Michael T. Coyle

Thirty-three years as a United States Naval Officer, achieving the rank of Rear Admiral.
Extensive experience in operations, engineering and maintenance of nuclear and conventional
power systems. Eleven years as a senior manager and executive in the commercial nuclear
power field and two and a half years as a Department of Energy (DOE) contractor. Special
skills/experience in:
Performance Improvement: Led a commercial nuclear power plant during the longest
continuous operation in the plant’s history and reduced best prior refueling outage duration by
40% with no lost time injuries. Successful y directed another commercial nuclear power plant
through a comprehensive inspection by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
Engineering Management: Directed the largest headquarters engineering organization and
was the senior Engineering Duty Officer in the U.S. Navy before leaving active duty in 1998.
Financial Management: Drove cost reductions at several large industrial organizations, including
a commercial nuclear power plant. Achieved savings of over 20% in overhead labor, 20%
improvement in direct labor performance and a 40% reduction in overtime.
Nuclear Safety Culture: Coordinated the nuclear industry task force, working with the NRC
staff and their stakeholders, in developing the framework for regulating nuclear safety culture.
Led the implementation of Nuclear Safety and Quality Culture at the Hanford Waste Treatment
and Vitrification Plant. Directed the implementation of NEI 09-07, Fostering a Strong Nuclear
Safety Culture,
at WTP, the first DOE project to do so.
Performance Assessment: Responsible for overseeing preparation for and execution of
biennial evaluations of Exelon’s 10 nuclear stations by the Institute of Nuclear Power
Operations (IN PO). 9 of the 10 stations have received INPO’s top rating and the 10th station has
been recognized for improved performance.
Management Consultant Longenecker & Associates

Provides consulting services for nuclear safety culture and nuclear performance improvement. Manager, Nuclear Safety & Quality Culture and Commissioning Support
Hanford Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) Project, Richland, WA Reported
directly to the Project Director. Duties included leadership of WTP’s Nuclear Safety and Quality
Culture (NSQC) initiative. Was also responsible for WTP Commissioning Training and Program
Development and Process Technology.
Vice President of Special Projects Exelon Nuclear, Kennett Square, PA
Initially responsible for the operations of Exelon's six nuclear reactors in the Mid-Atlantic region then led preparations for operational safety inspections of all 10 Exelon nuclear reactors in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest as well as a corporate evaluation of Exelon by the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO). Vice President, Operations
Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), Washington, DC
Served a 16-month loaned assignment at NEI from the Nuclear Management Company. Reported
directly to NEI’s Chief Nuclear Officer. Was responsible for providing leadership and oversight on
generic engineering and operational issues. Responsibilities involved significant interactions with
the commissioners and senior staff of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Worked with the NRC
in developing the regulatory framework for Nuclear Safety Culture.
Vice President
Nuclear Management Company (NMC), Hudson, WI
Reported directly to the Chief Executive Officer for business development. Represented NMC
on the management committee for developing the Gas Turbine-Modular Helium Reactor and the
Pebble Bed Modular Reactor. Was one of the eight key-personnel on the University of Chicago
team bidding to operate the Idaho National Laboratory. Was the senior executive responsible for
oversight of an NMC station’s preparation and receipt of a special diagnostic inspection by the
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). Was picked for this assignment based on the success of
guiding Cooper through a similar inspection.
Vice President and Assistant Vice-President
Cooper Nuclear Station, Brownville, NE
Senior executive responsible for safe and reliable operation of an 800MW nuclear power plant.
Selected by the Nuclear Management Company (NMC) to participate in a management services
contract with the Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) to operate Cooper on their behalf. At
the completion of this assignment was awarded the first ever Commendation for Superior
Performance by the NPPD Board of Directors.
Director of Plant Support
Monticello Nuclear Generating Plant, Monticello, MN
Direct report to the site Vice-President; responsible for financial management, business planning,
security, licensing, safety assessment, information technology and training. Led the site
performance gap analysis to identify performance and resource shortfalls.
Vice President and Assistant Vice President
Clinton Power Station, Clinton, IL
Senior executive of PECO Energy and AmerGen Energy, a joint venture with British Energy, at
a 980 Megawatt nuclear power plant. Responsible for safe and reliable operation while at the
same time streamlining to enable the station to effectively compete in the deregulated electrical
generation market. Reduced staffing from 925 to 850 over a nine-month period. Responsible for
development and execution of $175 million operations and capital budget.
Senior Manager
PECO Energy Nuclear, Chesterbrook, PA
Participated in activities to become familiar with commercial nuclear plant operation and
management. Took part in large industrial work periods at both of PECO’s nuclear reactor
stations, Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station and Limerick Generating Station.
Director of Engineering
Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters, Arlington, VA
Responsible for exercising technical authority over the design, construction, and maintenance
of all ships in the U.S. Navy. Managed a staff of more than 650, mostly engineering
personnel. Responsible for the development and execution of an annual operating budget of $
440 million and had execution control over $1.3 billion of the ship construction budget.
Director of Fleet Maintenance
U.S. Pacific Fleet Staff, Pearl Harbor, HI
Responsible for developing and executing an annual ship maintenance budget of more than $1.5
billion. Exercised general supervision and management of maintenance and repair for Pacific
Fleet ships and aircraft. Extensive experience in dealings with Pacific Rim nations.
Director of Submarines
Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters, Arlington, VA
Responsible for overseeing program management of submarine construction and operational
support. Certified all submarines technically prepared for sea following construction and after
significant shipyard overhaul and repair periods. Managed over 400 personnel, mostly civilian
Mare Island Naval Shipyard, Vallejo, CA
Executive director of one of the Navy’s largest industrial establishments. Responsible for
providing overhaul and repairs to several classes of ships, including nuclear powered ships and
submarines. Directly responsible for 182 military and 7250 civilian personnel. Annual operating
budget of $450 million.
Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Pearl Harbor, HI
Executive director of a large industrial establishment responsible for overhaul and repairs to US
Navy ships and submarines. Directly responsible for 6200 civilian and military personnel.
Annual operating budget of $350 million.
Previous work assignments included various project and operations management positions in nuclear industrial facilities, as well as shipboard department head positions. EDUCATION
U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, MS (Mechanical Engineering), 1976
U.S. Naval Academy, BS (Engineering/Naval Science), 1965 Pennsylvania State University
Executive Management Program, 1984 Naval Nuclear Propulsion Training, 1965-1966
U.S. Navy Engineering Duty Officer School Basic and Senior Courses U.S. Navy Submarine
Officer School

Source: http://www.longenecker-associates.com/resume/Coyle.pdf


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