2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index

Abatacept, J0129
Abciximab, J0130
dressing holder/binder, A4462 pad, low profile, L1270 Abduction control, each, L2624 Abduction rotation bar, foot, L3140-L3170 AbobotulinumtoxintypeA, J0586 Absorption dressing, A6251-A6256 Access system, A4301 Accessories ambulation devices, E0153-E0159 artificial kidney and machine (see also ESRD), E1510-E1699 beds, E0271-E0280, E0300-E0326 wheelchairs, E0950-E1030, E1050-E1298, E2300-E2399, K0001-K0109 Acetaminophen, J0131 Acetazolamide sodium, J1120 Acetylcysteine, inhalation solution, J7604, J7608 Acetylcysteine, injection, J0132 Acyclovir, J0133 Adalimumab, J0135 Adenosine, J0150, J0152 Adhesive, A4364 bandage, A6413 disc or foam pad, A5126 remover, A4455, A4456 support, breast prosthesis, A4280 Administrative, Miscellaneous and Investigational, A9000-A9999 Adrenalin, J0171 Aerosol compressor, E0571, E0572 compressor filter, K0178-K0179 mask, K0180 AFO, E1815, E1830, L1900-L1990, L4392, L4396 Agalsidase beta, J0180 Aggrastat, J3245 A-hydroCort, J1710 Air bubble detector, dialysis, E1530 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Air fluidized bed, E0194 Air pressure pad/mattress, E0186, E0197 Air travel and nonemergency transportation, A0140 Alarm, pressure, dialysis, E1540 Alatrofloxacin mesylate, J0200 Albumin, human, P9041, P9042 Albuterol, all formulations, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7610, J7611 Albuterol, all formulations, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7609, J7613 Albuterol, all formulations, inhalation solution, J7620 Alcohol, A4244 Alcohol wipes, A4245 Aldesleukin (IL2), J9015 Alefacept, J0215 Alemtuzumab, J9010 Alert device, A9280 Alginate dressing, A6196-A6199 Alglucerase, J0205 Alglucosidase, J0220 Alglucosidase alfa, J0221 Alphanate, J7186 Alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor, human, J0256, J0257 Alprostadil, injection, J0270 Alprostadil, urethral supposity, J0275 Alteplase recombinant, J2997 Alternating pressure mattress/pad, A4640, E0180, E0181, E0277 Ambulance, A0021-A0999 air, A0430, A0431, A0435, A0436 disposable supplies, A0382-A0398 oxygen, A0422 Ambulation device, E0100-E0159 Amikacin Sulfate, J0278 Aminolevulinate, J7309 Aminolevulinic acid HCl, J7308 Aminophylline, J0280 Amiodarone Hcl, J0282 Amitriptyline HCI, J1320 Ammonia N-13, A9526 Ammonia test paper, A4774 Amniotic membrane, V2790 Amobarbital, J0300 Amphotericin B, J0285 Amphotericin B Lipid Complex, J0287-J0289 Ampicillin sodium, J0290 Ampicillin sodium/sulbactam sodium, J0295 Amputee 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
adapter, wheelchair, E0959 prosthesis, L5000-L7510, L7520, L7900, L8400-L8465 stump sock, L8470-L8485 wheelchair, E1170-E1190, E1200, K0100 Amygdalin, J3570 Anadulafungin, J0348 Anistreplase, J0350 Ankle splint, recumbent, K0126-K0130 Ankle-foot orthosis (AFO), L1900-L1990, L2106-L2116, L4361, L4392, L4396 Anterior-posterior-lateral orthosis, L0700, L0710 Anti-emetic, oral, Q0163-Q0181, J8498, J8597 Anti-hemophilic factor (Factor VIII), J7190-J7192 Anti-inhibitors, per I.U., J7198 Anti-neoplastic drug, NOC, J9999 Antithrombin III, J7197 Antithrombin recombinant, J7196 Apomorphine, J0364 Appliance Arbutamine HCl, J0395 Arch support, L3040-L3100 Arformoterol, J7605 Aripiprazole, J0400 Arm, wheelchair, E0973 Arsenic trioxide, J9017 Artificial Cornea, L8609 kidney machines and accessories (see also Dialysis), E1510-E1699 larynx, L8500 saliva, A9155 audiologic, V5008-V5020 cardiac output, M0302 speech, V5362-V5364 Astramorph, J2275 Atropine, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7635 Atropine, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7636 Atropine sulfate, J0461 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Audiologic assessment, V5008-V5020
Auditory osseointegrated device, L8690-L8693
Aurothioglucose, J2910
Azacitidine, J9025
Azathioprine, J7500, J7501
Azithromycin injection, J0456


Back supports, L0621-L0861, L0960
Baclofen, J0475, J0476
Bacterial sensitivity study, P7001
drainage, A4357 irrigation supply, A4398 urinary, A5112, A4358 stool or bench, E0245, E0247-E0248 transfer rail, E0246 wall rail, E0241, E0242 charger, E1066, L7362, L7366 replacement for blood glucose monitor, A4233-A4234 replacement for cochlear implant device, L8623-L8624 replacement for TENS, A4630 ventilator, A4611-A4613 BCG live, intravesical, J9031 Beclomethasone inhalation solution, J7622 Bed air fluidized, E0194 cradle, any type, E0280 drainage bag, bottle, A4357, A5102 hospital, E0250-E0270, E0300-E0329 pan, E0275, E0276 rail, E0305, E0310 safety enclosure frame/canopy, E0316 extremity, E0945 ostomy, A4367 pelvic, E0944 safety, K0031 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Bench, bathtub (see also Bathtub), E0245 Bendamustine HCl, J9033 Benesch boot, L3212-L3214 Benztropine, J0515 Betadine, A4246, A4247 Betameth, J0704 Betamethasone inhalation solution, J7624 Betamethasone acetate and betamethasone sodium phosphate, J0702 Bethanechol chloride, J0520 Bevacizumab, J9035, Q2024 Bifocal, glass or plastic, V2200-V2299 Bilirubin (phototherapy) light, E0202 Binder, A4465 Biofeedback device, E0746 Bioimpedance, electrical, cardiac output, M0302 Biperiden lactate, J0190 Bitolterol mesylate, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7628 Bitolterol mesylate, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7629 Bivalirudin, J0583 Bladder calculi irrigation solution, Q2004 Bleomycin sulfate, J9040 Blood fresh frozen plasma, P9017 glucose monitor, E0607, E2100, E2101 glucose test, A4253 granulocytes, pheresis, P9050 ketone test, A4252 leak detector, dialysis, E1560 leukocyte poor, P9016 mucoprotein, P2038 platelets, P9019 platelets, irradiated, P9032 platelets, leukocytes reduced, P9031 platelets, leukocytes reduced, irradiated, P9033 platelets, pheresis, P9034 platelets, pheresis, irradiated, P9036 platelets, pheresis, leukocytes reduced, P9035 platelets, pheresis, leukocytes reduced, irradiated, P9037 pressure monitor, A4660, A4663, A4670 pump, dialysis, E1620 red blood cells, deglycerolized, P9039 red blood cells, irradiated, P9038 red blood cells, leukocytes reduced, P9016 red blood cells, leukocytes reduced, irradiated, P9040 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
red blood cells, washed, P9022 strips, A4253 supply, P9010-P9022 testing supplies, A4770 tubing, A4750, A4755 Blood collection devices accessory, A4257, E0620 Body jacket Body sock, L0984 Bond or cement, ostomy skin, A4364 Boot pelvic, E0944 surgical, ambulatory, L3260 Bortezomib, J9041
Brachytherapy radioelements, Q3001
Breast prosthesis, L8000-L8035, L8600
Breast prosthesis, adhesive skin support, A4280
Breast pump
accessories, A4281-A4286
electric, any type, E0603
heavy duty, hospital grade, E0604
manual, any type, E0602
Breathing circuit, A4618
Brompheniramine maleate, J0945
Budesonide inhalation solution, J7626, J7627, J7633, J7634
