No. CF/EPA/1/Vol.XI/140
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(pkFke, i¨VZss Cys;j) CHATHAM, PORT BLAIR
iksVZ Cys;j@ Port Blair, fnukad@ Dated 23rd September,2013
The meeting of the Andaman and Nicobar Coastal Zone Management Authority (ANCZMA) will be held under the Chairmanship of the Chief Secretary, A & N Administration in the Conference Hall of the Secretariat, A & N Administration on 28/09/2013 (Saturday) at 1100 hours to consider the following proposals seeking CRZ/Environmental clearance:- 1. Construction of Sea Wall near Nilambur Jetty at Baratang under CD-I, (Project Proponent: APWD)
2. Development of Parking Area for vehicles near Middle Strait, Baratang (Project Proponent: APWD)
3. Development of Parking Area for vehicles near Gandhighat Jetty (Project Proponent: APWD)
(Project Proponent: APWD)
5. Construction of jetty at Sagar Dweep in North Andaman. (Project Proponent: ALHW)
6. Extension of Berthing Jetty at Havelock. (Project Proponent: ALHW)
7. Coastal Regulation Zone /Environment clearance in respect of petrol (Project Proponent: ANIIDCO)
(Project Proponent: Sea Link Adventure, Phoneix Bay)
9. Construction Residential House at South Point (Project Proponent: Shri. Sarfaraz Ali)
10. Construction of Andaman Marine Drive from Prem Nagar to Dundas (Project Proponent: APWD)
11. Construction of Sea Wall (500mtr.) at Gandhi Nagar, GNI (Project Proponent: APWD)
12. Construction of Sea Wall (500mtr.) at Shastri Nagar, GNI (Project Proponent: APWD)
13. Construction of Rural Road from ATR to Kanchangarh village (Bamboo (Project Proponent: APWD)
14. Expansion of Fortune Resort Bay Island, Port Blair (Project Proponent: Bay Island Hotel Limited)
15. Construction of 5 star resort by its brand “Vivanta by Taj” at Havelock. (Project Proponent: The Indian Hotels Company Ltd)
16. Proposal for Mock-up for a single standard villa at the proposed site for "Vivanta by Taj" at Radha Nagar, Havelock Island. (Project Proponent: The Indian Hotels Company Ltd)
17. Construction of Resort at Lalaji Bay, Long Island (Project Proponent: ANIIDCO)
18. Construction of Hotel and Spa Project at Bharatpur Beach, Neil Island by Soma Andaman Resorts Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad. (Project Proponent : Soma Andaman Resorts Pvt. Ltd)
19. Extension of Coast Guard Jetty at Junglighat (Project Proponent : Coast Guard, A&N Region )
20. Club Marina – Water Tourism at Dundas Point
All the Project Proponent will make a brief power point presentation regarding their project before the Authority. You are requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting. eq[; ou laj{kd/Chief Conservator of Forests (rVorhZ vapy ,ao ou laj{k.k)/ CZ & FC) lnL; lfpo, v.Meku rFk fudksckj rVorhZ vapy çca/k çkf/kdj.k pkFke, i¨VZ Cy®;j /Chatham, Port Blair
izfrfyfi@ Copy to :
1. SPS to the Chief Secretary for kind information of the Chief Secretary. 2. SPS to the Principal Secretary (F) for kind information of the Principal 3. SPS to the Principal Secretary, Shipping for kind information of the 4. Secretary, Environment, A&N Administration for information. 5. Secretary, Revenue, A&N Administration for information. 6. Secretary, Tourism, A&N Administration for information. 7. Secretary, Fisheries, A&N Administration for information. 8. Dr. Pranabesh Sanyal, Professor Emeritus, Jadavpur University, Kolkata. 9. Professor R. Ramesh, Director, IOM, Chennai, Fax No: 044-22200158. 10. Andaman & Nicobar Environment Team (ANET). Also copy to:-
1. The Managing Director, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Integrated Development Corporation Ltd. for information and necessary action. 2. The Chief Engineer, APWD, Port Blair for information and necessary 3. The Chief Engineer & Administrator, Andaman & Lakshadweep Harbour Works, Port Blair for information and necessary action. 4. The Indian Hotels Company Ltd., Oxford House 15/17 N F Road Apollo Bunder Mumbai 400 001 India, Tel. 91 22 6665 1000 for information 5. Soma Andaman Resorts Pvt. Ltd, Hyderabad 6. Bay Island Hotel Limited, Port Blair. 7. Shri. Sarfaraz Ali, Retd. Fisheries Inspector, South Point, Port Blair 8. Sea Link Adventure, Phoneix Bay, Port Blair. 9. Coast Guard, Regional (HQ), A & N Region, Port Blair.


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