Digital 240
Digital Fluid Damped
Single Point Load Cell
• Fully Calibrated, filtered digital output
• High A/D update rates (adjustable from 50 to 800
• Readings on request OR continuously output• Checkweigher function-reading acquired over period • Configurable filtering• Safeguarded access to calibration for approved • EMC compliant and surge protected• Extensive on board diagnostics with error log• Visual indication of operating mode and fault conditions Fluid damped and overload protectedAuto detect communication Model Digital 240 is specifically designed for high speed/ Communication is straightforward using an ASCII command dynamic weighing. Fluid damping vastly improves its structure and high update speeds are possible, making it response time and fatigue life over undamped load cells.
particularly suitable for check weighing.
On board electronics make it highly configurable and simple In multi-head weighing machines, up to 12 units can be to employ in approved weighing applications.
networked together over an RS485 link. The load cells A wealth of application experience has gone into this load initialize automatically and arbitrate between themselves to cell to allow weighing system designers to speed create a working network. This removes much difficulty at development of their own designs - a great proportion of the set up and means that load cells can be changed over in functionality required to create a fully featured weighing service as ‘plug and play’ units: - Factory calibration ensures system is already implemented in the digital 240.
that each unit will be virtually identical in performance.
Mechanical Protection
Fluid damped & overload/underload protected Maximum Load
Maximum Dynamic Load
Operating Temperature Range
Protection Class (EN6059)
*1, 2, 3 & 90Kg not OIML approved.
Input Voltage
Current Consumption (maximum)
External Resolution
Load Cell Excitation Voltage
Update Rate (ADC)
Digital 240
Vishay Tedea-hutleigh
Communications Settings
Communication Speed
Data Bits
Stop Bits
Communication Speed
Maximum Cable Length
Maximum Number of Network Devices
Cable to be ordered separately standard 3 meter cable, Part Number. 3-1437-720-4.
The Digital 240 has a number of key features in terms ofdiagnostics foe cell operation: The digital 240 operates in two distinct modes 1. External indication of errors - a tri-colour led is used to show status and fault conditions. Even in the worst case, if communication with the load cell is not possible, thedigital 240 can still give an indication of its health and set up.
A typical digital weighing installation will consist of a hostdevice (e.g. PC, digital indicator, PLC) and between 1 to 12 2. Internal error log - a time referenced log of errors is load cells connected over a single bus and then back to the maintained (up to 14 scrolling errors) which allows tracing host via a single cable. Over this connection commands of repeating fault conditions, and identification of time of are issued by the host and the load cells respond with 3. Validity of readings - with each reading, status characters When a network of load cells (or a single load cell) are are transmitted (good/bad/warning). Fatal errors cause connected together to a host device, on initialisation of the readings to cease and error codes are transmitted.
network, the first load cell on the network will designate itself 4. Integrity of calibration - at power up the cell(s) self check the ‘Boss’ load cell, and set up the other load cells in ‘Auxiliary’ mode, establishing communication and allocatingaddresses etc. It also performs weighing system checks, ensuring calibration integrity and compatibility of load cells (b) Consistency between units used in combination (c) The network has been changed - units added/removed In operation, the host device can as a result of the above,ignore the detail of managing all load cells, and communicatewith the Boss device only as though it were a scale. Auxiliaryload cells can, however still be accessed individually asrequired.
A significant advantage of the digital load cell is in terms ofcost of ownership. The analogue load cell, especially in multi-cell applications can be awkward to set up and fault find. Ina production line environment, the real cost of determiningand resolving equipment problems is high. Reliable andmeaningful feedback about load cell operation and faultconditions are essential for fast recovery and this is wherethe Digital 240 pays for itself.
Digital 240
The model 240 has proved itself a consistent performer in The Digital 240 is an accurate, repeatable instrument and to check weighing and the Digital 240 extends its capability realize its full performance, a number of points should be with features specific to this application: INSTALLATION
Mount on Flat, level (ideally ground) surface, rigid enough to remain level under load. Isolate where possible, from sources of vibration (Motors, random external etc). Use 4 off base User configurable f3db = 0.14 to 195Hz Slope = 12dB/octave plate bolts, torqued to 35-40NM (25-30lb ft).
2. Externally triggered acquisition of weight (e.g. Trigger input from PECs). The Digital 240 allows a maximum 480Hz A/DAcquisition speed - producing a single filtered weight valueat the end of the weighing period.
DIMENSIONS in millimeters
Digital 240
Vishay Tedea-hutleigh
• The weighing platform belt feed should be appropriate to the maximum live weight (live weight can cause stretching • The weighing platform assembly should be rigid enough TROUBLE SHOOTING
• Note: settling times increase with tare load.
Anything that prevents free movement of the cell under • Use both load cap mounting bolts torqued to (12lb ft).
• Avoid shock application of load from: (a) The Transportation grub screw (centre load cap vent (a) Edge impact due to a step between infeed and weighing (b) The under side of the load cap is free of debris etc (b) Live weight dropped directly onto platform (c) The filters fitted to the load cap are not blocked (special • The path of the live weight over platform, should be through filters/ options can be provided for corrosive atmospheres, the centre line of the load cell (length wise).
low temperatures, high humidity/very aggressive wash down.
VT Americas

Source: http://www.ktoyo.co.kr/pdfs/tedea/240D.pdf


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