Bulking agent, L8604
Buprenorphine hydrochloride, J0592
Bus, nonemergency transportation, A0110
Busulfan, J0594, J8510
Butorphanol tartrate, J0595
C-1 Esterase Inhibitor, J0597-J0598
Cabazitaxel, J9043
Cabergoline, oral, J8515
Caffeine citrate, J0706
Calcitriol, J0636
Calcitonin-salmon, J0630
Calcium disodium edetate, J0600
Calcium gluconate, J0610
Calcium glycerophosphate and calcium lactate, J0620
Calcium lactate and calcium glycerophosphate, J0620
Calcium leucovorin, J0640
2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Calibrator solution, A4256 Canakinumab, J0638 Cane, E0100, E0105 Canister, disposable, used with suction pump, A7000 Canister, non-disposable, used with suction pump, A7001 Cannula, nasal, A4615 Capecitabine, oral, J8520, J8521 Capsaicin patch, J7335 Carbon filter, A4680 Carboplatin, J9045 Cardia Event, recorder, implantable, E0616 Cardiokymography, Q0035 Cardiovascular services, M0300-M0301 Carmustine, J9050 Case management, T1016, T1017 Caspofungin acetate, J0637 Cast hand restoration, L6900-L6915 materials, special, A4590 supplies, A4580, A4590, Q4001-Q4051 thermoplastic, L2106, L2126 Caster, front, for power wheelchair, K0099 Caster, wheelchair, E0997, E0998 Catheter, A4300-A4355 anchoring device, A5200, A4333, A4334 cap, disposable (dialysis), A4860 external collection device, A4327-A4330, A4347 implanted, A7042, A7043 indwelling, A4338-A4346 insertion tray, A4354 intermittent with insertion supplies, A4353 irrigation supplies, A4355 male external, A4324, A4325, A4348 oropharyngeal suction, A4628 starter set, A4329 trachea (suction), A4609, A4610, A4624 transtracheal oxygen, A4608 Catheterization, specimen collection, P9612, P9615 Cefazolin sodium, J0690 Cefepime HCl, J0692 Cefotaxime sodium, J0698 Ceftaroline fosamil, J0712 Ceftazidime, J0713 Ceftizoxime sodium, J0715 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Ceftriaxone sodium, J0696 Cefuroxime sodium, J0697 CellCept, K0412 Cellular therapy, M0075 Cement, ostomy, A4364 Centrifuge, A4650 Cephalin Floculation, blood, P2028 Cephalothin sodium, J1890 Cephapirin sodium, J0710 Certolizumab pegol, J0718 Cervical halo, L0810-L0830 head harness/halter, E0942 orthosis, L0100-L0200 traction, E0855, E0856 Cervical cap contraceptive, A4261 Cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis (CTLSO), L0700, L0710 Cetuximab, J9055 Chair adjustable, dialysis, E1570 lift, E0627 rollabout, E1031 sitz bath, E0160-E0162 Chelation therapy, M0300 Chemical endarterectomy, M0300 Chemistry and toxicology tests, P2028-P3001 Chemotherapy administration, Q0083-Q0085 (hospital reporting only) drug, oral, not otherwise classified, J8999 drugs (see also drug by name), J9000-J9999 Chest shell (cuirass), E0457 Chest Wall Oscillation System, E0483 hose, replacement, A7026 vest, replacement, A7025 Chest wrap, E0459 Chin cup, cervical, L0150 Chloramphenicol sodium succinate, J0720 Chlordiazepoxide HCl, J1990 Chloromycetin Sodium Succinate, J0720 Chloroprocaine HCl, J2400 Chloroquine HCl, J0390 Chlorothiazide sodium, J1205 Chlorpromazine HCl, J3230 Chorionic gonadotropin, J0725 Chromic phosphate P32 suspension, A9564 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Chromium CR-51 sodium chromate, A9553 Cidofovir, J0740 Cilastatin sodium, imipenem, J0743 Ciprofloxacin, for intravenous infusion, J0744 Cisplatin, J9060 Cladribine, J9065 Clamp dialysis, A4910, A4918, A4920 Cleanser, wound, A6260 Cleansing agent, dialysis equipment, A4790 Clofarabine, J9027 Clonidine, J0735 Clotting time tube, A4771 Clubfoot wedge, L3380 Cochlear prosthetic implant, L8614 accessories, L8615-L8617 batteries, L8621-L8624 replacement, L8619, L8627-L8629 Codeine phosphate, J0745 Colchicine, J0760 Colistimethate sodium, J0770 Collagen skin test, G0025 urinary tract implant, L8603 wound dressing, A6020-A6024 Collagenase, Clostridium Histolyticum, J0775 Collar, cervical multiple post, L0180-L0200 Coly-Mycin M, J0770 Comfort items, A9190 Commode, E0160-E0175 chair, E0170-E0171 lift, E0625, E0172 pail, E0167 seat, wheelchair, E0968 Composite dressing, A6200-A6205 Compressed gas system, E0424-E0480 Compression bandage, A4460 Compression burn garment, A6501-A6512 Compression stockings, A6530-A6549 Compressor, E0565, E0570, E0571, E0572, E0650-E0652 Conductivity meter, bath, dialysis, E1550 Congo red, blood, P2029 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Contact layer, A6206-A6208 Contact lens, V2500-V2599 Continent device, A5081, A5082, A5083 Continuous glucose monitoring system receiver, A9278 sensor, A9276 transmitter, A9277 Continuous passive motion exercise device, E0936 Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device, E0601 cervical cap, A4261 condoms, A4267, A4268 diaphragm, A4266 intratubal occlusion device, A4264 intrauterine, copper, J7300 intrauterine, levonorgestrel releasing, J7302 levonorgestrel, implants and supplies, A4260 patch, J7304 spermicide, A4269 vaginal ring, J7303 Contracts, maintenance, ESRD, A4890 Contrast material injection during MRI, A4643 low osmolar, A4644-A4646 Corneal tissue processing, V2785 Corset, spinal orthosis, L0970-L0976 Corticorelin ovine triflutate, J0795 Corticotropin, J0800 Corvert, see Ibutilide fumarate Cosyntropin, J0833, J0834 Cough stimulating device, A7020, E0482 Cover, wound alginate dressing, A6196-A6198 foam dressing, A6209-A6214 hydrogel dressing, A6242-A6248 non-contact wound warming cover, and accessory, A6000, E0231, E0232 specialty absorptive dressing, A6251-A6256 CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device, E0601 headgear, K0185 humidifier, A7046 intermittent assist, E0452 Cradle, bed, E0280 Crib, E0300 Cromolyn sodium, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7631, J7632 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Crotalidae polyvalent immune fab, J0840 Crutches, E0110-E0118 Cryoprecipitate, each unit, P9012
CTLSO, L1000-L1120, L0700, L0710
Cuirass, E0457
Culture sensitivity study, P7001
Cushion, wheelchair, E0977
Cyanocobalamin Cobalt C057, A9559
Cycler dialysis machine, E1594
Cyclophosphamide, J9070
Cyclophosphamide, oral, J8530
Cyclosporine, J7502, J7515, J7516
Cytarabine, J9100
Cytarabine liposome, J9098
Cytomegalovirus immune globulin (human), J0850
Dacarbazine, J9130
Daclizumab, J7513
Dactinomycin, J9120
Dalalone, J1100
Dalteparin sodium, J1645
Daptomycin, J0878
Darbepoetin Alfa, J0881-J0882
Daunorubicin Citrate, J9151
Daunorubicin HCl, J9150
DaunoXome, see Daunorubicin citrate
Decitabine, J0894
Decubitus care equipment, E0180-E0199
Deferoxamine mesylate, J0895
Defibrillator, external, E0617, K0606
battery, K0607
electrode, K0609
garment, K0608
Degarelix, J9155
Deionizer, water purification system, E1615
Delivery/set-up/dispensing, A9901
Denileukin diftitox, J9160
Denosumab, J0897
Depo-estradiol cypionate, J1000
Desmopressin acetate, J2597
Detector, blood leak, dialysis, E1560
