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Bio-Beads SM adsorbents are neutral, macroporous polymeric Bio-Beads SM-2 nonpolar polystyrene adsorbents are particu- beads of high surface area for adsorbing organics from aqueous larly useful for the adsorption of nonpolar substances or sur- solutions. Each bead is composed of a large number of highly face active agents from aqueous solutions.
crosslinked microspheres, giving it high surface area and The following reference cite the use of Bio-Beads SM-2 adsor- uniform pores. Bio-Beads adsorbents can be used with a variety bents for the analysis of organic compounds, drugs, biologicals, of solvents, including alcohols, petroleum ether, diethyl ether, foods, pesticides, chemicals, metals, and detergents. For more hexane, and solvent mixtures, as well as with aqueous media.
information on Bio-Beads SM adsorbents, request the They have excellent physical stability and withstand Applications for Bio-Beads SM-2
Trace organics
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CURRICULUM VITEA ABDUL-AZIZ KHEZRI, MD Professor of Surgeurry Address : Department of Urology Medical School Shiraz University of Medical Scinces Personal: Place of Birth: Iran Date of Birth: March, 1935 Marital Stauts: married Education and Professional Experience: 1958-1965 Medical School of Shiraz University, Iran, including 12 months 1965-1969 Residenc

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Head Nurse of Dept. of Cardiology at the Metropolitan Hospital Department of Economics at University Hospital Of Ioannina,Ioannina, Greece TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF KALAMATA, Greece as an Assistant Professor in Health Management Dept of Health Management and Administration, Lancaster University, United Kingdom, as a post-graduate student Training in special organizational, management a

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