Minutes of the Meeting Held on Monday, 1 July 2013
Katherine Norton, Dennis Thompson, Kieran McDonald, Grant Riley, Tiffany Matsis, Liz Stewart, Joe Serevi Meeting:
Dennis welcomed everyone and congratulated them on their election Election of Chair
After a brief discussion Dennis called for nominations for the position of Board Chair. Joe nominated Liz, Kieran seconded and Liz accepted, so Dennis passed the chairing of the meeting over to her. Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, 20 May, were discussed. Action Points
Dennis had sent the Annual Report off and this has been Kieran didn’t yet have the data to compare the Maths PAT achievement results from end of Yr 4 to start of Yr 5. Chris still holds the electronic version of the Health & Safety and other Follow up with Chris re the policy review. Strategic Decisions:
Filling Vacancy on Board
Dennis explained that Paul Soma (Returning Officer) had consulted Contact the highest polling candidate to ask with the School Trustees Association regarding the vacancy on the if she is interested in selection to fill our Board. STA consulted with the MOE who believed the Returning Officer had followed a valid election process. STA recommended that the casual vacancy which had resulted should be filled either by Place an advertisement in the next edition of Dennis To fill the vacancy by selection, an advertisement must be placed and if more than 10% of eligible voters disagree with this process within a 28 day timeframe, a by-election must be held. After some discussion it was agreed to approach the highest polling candidate who had just missed out on election. Strategic Discussions:
Board Governance Manual
Dennis ran through the sections of the Governance Manuals that he had made for Board members using an STA training model to make a There will be a training opportunity for new and returning trustees who Contact Liz if you would like to attend and would like to take advantage of it on Thursday, 29 August. Board Member Roles/
After some discussion about what is involved, the roles and Responsibilities
Email Tiffany the last Board Newsletter so she can see what has been done in the past.
Health Curriculum

Foll owing the requirement to consult with the school community on Contact Health Promoting Schools to follow Consultation
the Health Curriculum, a survey was made available for parents up and find out what resources are available relating to Changes at Puberty. This provided a clear direction that and who may be available to run a course. the school should provide something, but it should be run by somebody completely independent of the school. Gifted & Talented Students
Kieran briefly explained the background of the Gifted & Talented Ask Lynda Peterson and her committee to do Dennis Programme that some of the children go to one day per week and a Gifted and Talented presentation at the that there had been discussion about whether the money the school subsidises is well spent or if the school could offer an in-house children are identified, what the school could do if extra resourcing was allocated in The Gifted & Talented Committee had met to discuss ideas and put together a report on what is currently offered within the school. Questions raised were: How are these children identified? What way do we want to identify them? What else do we want to see around the Gifted & Talented Programme? What would the Committee like in the way of resources? Kath said there have been several case studies undertaken and there is a lot of information online and in the MOE handbook on Gifted and Monitoring:
Principal’s Report
Dennis explained what the different colours in his Board Report mean to the new Board members and briefly ran through the attachments – the National Standards Aggregate data; the Middle School PAT Reports; the Finance Report which shows money in the bank and graphs which indicate all is good, plus the Audited Statements. Update of Board Workplan
The workplan needs a bit of tweaking – combining the English & Arts Update workplan and contact Chris Taylor to Liz presentations to the 12 August meeting and moving Administration collect any policies/papers he still holds. and Compliance (NAG6) to the 4 November meeting. The 3-Year Charter will be tabled at the next meeting for review once everyone Invite English & Arts teachers to make a Risk Management:
Disaster Planning
Dennis has circulated a statement to the school community about Put this emergency information statement what the school can and cannot offer in an emergency situation. into the school handbook so new parents to Administration:
Other Business
Joe said he would like the school to hold a Culture Night to get all the Meet with Syndicates to discuss ideas & families from different cultures involved in the school. Dennis suggested it would fit nicely with the Term 1 “Belonging” focus. Tiffany said the Friends are keen to hold a Mini Fair to coincide with the opening of the new classrooms and it was decided that Term 4 could also be a good time to hold a Culture Night and a Preparation for Next

The meeting closed at 8.40pm. Next Meeting: 6.45pm, Monday, 12 August 2013.

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