2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Dexamethasone acetate, J1094 Dexamethasone, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7637 Dexamethasone, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7638 Dexamethasone, intravitreal implant, J7312 Dexamethasone, oral, J8540 Dexamethasone sodium phosphate, J1100 Dextran, J7100 Dextrose saline (normal), J7042 water, J7060, J7070 Dialysate concentrate additives, A4765 Dialysate solution, A4728 Dialysate testing solution, A4760 Dialysis air bubble detector, E1530 bath conductivity, meter, E1550 chemicals/antiseptics solution, A4674 disposable cycler set, A4671 equipment, E1510-E1702 extension line, A4672-A4673 filter, A4680 fluid barrier, E1575 forceps, A4910 kit, A4820 pressure alarm, E1540 shunt, A4740 supplies, A4650-A4927 thermometer, A4910 tourniquet, A4910 unipuncture control system, E1580 venous pressure clamp, A4918 Dialyzer, A4690 Diaper, T1500, T4521-T4540 Diaper, adult incontinence garment, A4520 Diazepam, J3360 Diazoxide, J1730 Dicyclomine HCl, J0500 Diethylstilbestrol diphosphate, J9165 Digoxin, J1160 Digoxin immune fab (ovine), J1162 Dihydroergotamine mesylate, J1110 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Dimenhydrinate, J1240 Dimercaprol, J0470 Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), J1212 Diphenhydramine HCl, J1200 Dipyridamole, J1245 Disarticulation lower extremities, prosthesis, L5000-L5999 upper extremities, prosthesis, L6000-L6692 Disposable supplies, ambulance, A0382, A0384, A0392- A0398 DMSO, J1212 Dobutamine HCl, J1250 Docetaxel, J9171 Dolasetron mesylate, J1260 Dome and mouthpiece (for nebulizer), A7016 Dopamine HCl, J1265 Doripenem, J1267 Dornase alpha, inhalation solution, unit dose form, J7639 Doxercalciferol, J1270 Doxil, J9001 Doxorubicin HCl, J9000, J9001 Drainage bag, A4357, A4358 board, postural, E0606 bottle, A5102 Dressing (see also Bandage), A6020-A6406 alginate, A6196-A6199 collagen, A6020-A6024 composite, A6200-A6205 contact layer, A6206-A6208 foam, A6209-A6215 gauze, A6216-A6230, A6402-A6406 holder/binder, A4462 hydrocolloid, A6234-A6241 hydrogel, A6242-A6248 specialty absorptive, A6251-A6256 transparent film, A6257-A6259 tubular, A6457 Dropper, A4649 Drugs (see also Table of Drugs) administered through a metered dose inhaler, J3535 chemotherapy, J8500-J9999 disposable delivery system, 5 ml or less per hour, A4306 disposable delivery system, 50 ml or greater per hour, A4305 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
immunosuppressive, J7500-J7599 infusion supplies, A4230-A4232, A4221, A4222 inhalation solutions, J7608-J7699 not otherwise classified, J3490, J7599, J7699, J7799, J8499, J8999, J9999 prescription, oral, J8499, J8999 Dry pressure pad/mattress, E0179, E0184, E0199
Durable medical equipment (DME), E0100-E1830, K Codes
Duraclon, see Clonidine
Dyphylline, J1180
Ear mold, V5264
Ecallantide, J1290
Echocardiography injectable contrast material, A9700
Eculizumab, J1300
Edetate calcium disodium, J0600
Edetate disodium, J3520
Eggcrate dry pressure pad/mattress, E0184, E0199
Elastic garments, A4466
disarticulation, endoskeletal, L6450 orthosis (EO), E1800, L3700-L3740, L3760 protector, E0191 Electrical work, dialysis equipment, A4870 Electrodes, per pair, A4556 Elevating leg rest, K0195 Elliotts b solution, J9175 EMG, E0746 Eminase, J0350 Endarterectomy, chemical, M0300 Endoscope sheath, A4270 Endoskeletal system, addition, L5848, L5856-L5857, L5925 Enfuvirtide, J1324 Enoxaparin sodium, J1650 Enteral feeding supply kit (syringe) (pump) (gravity), B4034-B4036 formulae, B4149-B4156 nutrition infusion pump (with alarm) (without), B9000, B9002 Epinephrine, J0171 Epirubicin HCl, J9178 Epoetin alpha, J0885-J0886, Q4081 Epoprostenol, J1325 Ergonovine maleate, J1330 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Eribulin mesylate, J9179 Ertapenem sodium, J1335 Erythromycin lactobionate, J1364 ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease; see also Dialysis) machines and accessories, E1500-E1699 plumbing, A4870 supplies, A4651-A4929 Estrogen conjugated, J1410 Estrone (5, Aqueous), J1435 Ethanolamine oleate, J1430 Etidronate disodium, J1436 Etonogestrel implant system, J7307 Etoposide, J9181 Etoposide, oral, J8560 Euflexxa, J7323 Everolimus, J8561 Exercise equipment, A9300 External ambulatory infusion pump, E0781, E0784 ambulatory insulin delivery system, A9274 power, battery components, L7360-L7368 power, elbow, L7160-L7191 urinary supplies, A4356-A4359 Extremity belt/harness, E0945 Eye case, V2756 lens (contact) (spectacle), V2100-V2615 prosthetic, V2623, V2629 service (miscellaneous), V2700-V2799 F
Faceplate, ostomy, A4361
Face tent, oxygen, A4619
Factor VIIA coagulation factor, recombinant, J7189
Factor VIII, anti-hemophilic factor, J7185, J7190-J7192
Factor IX, J7193, J7194, J7195
Factor XIII, anti-hemophilic factor, J7180
Family Planning Education, H1010
Fentanyl citrate, J3010
Fentanyl citrate and droperidol, J1810
Fern test, Q0114
Ferumoxytol, Q0138, Q0139
Filgrastim (G-CSF), J1440, J1441
2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
alginate dressing, A6199 foam dressing, A6215 hydrocolloid dressing, A6240, A6241 hydrogel dressing, A6248 not elsewhere classified, A6261, A6262 Film, transparent (for dressing), A6257-A6259 Filter aerosol compressor, A7014 dialysis carbon, A4680 ostomy, A4368 tracheostoma, A4481 ultrasonic generator, A7014 Fistula cannulation set, A4730 Flebogamma, J1572 Flowmeter, E0440, E0555, E0580 Floxuridine, J9200 Fluconazole, injection, J1450 Fludarabine phosphate, J8562, J9185 Fluid barrier, dialysis, E1575 Flunisolide inhalation solution, J7641 Fluocinolone, J7311 Fluorodeoxyglucose F-18 FDG, A9552 Fluorouracil, J9190 Foam dressing, A6209-A6215 Foam pad adhesive, A5126 Folding walker, E0135, E0143 Foley catheter, A4312-A4316, A4338-A4346 Fomepizole, J1451 Fomivirsen sodium intraocular, J1452 Fondaparinux sodium, J1652 Footdrop splint, L4398 Footplate, E0175, E0970, L3031 Footwear, orthopedic, L3201-L3265 Forearm crutches, E0110, E0111 Formoterol, J7640 Formoterol fumarate, J7606 Fosaprepitant, J1453 Foscarnet sodium, J1455 Fosphenytoin, Q2009 Fracture bedpan, E0276 frame, E0920, E0930, E0946-E0948 orthosis, L2106-L2136, L3980-L3986 orthotic additions, L2180-L2192, L3995 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Fragmin, see Dalteparin sodium
Frames (spectacles), V2020, V2025
Fulvestrant, J9395
Furosemide, J1940


Gadobutrol, A9585
Gadofosveset trisodium, A9583
Gadoxetate disodium, A9581
Gait trainer, E8000-E8002
Gallium Ga67, A9556
Gallium nitrate, J1457
Galsulfase, J1458
Gammagard liquid, J1569
Gamma globulin, J1460, J1560
Gammaplex, J1557
Gamunex, J1561
Ganciclovir, implant, J7310
Ganciclovir sodium, J1570
Garamycin, J1580
Gas system
