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PRACTICE QUESTIONS FORM EHTER ALDEHYDES CARBOXYLIC ACIDS AND DERIVATIVES Acetic acid undergoes saponification in treatment with ethyl alcohol in presence of When acetone is treated with sodium chloride, a white precipitate is formed, When dilute alkali is treated with acetaldehyde, it undergoes Cannizzaro’s reaction. Diethyl ether exhibits geometrical isomerism. When two molecules of ethanol undergo addition reaction, ether is formed. Cannizzaro’s reaction is given by any aldehyde. Aldehydes and ketones undergo nucleophilic substitution reaction. Ethyl acetate undergoes saponification on treatment with dilute HCl. Choose the correct alternative form the following: When acetaldehyde reacts with ammonia, the product formed is The carboxylic acid which does not replace α Hydrogen by chlorine is The compound which undergoes Cannizzaro’s reaction is Hydrogenation of benzoyl chloride in presence of Pd and BaSO4 gives Williamson’s synthesis is used to prepare The Aldol condensation of acetaldehyde results in the formation of Which one on the following decolourises the colour of KMnO4? Dehydration of an amide with phosphorous pentoxide yields Amides can be converted into amine by the reaction named after Which of the following compounds gives wine red colouration on treatment with neutral The main reaction product of the catalytic reduction of acetyl chloride with H2 in presenceof Pd gives Fill in the blanks using suitable word(s). In Williamson’s synthesis, ethers are prepared by the reaction of an ------- with -----. The compound used as a catalyst in Friedal Craft’s reaction is --------. The best way to reduce the length of carbon chain in an amide is by ……. reaction. Urotropine is obtained by the reaction of ………. with ……………. Introduction of CH3CO group in a compound is known as ------. Oxalic acid on heating with glycerol at 120oC yields -------. Ethyl acetate on reaction with Grignard’s reagent followed by hydrolysis gives ------ as the main product. Acetyl chloride fumes in the moist air due to the formation of ---------by ---------. Formic acid is -------- than acetic acid due to --------. When acetone is treated with -------- it gives cyanohydrin. This is an example of ------- addition reaction. Acetaldehyde forms a yellow precipitate -------- with alkaline solution of iodine. This reaction is known as -------. Trimer of acetaldehyde used as hypnotic medicine is called -------. Aldehydes without alpha hydrogen undergo ------------ reaction when treated with conc. NaOH. In the laboratory, oxalic acid is prepared by oxidation of -------- with conc. HNO3 in presence of ------as catalyst. When acetamide is treated with bromine and sodium hydroxide solution, it gives ------. a. Write the balanced equation for the following reactions Ethyl chloride is treated with sodium ethoxide Conc. H2SO4 is treated with ethanol at 140oC Acetamide is heated with bromine and caustic soda Acetic acid is treated with thionyl chloride Methyl magnesium iodide is warmed with acetyl chloride How will you bring about the following conversions? Give relevant chemical equations. Acetaldehyde undergoes a reaction and forms a product which exhibits properties of aldehydes and alcohols. b. Write the structural formula of the product formed. c. Name the reagent other than acetaldehyde required for the reaction to take place. A water soluble compound has the molecular formula C3H6O. a. It reacts with sodium bi sulphite to give a white precipitate b. It reacts with aqueous alkali and iodine to deposit yellow crystals having characteristic Name the compound that has these properties, write down its structural formula and give the equation for the reaction taking Give a chemical test to distinguish between aldehyde and ketone. An aliphatic hydrocarbonA on treatment with sulphuric acid in presence of HgSO4 yields a liquid B with the molecular formula C2H4O. B on oxidation with acidified potassium dichromate yields C which gives effervescence with sodium bicarbonate. C When treated with SOCl2 gives D. When D reacts with ethanol, it gives a sweet smelling liquid E. E is also formed when C reacts with ethanol in presence of conc. H2SO4 a. Identify A,B C and D. b. Draw the structure of the isomer of B. c. Write the balanced equation for the conversion of A to B. iv.A compound ‘A’ (molecular formula C7H6O) on treatment with a strong alkali solution gives product ‘B’ and alcohol. ‘B’ on treatment with phosphorus penta chloride gives product ‘C’. ‘C’ on reduction gives thesame compound ‘A’. An organic compound A having the molecular formulaC7H6O on treatment with acidified potassium dichromate produces a carboxylic acid B. Acid B on treatment with soda lime produces a hydrocarbon C. compound C on reacting with CH3Cl in presence of anhydrous AlCl3 yields a compound identify the compounds A, B C and D with balanced chemical equations. vi. Identify A, B, C and D in the following.
vii. An organic compound ‘A’ with molecular formula C4H10O reacts with acetyl chloride to form compound ‘B’.Compound ‘B’ further reacts with ammonia to produce compound ‘C’ which undergoes Hoffman’s reaction. Compound ‘B’ also undergoes hydrolysis to form compound ‘D’ which gives effervescence with sodium carbonate. Identify the compounds A, B, C and D. viii. A compound A having molecular formula C2H7N on treatment with nitrous acid gave a compound B having molecular formula C2H6O. The compound B on treatment with acetyl chloride gave a compound C with molecular formula C4H8O2.Name the compounds A, B and C ix. An organic compound A with molecular formula C7H6O on treatment with acidified potassium dichromate produces a carboxylic acid B. B on treatment with soda lime produces a hydrocarbon C. Compound C on reaction with a mixture of conc. HNO3 and conc, H2SO4 yields a compound D. x. Compound ‘A’ has molecular formula C2H4O2. On chlorination with phosphorus pentachloride, a compound ‘B’ is formed. The compound ‘B’ on further reaction with ammonia forms ‘C’. The product ‘C’ reacts with bromine water and alkali giving ‘D’. Identify A, B, C and D.


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Mon 31 Pray for SOMA Singapore: for Derek Lim (ND) and his ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ wife Sheila and for Derek’s year of medical rest leading to full Sun 20 Pray for Archbishop Ben Kwashi (Chairman of SOMA recovery and for Revd Titus Soo acting as National Director. Intern. Executive) & his wife Gloria for their protecti

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