.
5 He didn’t learn to play the piano. He 7 He didn’t invent ‘night writing’.
8 He didn’t die when he was fifty-three.
3 2 I didn’t go to school on Monday.
4 Anna wasn’t in Paris last month.
6 Paul couldn’t read until he was eight.
2 2 Did you see Frank’s new car this 3 I play tennis with her at weekends 4 It rained a lot during our holiday.
4 I relaxed and watched television yesterday evening. It was so warm in 7 She was tired, so she went to bed.
died, and he only earned £10,000 a 3 six hundred and ten4 eight hundred and ninety 09_HWPlus_Elem_WB_Key.qxd 16/11/10 10:24 Page 93 3 He’s got a bike, but he hasn’t got a car.
3 He likes cooking. 4 I’d like a new one.
5 She’s got a big house. She’s rich.
likes music. 9 I’d like to stay at home 6 He doesn’t have an English dictionary.
6 1 1 Ismail is younger than Mayumi.
2 Ismail is taller than Mayumi.
3 ‘How many brothers has Ismail got?’ 4 Eva didn’t start learning English until 4 Ismail hasn’t got any sisters.
5 Mayumi hasn’t got any brothers or 6 Sally didn’t buy the red shoes because 6 Mayumi and Ismail have both got a 7 Mayumi has got a car, but Ismail 8 They have both got a camera.
9 ‘Has Mayumi got a computer?’ ‘No, 7 Is service included?8 First I’d like the pâté.
3 2 Because I love listening to music.
3 Because he likes doing crosswords.
5 Because she loves taking photographs.
6 Because I love looking at paintings.
3 What is the biggest city in your country? 4 is … bigger than 5 is … hotter than 3 3 ‘Has he got a computer?’‘No, he hasn’t.’ No, she likes tennis and volleyball.
4 He’s got a motorbike. He hasn’t got a 5 They’ve got a flat. They haven’t got a 6 ‘Have you got any brothers?’ ‘Yes, I have.’ 7 ‘Has she got a new job?’ ‘Yes, she has.’ 8 ‘Has he got a new camera?’ ‘No, he 09_HWPlus_Elem_WB_Key.qxd 16/11/10 10:24 Page 94 11 1 Jack wrote the letter which arrived this 4 We don’t wear a uniform at my school.
7 She went to the dry cleaner’s to collect 5 That’s my husband over there. He is 2 There’s the park where we play football.
3 This is the hotel where I always stay.
6 What are you doing after school today? new pair of sunglasses. After that she went 4 Robert’s got a car which is faster than 7 Sorry. You can’t speak to Jenny. She is to the bank to get some Euros, and to the travel agent’s to collect some tickets. Then 8 Who’s that girl over there? She looks hour later a taxi arrived to take her to the 9 Peter’s a businessman. He works all 10 At the moment Peter is working in a watch and earrings. She’s cooking.
sweatshirt and sunglasses. She’s sitting 3 He’s wearing trousers and a sweatshirt.
3 She’s going to be an interpreter.
3 What are you going to cook?4 What is she going to study? 3 2 2 They are going to travel by plane.
3 They are going to stay in a motel.
We’re having a wonderful time here in Majorca. The weather is lovely so we go 4 They are going to stay for ten days.
5 They are going to visit Disney World.
swim. Yesterday it was very hot and sunny and we got very red. Tomorrow we’re not going to sit in the sun, we’re 5 And what are you going to do?6 I’m going to visit the old town centre.
We’re having quite a good time here in Majorca. The weather isn’t very niceso we stay in the hotel most of the time 4 2 She isn’t going to have one this year.
3 We’re not going there this year.
and play table tennis. Yesterday it was very cold and foggy and we couldn’t see 5 They aren’t going to do it today.
the sea. Tomorrow we’re not going to 5 Whose are the sunglasses? They’re hers.
6 She isn’t going to give me one this year.
stay in the hotel, we’re going to buy 6 Whose are the trainers? They’re his.
7 He isn’t going to pass it this year.
7 Whose is the suncream? It’s hers.
8 Whose is the sports bag? It’s his.
2 ’m going to be sick 3 ’s going to snow 4 ’re going to leave 5 ’s going to have a 10 Whose are the children? They’re theirs.
job interview 6 ’re going to be late7 ’m going to drive 10 2 It’s mine. 3 It’s yours. 4 They’re 11 2 I’m going to the cinema this evening.
3 Whose is this jacket on your chair? 09_HWPlus_Elem_WB_Key.qxd 16/11/10 10:24 Page 95 7 2 Have you ever tried Japanese food? 4 I’ve never seen anyone who eats more Infinitive Past Simple Past participle
5 Are there any letters for me? I’ve just 6 We went out to a restaurant yesterday.
5 going 6 has 7 lot 8 couldn’t/ didn’t REVISION
2 2 Bananas aren’t blue. They’re yellow.
3 Tokyo isn’t the capital of China. It’s 4 I’m not from Britain. I’m from (Italy).
6 New York isn’t in Canada. It’s in the 7 London and Paris aren’t small cities.
4 2 My brother isn’t married. 3 I’m not a 2 Listen carefully. I want you to come 3 I work hard and at night I sleep well.
school. 7 She’s cold and I’m hot.
4 I know Peter well because we play 5 I like swimming very much. Jack likes 6 They had lunch at twelve o’clock.
3 He doesn’t write letters every day.
quickly into the bank. / A man with a gun suddenly ran quickly into the 5 Eric and Lina don’t like getting up.
6 2 A Ann, have you spoken to the bank
B Yes, I’ve just spoken to him.
3 A Mark, have you made a cup of tea
B Yes, I’ve just made one.
4 A Have you done your homework yet?
B Yes, I’ve just done it.
5 A Mr Jones, have you read the report
B Yes, I’ve just read it.
breakfast. I have (answers will vary).
6 A Have you called a taxi yet?
B Yes, I’ve just called one.
09_HWPlus_Elem_WB_Key.qxd 16/11/10 10:24 Page 96 6 B I’d like two tickets, please. ✓
7 B No, thanks. ✓
7 Tom listens to music in the evening.
9 B Yes, I do. ✓
do, does, have, or has? 2 2 What are you going to do this evening? 2 Sally’s having breakfast at the moment.
7 Angela has read War and Peace but 3 They’re not coming to the class today.
4 I don’t understand what you mean.
4 played; rained; studied 5 drove; visited 3 He flew to Australia three times last year.
She’s written ten letters this year.
They spent £600 on clothes last year.
4 Dickens didn’t write sixteen novels.
2 2 I’m going to buy new ski boots.
I’ve broken my leg twice this year.
6 She didn’t spend a week in the Alps.
We’ve given £65 to charity this year.
4 Jeff ’s going to buy ten water bottles.
5 Anne’s going to buy insect repellent.
6 We’re going to buy new swimsuits.
4 What time did you go to bed last night? 3 They aren’t going to catch the bus this 4 It isn’t going to rain this week.
6 I’m not going to have a big breakfast 4 Is Sara going to get a part-time job?5 Where are they going to buy books? 2 2 I’m hungry. I’d like a sandwich. ✓ 3 B Yes, I do. ✓

Source: http://www.arabou.edu.kw/files/HQ/09_HWPlus_Elem_WB_Key.pdf


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