compressed, E0424, E0425 gaseous, E0430, E0431, E0441, E0443 liquid, E0434-E0440, E0442, E0444 Gatifloxacin, J1590 Gauze (see also Bandage) impregnated, A6222-A6233, A6266 non-impregnated, A6402-A6404 Gefitinib, J8565 Gel conductive, A4558 pressure pad, E0185, E0196 Gemcitabine HCl, J9201 Gemtuzumab ozogamicin, J9300 Generator air conduction, V5070 binaural, V5120-V5150 bone conduction, V5080 frames, V2020, V2025 hearing aid, V5230 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Gloves, A4927
Glucagon HCl, J1610
Glucose monitor with integrated lancing/blood sample collection, E2101
Glucose monitor with integrated voice synthesizer, E2100
Glucose test strips, A4253, A4772
Gluteal pad, L2650
Glycopyrrolate, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7642
Glycopyrrolate, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7643
Gold sodium thiomalate, J1600
Gomco drain bottle, A4912
Gonadorelin HCl, J1620
Goserelin acetate implant (see also Implant), J9202
Grab bar, trapeze, E0910, E0940
Grade-aid, wheelchair, E0974
Granisetron HCl, J1626
Gravity traction device, E0941
Gravlee jet washer, A4470
Hair analysis (excluding arsenic), P2031
Hallus-Valgus dynamic splint, L3100
Hallux prosthetic implant, L8642
Haloperidol, J1630
Halo procedures, L0810-L0860 Halter, cervical head, E0942 Hand finger orthosis, prefabricated, L3923 Hand restoration, L6900-L6915 partial prosthesis, L6000-L6020 orthosis (WHFO), E1805, E1825, L3800-L3805, L3900-L3954 rims, wheelchair, E0967 Handgrip (cane, crutch, walker), A4636 Harness, E0942, E0944, E0945 Headgear (for positive airway pressure device), K0185 Hearing devices, V5000-V5299, L8614 Heat application, E0200-E0239 lamp, E0200, E0205 infrared heating pad system, A4639, E0221 pad, A9273, E0210, E0215, E0237, E0249 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
protector, E0191 shoe, L3430-L3485 stabilizer, L3170 Helicopter, ambulance (see also Ambulance) Helmet, cervical, L0100, L0110 Helmet, head, A8000-A8004 Hemin, J1640 Hemi-wheelchair, E1083-E1086 Hemipelvectomy prosthesis, L5280 Hemodialysis Hemodialyzer, portable, E1635 Hemofil M, J7190 Hemophilia clotting factor, J7190-J7198 Hemophilia clotting factor, NOC, J7199 Hemostats, A4850 Hemostix, A4773 Hepagam B IM, J1571 Hepagam B IV, J1573 Heparin infusion pump, dialysis, E1520 Heparin lock flush, J1642 Heparin sodium, J1644 Hep-Lock (U/P), J1642 Hexalite, A4590 High osmolar contrast material, Q9958-Q9964 Hip disarticulation prosthesis, L5250, L5270 orthosis (HO), L1600-L1690 Hip-knee-ankle-foot orthosis (HKAFO), L2040-L2090 Histrelin acetate, J1675 Histrelin implant, J9225 HKAFO, L2040-L2090 Home Health Agency Services, T0221 Hot water bottle, A9273 Human fibrinogen concentrate, J1680 Humidifier, A7046, E0550-E0563 Hyalgan, J7321 Hyaluronan, J7326 Hyaluronate, sodium, J7317 Hyaluronidase, J3470 Hyaluronidase, ovine, J3471-J3473 Hydralazine HCl, J0360 Hydraulic patient lift, E0630 Hydrocollator, E0225, E0239 Hydrocolloid dressing, A6234-A6241 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
acetate, J1700 sodium phosphate, J1710 sodium succinate, J1720 Hydrogel dressing, A6242-A6248, A6231-A6233
Hydromorphone, J1170
Hydroxyprogesterone caproate, J1725
Hydroxyzine HCl, J3410
Hylan G-F 20, J7322
Hyoscyamine Sulfate, J1980
Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, topical, A4575
Hypertonic saline solution, J7130
Ibandronate sodium, J1740
Ibutilide Fumarate, J1742
Idarubicin HCl, J9211 Idursulfase, J1743 Ifosfamide, J9208 Iloprost, Q4074 Imiglucerase, J1786 Immune globulin Flebogamma, J1572 Gammagard liquid, J1569 Gammaplex, J1557 Gamunex, J1561 HepaGam B, J1571 Hizentra, J1559 NOS, J1566 Octagam, J1568 Privigen, J1459 Rho(D), J2788, J2790 Rhophylac, J2791 Subcutaneous, J1562 Immunosuppressive drug, not otherwise classified, J7599 Implant access system, A4301 aqueous shunt, L8612 breast, L8600 cochlear, L8614, L8619 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
collagen, urinary tract, L8603 dextranomer/hyaluronic acid copolymer, L8604 ganciclovir, J7310 hallux, L8642 urinary tract, L8603, L8606 infusion pump, programmable, E0783, E0786 joint, L8630, L8641, L8658 lacrimal duct, A4262, A4263 metacarpophalangeal joint, L8630 metatarsal joint, L8641 neurostimulator pulse generator, L8681-L8688 not otherwise specified, L8699 ocular, L8610 ossicular, L8613 osteogenesis stimulator, E0749 percutaneous access system, A4301 replacement implantable intraspinal catheter, E0785 synthetic, urinary, L8606 vascular graft, L8670 Implantable radiation dosimeter, A4650 Impregnated gauze dressing, A6222-A6230 Incobotulinumtoxin a, J0588 Incontinence appliances and supplies, A4310, A4360, A5071-A5075, A5102-A5114, K0280, K0281 treatment system, E0740 Indium IN-111 carpromab pendetide, A9507 Indium IN-111 ibritumomab tiuxetan, A9542 Indium IN-111 labeled autologous white blood cells, A9570 Indium IN-111 labeled autologous platelets, A9571 Indium IN-111 oxyquinoline, A9547 Indium IN-111 pentetate, A9548 Indium IN-111 pentetreotide, A9572 Indium IN-111 satumomab, A4642 Infliximab injection, J1745 Infusion pump, ambulatory, with administrative equipment, E0781 pump, heparin, dialysis, E1520 pump, implantable, E0782, E0783 pump, implantable, refill kit, A4220 pump, insulin, E0784 pump, mechanical, reusable, E0779, E0780 pump, uninterrupted infusion of Epiprostenol, K0455 supplies, A4219, A4221, A4222, A4230-A4232 therapy, other than chemotherapeutic drugs, Q0081 Inhalation solution (see also drug name), J7608-J7699, Q4074 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Injections (see also drug name), J0120-J7320 Insertion tray, A4310-A4316 Insulin, J1815, J1817 Interferon Alpha, J9212-J9215 Beta-1 a, J1826, Q3025-Q3026 Beta- 1 b, J1830 Gamma, J9216 assist device with continuous positive airway pressure device, E0470-E0472 limb compression device, E0676 peritoneal dialysis system, E1592 positive pressure breathing (IPPB) machine, E0500 Interphalangeal joint, prosthetic implant, L8658, L8659 Interscapular thoracic prosthesis endoskeletal, L6570 upper limb, L6350-L6370 Intraconazole, J1835 Intraocular lenses, V2630-V2632 Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation system, E0481 Intrauterine copper contraceptive, J7300 Iodine Iobenguane sulfate I-131, A9508 Iodine I-123 iobenguane, A9582 Iodine I-123 ioflupane, A9584 Iodine I-123 sodium iodide, A9509, A9516 Iodine I-125 serum albumin, A9532 Iodine I-125 sodium iodide, A9527 Iodine I-125 sodium iothalamate, A9554 Iodine I-131 iodinated serum albumin, A9524 Iodine I-131 sodium iodide capsule, A9517, A9528 Iodine I-131 sodium iodide solution, A9529-A9531 Iodine I-131 tositumomab, A9544-A9545 Iodine swabs/wipes, A4247 IPD IPPB machine, E0500 Ipilimumab, J9228 Ipratropium bromide, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7644, J7645 Irinotecan, J9206 Iron Dextran, J1750 Iron sucrose, J1756 Irrigation/evacuation system, bowel control unit, E0350 disposable supplies for, E0352 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Irrigation solution for bladder calculi, Q2004
Irrigation supplies, A4320-A4322, A4355, A4397-A4400
Isoetharine HCL, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7647, J7648
