3 crucial steps to winning contract/tenders

prospects, pursue contracts/ tenders, etc.) 3 CRUCIAL STEPS TO
- Register NOW!!
- See Price List for

- Learn How to Price
- Study com petition

- Attend Pricing and
Costing Workshops
- Do ANYTHING to gain

- Offer your services

- Anything to BUILD
- Get a UNIFORM &

Why must a business be concerned about COMPLIANCE?
All businesses who operate in SA must be properly registered with CIPRO, SARS and DOL*. Government and big business does not do business with other businesses which are not properly registered and compliant. * (Department of Labour) How can it affect my business?
If you are not fully COMPLIANT it will count against you as you want to grow your business. You must become compliant and registered before you start business and when you want to do tenders, quotations and grow your business.
When you employ staff OR If you plan to employ staff your business must be registered with SARS and DOL.
What is WCA?
Workmens Compensation
Employers pay levies to the Compensation Commissioner – Department of Labour
Each business sector and business type pays a different percentage levy for its employees; for
example a security company will pay 4.29% of wages for its staff whereas a cleaning company
will pay 1% for its staff. (Depending on risk of occupation)
Why must my business be registered for WCA?
When your employees get hurt at work or on their way to or from work the WCA will cover them for such injury. If they contract a disease related to their work they will also be covered by WCA (Compensation Fund). What is EMP?
This is the registration for Employee’s Tax, Skills Development Levy and Unemployment
Insurance Fund contributions.

Why must my business be registered for EMP?
When you employee staff that must pay tax (if they earn above a certain amount per month)
then your business must be registered for PAYE and pay withhold a certain amount of the
monthly salary and pay it over to SARS.
All you employees must be registered for UIF and you as employer pay 1% of wages and the
employee pays another 1% of wages to the UIF. Therefore, you as a business must register
for UIF as an employer.
But, you must register at DOL and SARS because SARS collects the UIF contribution money
and pays it over to DOL on your behalf. You pay the UIF contribution (2% = 1% + 1%) to
SARS monthly.
If your business has a payroll over R500 000 per year (your wages) then you must register for
SDL and pay 1% of payroll to SARS who will then pay that money to the relevant DOL division

What is VAT?
Why must I register for VAT?
Government and big business mainly do business with businesses which are VAT-registered. They then claim back that VAT which you, as a business, charge them for services or products (security, cleaning, construction, bread, meat, etc.) Thandi Security monthly charges Tygerberg Hospital: Thandi Security
R158 000-00 - for security services
R 22 120-00 - plus VAT
R180 120-00
R180120pm but
pays over the
R22120 to SARS
The VAT of R22120
Tygerberg Hospital
Tygerberg Hospital
VAT if Thandi
Security is not VAT
When you tender or submit a quotation to a client it is better to have all your COMPLIANCE
and REGISTRATIONS in place. Do not wait until it is too late to realise how important it is to
be fully COMPLIANT.
includes:- CK registration- Income Tax registration ombo Pricing Specials :Combo 2 (EMP + WCA) 021 914-4949
076 1 959127

Source: http://persens.net/files/4_STEPS_7_July_Specials.pdf


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