Isoetharine HCL, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7649, J7650
Isolates, B4150, B4152
Isoproterenol HCL, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7657, J7658
Isoproterenol HCL, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7659, J7660
Isosulfan blue, Q9968
IV pole, each, E0776, K0105
Ixabepilone, J9207


Jenamicin, J1580
Kanamycin sulfate, J1840, J1850
Kartop patient lift, toilet or bathroom (see also Lift), E0625
Ketorolac thomethamine, J1885
ESRD supply, A4650-A4927 system, E1510 wearable artificial, E1632 enteral feeding supply (syringe) (pump) (gravity), B4034-B4036 fistula cannulation (set), A4730 parenteral nutrition, B4220-B4224 surgical dressing (tray), A4550 tracheostomy, A4625 disarticulation, prosthesis, L5150, L5160 joint, miniature, L5826 orthosis (KO), E1810, L1800-L1885 Knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO), L2000-L2039, L2126-L2136
Knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO) addition, high strength, lightweight material, L2755
Kyphosis pad, L1020, L1025
Laboratory tests
2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
microbiology, P7001 miscellaneous, P9010-P9615, Q0111-Q0115 toxicology, P3000-P3001, Q0091 Lactated Ringer’s infusion, J7120 Laetrile, J3570 Lancet, A4258, A4259 Lanreotide, J1930 Laronidase, J1931 Larynx, artificial, L8500 Laser blood collection device and accessory, E0620, A4257 Lead investigation, T1029 Lead wires, per pair, A4557 Leg bag, A4358, A5105, A5112 extensions for walker, E0158 rest, elevating, K0195 rest, wheelchair, E0990 strap, replacement, A5113-A5114 aniseikonic, V2118, V2318 contact, V2500-V2599 eye, V2100-V2615, V2700-V2799 intraocular, V2630-V2632 low vision, V2600-V2615 progressive, V2781 Lepirudin, J1945 Leucovorin calcium, J0640 Leukocyte poor blood, each unit, P9016 Leuprolide acetate, J9217, J9218, J9219, J1950 Levalbuterol, all formulations, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7607, J7612 Levalbuterol, all formulations, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7614, J7615 Levetiracetam, J1953 Levocarnitine, J1955 Levofloxacin, J1956 Levoleucovorin, J0641 Levonorgestrel, (contraceptive), implants and supplies, J7306 Levorphanol tartrate, J1960 Lexidronam, A9604 Lidocaine HCl, J2001 Lift patient (includes seat lift), E0621-E0635 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Lincomycin HCl, J2010
Linezolid, J2020
Liquid barrier, ostomy, A4363
Lodging, recipient, escort nonemergency transport, A0180, A0200
Lorazepam, J2060
Low osmolar contrast material, Q9965-Q9967
LSO, L0621-L0640
Lubricant, A4402, A4332
Lumbar flexion, L0540
Lumbar-sacral orthosis (LSO), L0621-L0640
Lymphocyte immune globulin, J7504, J7511


Magnesium sulphate, J3475
Maintenance contract, ESRD, A4890
Mannitol, J2150, J7665
bra, L8000 form, L8020 prosthesis, L8030, L8600 sleeve, L8010 air pressure, E0186 alternating pressure, E0277 dry pressure, E0184 gel pressure, E0196 hospital bed, E0271, E0272 non-powered, pressure reducing, E0373 overlay, E0371-E0372 powered, pressure reducing, E0277 water pressure, E0187 Mecasermin, J2170 Mechlorethamine HCl, J9230 Medical and surgical supplies, A4206-A8999 Medroxyprogesterone acetate, J1051, J1055 Medroxyprogesterone acetate/estradiol cypionate, J1056 Melphalan HCl, J9245 Melphalan, oral, J8600 Meperidine, J2175 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Meperidine and promethazine, J2180 Mepivacaine HCl, J0670 Meropenem, J2185 Mesna, J9209 Metacarpophalangeal joint, prosthetic implant, L8630, L8631 Metaproterenol sulfate, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7667, J7668 Metaproterenol sulfate, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7669, J7670 Metaraminol bitartrate, J0380 Metatarsal joint, prosthetic implant, L8641 Meter, bath conductivity, dialysis, E1550 Methacholine chloride, J7674 Methadone HCl, J1230 Methocarbamol, J2800 Methotrexate, oral, J8610 Methotrexate sodium, J9250, J9260 Methyldopate HCl, J0210 Methylene blue, Q9968 Methylprednisolone acetate, J1020-J1040 oral, J7509 sodium succinate, J2920, J2930 Metoclopramide HCl, J2765 Micafungin sodium, J2248 Microbiology test, P7001 Midazolam HCl, J2250 Mileage, ambulance, A0380, A0390 Milrinone lactate, J2260 Mini-bus, nonemergency transportation, A0120 Minocycline hydrochloride, J2265 Mitomycin, J9280 Mitoxantrone HCl, J9293 Modalities, with office visit, M0005-M0008 Moisture exchanger for use with invasive mechanical ventilation, A4483 Moisturizer, skin, A6250 Monitor blood glucose, E0607 blood pressure, A4670 pacemaker, E0610, E0615 Monitoring feature/device, A9279 Monoclonal antibodies, J7505 Morphine sulfate, J2270, J2271 Mouthpiece (for respiratory equipment), A4617 Moxifloxacin, J2280 Mucoprotein, blood, P2038 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Multiaxial ankle, L5986
Multidisciplinary services, H2000-H2001, T1023-T1028
Multiple post collar, cervical, L0180-L0200
Multi-Podus type AFO, L4396
Muromonab-CD3, J7505
Mycophenolate mofetil, J7517
Mycophenolic acid, J7518


Nabilone, J8650
Nalbuphine HCl, J2300
Naloxone HCl, J2310
Naltrexone, J2315
decanoate, J2320
Narrowing device, wheelchair, E0969
Nasal application device, K0183
Nasal pillows/seals (for nasal application device), K0184
Nasal vaccine inhalation, J3530
Nasogastric tubing, B4081, B4082
Natalizumab, J2323
Nebulizer, E0570-E0585
aerosol compressor, E0571 aerosol mask, A7015 corrugated tubing, disposable, A7010 corrugated tubing, non-disposable, A7011 filter, disposable, A7013 filter, non-disposable, A7014 heater, E1372 large volume, disposable, prefilled, A7008 large volume, disposable, unfilled, A7007 not used with oxygen, durable, glass, A7017 pneumatic, administration set, A7003, A7005, A7006 pneumatic, nonfiltered, A7004 portable, E0570 small volume, A7003-A7005 ultrasonic, E0575 ultrasonic, dome and mouthpiece, A7016 ultrasonic, reservoir bottle, non-disposable, A7009 water collection device, large volume nebulizer, A7012 non-coring, A4212 with syringe, A4206-A4209 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Negative pressure wound therapy pump, E2402 accessories, A6550 Nelarabine, J9261 Neonatal transport, ambulance, base rate, A0225 Neostigmine methylsulfate, J2710 Nerve stimulator with batteries, E0765 Nesiritide injection, J2324 Neuromuscular stimulator, E0745 Neurostimulator battery recharging system, L8695 pulse generator, L8681-L8688 Nitrogen N-13 ammonia, A9526 Nonchemotherapy drug, oral, NOS, J8499 Noncovered services, A9270 Nonemergency transportation, A0080-A0210 Nonimpregnated gauze dressing, A6216-A6221, A6402-A6404 Nonprescription drug, A9150 Not otherwise classified drug, J3490, J7599, J7699, J7799, J8499, J8999, J9999, NPH, J1820 NTIOL category 3, Q1003 NTIOL category 4, Q1004 NTIOL category 5, Q1005 Nursing care, T1030-T1031 Nutrition enteral infusion pump, B9000, B9002 parenteral infusion pump, B9004, B9006 parenteral solution, B4164-B5200 Occipital/mandibular support, cervical, L0160 Octafluoropropane, Q9956 Octagam, J1568 Octreotide acetate, J2353, J2354 Ocular prosthetic implant, L8610 Ofatumumab, J9302 Olanzapine, J2358 Omalizumab, J2357 OnabotulinumtoxinA, J0585 Ondansetron HCl, J2405 Ondansetron oral, Q0162 One arm, drive attachment, K0101 Oprelvekin, J2355 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
O & P supply/accessory/service, L9900 Oral device/appliance, E0485-E0486 Oral/nasal mask, A7027 nasal pillows, A7029 oral cushion, A7028 Oropharyngeal suction catheter, A4628 Orphenadrine, J2360 Orthopedic shoes arch support, L3040-L3100 footwear, L3201-L3265 insert, L3000-L3030 lift, L3300-L3334 miscellaneous additions, L3500-L3595 positioning device, L3140-L3170 transfer, L3600-L3649 wedge, L3340-L3420 carbon graphite lamination, L2755 fracture, L2180-L2192, L3995 halo, L0860 lower extremity, L2200-L2999, L4320 ratchet lock, L2430 scoliosis, L1010-L1120, L1210-L1290 shoe, L3300-L3595, L3649 spinal, L0970-L0984 upper limb, L3810-L3890, L3970-L3974, L3995 ankle-foot (AFO; see also Orthopedic shoes), E1815, E1816, E1830, L1900-L1990, L2102-L2116, L3160, L4361 anterior-posterior-lateral, L0700, L0710 cervical, L0100-L0200 cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral (CTLSO), L0700, L0710 elbow (EO), E1800, E1801, L3700-L3740 fracture, L2102-L2136, L3980-L3986 halo, L0810-L0830 hand, finger, prefabricated, L3923 hand, (WHFO), E1805, E1825, L3807, L3900-L3954 hip (HO), L1600-L1690 hip-knee-ankle-foot (HKAFO), L2040-L2090 interface material, E1820 knee (KO), E1810, E1811, L1800-L1885 knee-ankle-foot (KAFO; see also Orthopedic shoes), L2000-L2038, L2126-L2136 Legg Perthes, L1700-L1755 multiple post collar, L0180-L0200 not otherwise specified, L0999, L1499, L2999, L3999, L5999, L7499, L8039, L8239 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
pneumatic splint, L4350-L4380 pronation/supination, E1818 repair or replacement, L4000-L4210 replace soft interface material, L4390-L4394 sacroiliac, L0600-L0620 scoliosis, L1000 - L1499 shoe, see Orthopedic shoes shoulder (SO), L1840, L3650, L3674 shoulder-elbow-wrist-hand (SEWHO), L3960-L3978 side bar disconnect, L2768 spinal, cervical, L0100-L0200 spinal, DME, K0112-K0116 thoracic, L0210 thoracic-hip-knee-ankle (THKO), L1500-L1520 toe, E1830 wrist-hand-finger (WHFO), E1805, E1806, E1825, L3900-L3954 Orthovisc, J7324 Ossicula prosthetic implant, L8613 Osteogenesis stimulator, E0747-E0749, E0760 Ostomy accessories, A5093 belt, A4396 pouches, A4416-A4434 skin barrier, A4401-A4449 supplies, A4361-A4421, A5051-A5149 Oxacillin sodium, J2700 Oxaliplatin, J9263 Oxygen ambulance, A0422 battery charger, E1357 battery pack/cartridge, E1356 catheter, transtracheal, A7018 chamber, hyperbaric, topical, A4575 concentrator, E1390-E1391 DC power adapter, E1358 Liquid oxygen system, E0433 mask, A4620 medication supplies, A4611-A4627 rack/stand, E1355 regulator, E1353 respiratory equipment/supplies, A4611-A4627, E0424-E0480 supplies and equipment, E0425-E0444, E0455 tent, E0455 tubing, A4616 water vapor enriching system, E1405, E1406 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Oxymorphone HCl, J2410
Oxytetracycline HCl, J2460
Oxytocin, J2590
Pacemaker monitor, E0610, E0615
Paclitaxel, J9265
Paclitaxel protein-bound particles, J9264
gel pressure, E0185, E0196 heat, E0210, E0215, E0217, E0238, E0249 orthotic device interface, E1820 sheepskin, E0188, E0189 water circulating cold with pump, E0218 water circulating heat with pump, E0217 water circulating heat unit, E0249 Pail, for use with commode chair, E0167 Palate, prosthetic implant, L8618 Palifermin, J2425 Paliperidone palmitate, J2426 Palonosetron HCl, J2469 Pamidronate disodium, J2430 Pan, for use with commode chair, E0167 Panitumumab, J9303 Papanicolaou (Pap) screening smear, P3000, P3001, Q0091 Papaverine HCl, J2440 Paraffin, A4265 Paraffin bath unit, E0235 Parenteral nutrition administration kit, B4224 pump, B9004, B9006 solution, B4164-B5200 supply kit, B4220, B4222 Paricalcitol, J2501 Parking fee, nonemergency transport, A0170 Paste, conductive, A4558 Pathology and laboratory tests, miscellaneous, P9010-P9615 Patient support system, E0636 Patient transfer system, E1035-E1036 PEFR, peak expiratory flow rate meter, A4614 Pegademase bovine, J2504 Pegaptanib, J2503 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Pegaspargase, J9266 Pegfilgrastim, J2505 Pegloticase, J2507 Pelvic belt/harness/boot, E0944 Pemetrexed, J9305 Penicillin G benzathine/G benzathine and penicillin G procaine, J0558, J0561 G potassium, J2540 G procaine, aqueous, J2510 Pentamidine isethionate, J2545, J7676 Pentastarch, 10% solution, J2513 Pentazocine HCl, J3070 Pentobarbital sodium, J2515 Pentostatin, J9268 Percussor, E0480 Percutaneous access system, A4301 Perflexane lipid microspheres, Q9955 Perflutren lipid microspheres, Q9957 Peroneal strap, L0980 Peroxide, A4244 Perphenazine, J3310 Personal care services, T1019-T1021 Pessary, A4561, A4562 Phenobarbital sodium, J2560 Phentolamine mesylate, J2760 Phenylephrine HCl, J2370 Phenytoin sodium, J1165 Phisohex solution, A4246 Photofrin, see Porfimer sodium Phototherapy light, E0202 Phytonadione, J3430 Pillow, cervical, E0943 Pinworm examination, Q0113 Plasma single donor, fresh frozen, P9017 multiple donor, pooled, frozen, P9023 Plastazote, L3002, L3252, L3253, L3265, L5654-L5658 Platelet concentrate, each unit, P9019 rich plasma, each unit, P9020 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Plumbing, for home ESRD equipment, A4870 Pneumatic appliance, E0655-E0673, L4350-L4380 compressor, E0650-E0652 splint, L4350-L4380 ventricular assist device, Q0480-Q0505 administration set, small volume, filtered, A7006 administration set, small volume, nonfiltered, A7003 administration set, small volume, nonfiltered, non-disposable, A7005 small volume, disposable, A7004 equipment transfer, R0070-R0076 gaseous oxygen, K0741, K0742 hemodialyzer system, E1635 liquid oxygen system, E0433 x-ray equipment, Q0092 Positioning seat, T5001 Positive airway pressure device, accessories, A7030-A7039, E0561-E0562 Positive expiratory pressure device, E0484 Post-coital examination, Q0115 Postural drainage board, E0606 Potassium chloride, J3480 Potassium hydroxide (KOH) preparation, Q0112 Pouch fecal collection, A4330 ostomy, A4375-A4378, A5051-A5054, A5061-A5065 urinary, A4379-A4383, A5071-A5075 Pralatrexate, J9307 Pralidoxime chloride, J2730 Prednisolone Prednisone, J7506 Preparation kits, dialysis, A4914 Preparatory prosthesis, L5510-L5595 chemotherapy, J8999 nonchemotherapy, J8499 alarm, dialysis, E1540 pad, A4640, E0180-E0199 Privigen, J1459 Procainamide HCl, J2690 Prochlorperazine, J0780 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Prolotherapy, M0076 Promazine HCl, J2950 Promethazine HCl, J2550 Promethazine and meperdine, J2180 Propranolol HCl, J1800 Prosthesis artificial larynx battery/accessory, L8505 breast, L8000-L8035, L8600 eye, L8610, L8611, V2623-V2629 fitting, L5400-L5460, L6380-L6388 foot/ankle one piece system, L5979 hand, L6000-L6020, L6025 implants, L8600-L8690 larynx, L8500 lower extremity, L5700-L5999, L8640-L8642 mandible, L8617 maxilla, L8616 maxillofacial, provided by a non-physician, L8040-L8048 miscellaneous service, L8499 ocular, V2623-V2629 repair of, L7520, L8049 socks (shrinker, sheath, stump sock), L8400-L8485 taxes, orthotic/prosthetic/other, L9999 tracheo-esophageal, L8507-L8509 upper extremity, L6000-L6999 vacuum erection system, L7900 lower extremity, L5610-L5999 upper extremity, L6600-L7405 Protamine sulfate, J2720 Protectant, skin, A6250 Protector, heel or elbow, E0191 Protein C Concentrate, J2724 Protirelin, J2725 Pulse generator, E2120 Pump alternating pressure pad, E0182 ambulatory infusion, E0781 ambulatory insulin, E0784 blood, dialysis, E1620 breast, E0602-E0604 enteral infusion, B9000, B9002 external infusion, E0779 heparin infusion, E1520 implantable infusion, E0782, E0783 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
implantable infusion, refill kit, A4220 infusion, supplies, A4230, A4232 negative pressure wound therapy, E2402 parenteral infusion, B9004, B9006 suction, portable, E0600 water circulating pad, E0236 Purification system, E1610, E1615
Pyridoxine HCl, J3415
Quad cane, E0105
Quinupristin/dalfopristin, J2770
Rack/stand, oxygen, E1355
Radiesse, Q2026
Radioelements for brachytherapy, Q3001
Radiology service, R0070-R0076
Radiopharmaceutical diagnostic imaging agent, A4641, A4642, A9500, A9532
Radiopharmaceutical, therapeutic, A9600, A9605
bathtub, E0241, E0242, E0246 bed, E0305, E0310 toilet, E0243 Ranibizumab, J2778 Rasburicase, J2783 Reaching/grabbing device, A9281 Reagent strip, A4252 Reciprocating peritoneal dialysis system, E1630 Reclast, J3488 Red blood cells, P9021, P9022 Regadenoson, J2785 Regular insulin, J1820 Regulator, oxygen, E1353 Repair contract, ESRD, A4890 durable medical equipment, E1340 maxillofacial prosthesis, L8049 orthosis, L4000-L4130 prosthetic, L7500, L7510 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
pad (alternating pressure), A4640 tanks, dialysis, A4880 tip for cane, crutches, walker, A4637 underarm pad for crutches, A4635 RespiGam, see Respiratory syncytial virus immune globulin
Restraint, any type, E0710
Reteplase, J2993
Rho(D) immune globulin, human, J2788, J2790, J2791, J2792
Rib belt, thoracic, A4572, L0220
Rilanocept, J2793
RimabotulinumtoxinB, J0587
Ringers lactate infusion, J7120
Ring, ostomy, A4404
Risperidone, J2794
Rituximab, J9310
Robin-Aids, L6000, L6010, L6020, L6855, L6860
Rocking bed, E0462
Rollabout chair, E1031
Romidepsin, J9315
Romiplostim, J2796
Ropivacaine HCl, J2795
Rubidium Rb-82, A9555
Sacral nerve stimulation test lead, A4290
Safety equipment, E0700
hypertonic, J7130 solution, J7030-J7050, A4216-A4218 Samarium SM 153 Lexidronamm, A9605 Sargramostim (GM-CSF), J2820 Scoliosis, L1000 - L1499 attachment, walker, E0156 insert, wheelchair, E0992 lift (patient), E0621, E0627-E0629 upholstery, wheelchair, E0975 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Semen analysis, G0027 Sensitivity study, P7001 Sermorelin acetate, Q0515 Serum clotting time tube, A4771 SEWHO, L3960-L3974 Sheepskin pad, E0188, E0189 Shoes arch support, L3040-L3100 for diabetics, A5500-A5508 insert, L3000-L3030 lift, L3300-L3334 miscellaneous additions, L3500-L3595 orthopedic, L3201-L3265 positioning device, L3140-L3170 transfer, L3600-L3649 wedge, L3340-L3485 disarticulation, prosthetic, L6300-L6320, L6550 orthosis (SO), L3650 - L3674 spinal, cervical, L0100-L0200 Shoulder-elbow-wrist-hand orthosis (SEWHO), L3960-L3969 Shoulder sling, A4566 Shunt accessory for dialysis, A4740 Sigmoidoscopy, cancer screening, G0104, G0106 Sincalide, J2805 Sipuleucel-T, Q2043 Sirolimus, J7520 Sitz bath, E0160-E0162 Skin barrier, ostomy, A4362, A4363, A4369-A4373, A4385, A5120 bond or cement, ostomy, A4364 sealant, protectant, moisturizer, A6250 substitute, Q4100-Q4130 Social worker, nonemergency transport, A0160 Sock body sock, L0984 prosthetic sock, L8420-L8435, L8470, L8480, L8485 stump sock, L8470-L8485 chloride injection, J2912 ferric gluconate complex in sucrose, J2916 fluoride F-18, A9580 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
hyaluronate Euflexxa, J7323 Hyalgan, J7321 Orthovisc, J7324 Supartz, J7321 Synvisc and Synvisc-One, J7325 phosphate P32, A9563 succinate, J1720 calibrator, A4256 dialysate, A4760 elliotts b, J9175 enteral formulae, B4149-B4156 parenteral nutrition, B4164-B5200 Somatrem, J2940 Somatropin, J2941 Sorbent cartridge, ESRD, E1636 Specialty absorptive dressing, A6251-A6256 Spectinomycin HCl, J3320 Speech assessment, V5362-V5364 Speech generating device, E2500-E2599 Spinal orthosis, cervical, L0100-L0200 cervical-thoracic-lumbar-sacral (CTLSO), L0700, L0710 DME, K0112-K0116 halo, L0810-L0830 multiple post collar, L0180-L0200 scoliosis, L1000-L1499 torso supports, L0960 ankle, L4390-L4398 dynamic, E1800, E1805, E1810, E1815, E1825, E1830, E1840 footdrop, L4398 Static progressive stretch, E1801, E1806, E1811, E1816, E1818, E1821 Sterile cefuroxime sodium, J0697 Sterile water, A4216-A4217 Stimulators neuromuscular, E0744, E0745 osteogenesis, electrical, E0747-E0749 ultrasound, E0760 salivary reflex, E0755 stoma absorptive cover, A5083 Stomach tube, B4083 Streptokinase, J2995 Streptomycin, J3000 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Streptozocin, J9320 Strip, blood glucose test, A4253, A4772 Strontium-89 chloride, supply of, A9600 Stump sock, L8470-L8485 Stylet, A4212 Succinylcholine chloride, J0330 Suction pump gastric, home model, E2000 portable, E0600 respiratory, home model, E0600 Sumatriptan succinate, J3030 Supartz, J7321 Supply/accessory/service, A9900 Support arch, L3040-L3090 cervical, L0100-L0200 spinal, L0960 stockings, L8100-L8239 boot, L3208-L3211 brush, dialysis, A4910 dressing, A6196-A6406 stocking, A4490-A4510 supplies, A4649 tray, A4550 Swabs, betadine or iodine, A4247 Syringe, A4213 Synvisc and Synvisc-One, J7325


Tables, bed, E0274, E0315
Tacrolimus, oral, J7507
Tacrolimus, parenteral, J7525
Taxi, non emergency transportation, A0100
Technetium TC 99M Arcitumomab, A9568
Technetium TC 99M Bicisate, A9557
Technetium TC 99M Depreotide, A9536
Technetium TC 99M Disofenin, A9510
Technetium TC 99M Exametazine, A9521
Technetium TC 99M Exametazine labeled autologous white blood cells, A9569
Technetium TC 99M Fanolesomab, A9566
Technetium TC 99M Glucepatate, A9550
2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Technetium TC 99M - Labeled red blood cells, A9560 Technetium TC 99M Macroaggregated albumin, A9540 Technetium TC 99M Mebrofenin, A9537 Technetium TC 99M Mertiatide, A9562 Technetium TC 99M Oxidronate, A9561 Technetium TC 99M Pentetate, A9539, A9567 Technetium TC 99M Pertechnetate, A9512 Technetium TC 99M Pyrophosphate, A9538 Technetium TC 99M Sestamibi, A9500 Technetium TC 99M Succimer, A9551 Technetium TC 99M Sulfur colloid, A9541 Technetium TC 99M Teboroxime, A9501 Technetium TC 99M Tetrofosmin, A9502 TEEV, J0900 Telavancin, J3095 Telehealth, Q3014 Telehealth transmission, T1014 Temozolomide, injection, J9328 Temozolomide, oral, J8700 Temsirolimus, J9330 Tenecteplase, J3101 Teniposide, Q2017 TENS, A4595, E0720-E0749 Tent, oxygen, E0455 Terbutaline sulfate, J3105 Terbutaline sulfate, inhalation solution, concentrated, J7680 Terbutaline sulfate, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7681 Teriparatide, J3110 Terminal devices, L6700-L6895 Testosterone aqueous, J3140 cypionate and estradiol cypionate, J1060 enanthate, J3120, J3130 enanthate and estradiol valerate, J0900 propionate, J3150 suspension, J3140 Tetanus immune globulin, human, J1670 Tetracycline, J0120 Thallous Chloride TL 201, A9505 Theophylline, J2810 Therapeutic lightbox, A4634, E0203 Therapy Thermometer, A4931-A4932 Thermometer, dialysis, A4910 Thiamine HCl, J3411 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Thiethylperazine maleate, J3280 Thiotepa, J9340 Thoracic-hip-knee-ankle (THKAO), L1500-L1520 Thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis (TLSO) scoliosis, L1200-L1290 spinal, L0430-L0492 Thoracic orthosis, L0210 Thymol turbidity, blood, P2033 Thyrotropin Alfa, J3240 Tigecycline, J3243 Tinzarparin sodium, J1655 Tip (cane, crutch, walker) replacement, A4637 Tire, wheelchair, E0999 Tirofiban, J3246 Tissue marker, A4648 TLSO, L0430-L0492, L1200-L1290 Tobramycin, inhalation solution, unit dose, J7682, J7685 Tobramycin sulfate, J3260 Tocilizumab, J3262 Toilet accessories, E0167-E0179, E0243, E0244, E0625 Tolazoline HCl, J2670 Toll, non emergency transport, A0170 Topical hyperbaric oxygen chamber, A4575 Topotecan, J8705, J9351 Torsemide, J3265 Tracheostoma heat moisture exchange system, A7501-A7509 Tracheostomy care kit, A4629 filter, A4481 speaking valve, L8501 supplies, A4623, A4629, A7523-A7524 tube, A7520-A7522 Tracheotomy mask or collar, A7525-A7526 Traction device, ambulatory, E0830 Traction equipment, E0840-E0948 Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator (TENS), E0720-E0770 Transducer protector, dialysis, E1575 Transfer (shoe orthosis), L3600-L3640 Transfer system with seat, E1035 Transparent film (for dressing), A6257-A6259 Transportation ambulance, A0021-A0999, Q3019, Q3020 corneal tissue, V2785 EKG (portable), R0076 handicapped, A0130 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
non emergency, A0080-A0210, T2001-T2005 service, including ambulance, A0021-A0999, T2006 taxi, non emergency, A0100 toll, non emergency, A0170 volunteer, non emergency, A0080, A0090 x-ray (portable), R0070, R0075 Transtracheal oxygen catheter, A7018 Trapeze bar, E0910-E0912, E0940 Tray insertion, A4310-A4316 irrigation, A4320 surgical (see also kits), A4550 wheelchair, E0950 Treprostinil, J3285 Triamcinolone, J3301-J3303 acetonide, J3300, J3301 diacetate, J3302 hexacetonide, J3303 inhalation solution, concentrated, J7683 inhalation solution, unit dose, J7684 Triflupromazine HCI, J3400 Trifocal, glass or plastic, V2300-V2399 Trimethobenzamide HCl, J3250 Trimetrexate glucuoronate, J3305 Triptorelin pamoate, J3315 Truss, L8300-L8330 Tube/Tubing anchoring device, A5200 blood, A4750, A4755 drainage extension, A4331 gastrostomy, B4087, B4088 irrigation, A4355 larynectomy, A4622 nasogastric, B4081, B4082 oxygen, A4616 serum clotting time, A4771 stomach, B4083 suction pump, each, A7002 tire, K0091, K0093, K0095, K0097 tracheostomy, A4622 urinary drainage, K0280

Ultrasonic nebulizer, E0575
2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Ultraviolet light therapy system, A4633, E0691-E0694 Unclassified drug, J3490 Unipuncture control system, dialysis, E1580 Upper extremity addition, locking elbow, L6693 Upper extremity fracture orthosis, L3980-L3999 Upper limb prosthesis, L6000-L7499 Urea, J3350 Ureterostomy supplies, A4454-A4590 Urethral suppository, Alprostadil, J0275 Urinal, E0325, E0326 Urinary catheter, A4338-A4346, A4351-A4353 collection and retention (supplies), A4310-A4360 tract implant, collagen, L8603 tract implant, snythetic, L8606 Urofollitropin, J3355
Urokinase, J3364, J3365
Ustekinumab, J3357
U-V lens, V2755


Vabra aspirator, A4480
Vaccination, administration
hepatitis B, G0010 influenza virus, G0008 pneumococcal, G0009 Vancomycin HCl, J3370 Vaporizer, E0605 Vascular catheter (appliances and supplies), A4300-A4306 graft material, synthetic, L8670 Vasoxyl, J3390 Velaglucerase alfa, J3385 Venous pressure clamp, dialysis, A4918 Ventilator battery, A4611-A4613 moisture exchanger, disposable, A4483 negative pressure, E0460 volume, stationary or portable, E0450, E0461-E0464 Ventricular assist device, Q0478-Q0506 Verteporfin, J3396 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
Vest, safety, wheelchair, E0980
Vinblastine sulfate, J9360
Vincristine sulfate, J9370
Vinorelbine tartrate, J9390
Vision service, V2020-V2799
Vitamin B-12 cyanocobalamin, J3420
Vitamin K, J3430
Voice amplifier, L8510
Voice prosthesis, L8511-L8514
Von Willebrand Factor Complex, human, J7183, J7187
Voriconazole, J3465
Waiver, T2012-T2050
Walker, E0130-E0149
accessories, A4636, A4637 attachments, E0153-E0159 distilled (for nebulizer), A7018 pressure pad/mattress, E0187, E0198 purification system (ESRD), E1610, E1615 softening system (ESRD), E1625 sterile, A4714 Wedges, shoe, L3340-L3420 Wet mount, Q0111 Wheel attachment, rigid pickup walker, E0155 Wheelchair, E0950-E1298, K0001-K0108 accessories, E0192, E0950-E1030, E1065-E1069, E2211-E2230, E2300-E2399 amputee, E1170-E1200 back, fully reclining, manual, E1226 component or accessory, not otherwise specified, K0108 cushions, E2601-E2625 narrowing device, E0969 power add-on, E0983-E0984 shock absorber, E1015-E1018 specially sized, E1220, E1230 stump support system, K0551 tire, E0999 transfer board or device, E0705 tray, K0107 van, non-emergency, A0130 youth, E1091 2012 HCPCS Alpha-Numeric Index
WHO, wrist extension, L3914 Whirlpool equipment, E1300-E1310 Wig, A9282 Wipes, A4245, A4247 Wound cleanser, A6260 Wound cover alginate dressing, A6196-A6198 collagen dressing, A6020-A6024 foam dressing, A6209-A6214 hydrocolloid dressing, A6234-A6239 hydrogel dressing, A6242-A6247 non-contact wound warming cover, and accessory, E0231, E0232 specialty absorptive dressing, A6251-A6256 alginate dressing, A6199 collagen based, A6010 foam dressing, A6215 hydrocolloid dressing, A6240, A6241 hydrogel dressing, A6248 not elsewhere classified, A6261, A6262 disarticulation prosthesis, L6050, L6055 hand/finger orthosis (WHFO), E1805, E1825, L3800-L3954
Xenon Xe 133, A9558
Xylocaine HCl, J2000
X-ray equipment, portable, Q0092, R0070, R0075

Yttrium Y-90 ibritumomab, A9543


Ziconotide, J2278
Zidovudine, J3485
Ziprasidone mesylate, J3486
Zoledronic acid, J3487
Zometa, J3487
Last Updated September 14, 2011


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