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u Novelty of research, goals and
1.1 Purpose of the project, Tasks to be accomplished for each stage and indicators of the expected

(Brief description of the problem; ultimate goal of the project;Justification, why is the project important and topical;list of tasks to be accomplished to meet the goal of the project including the brief description of expected outcomes, etc) The tea always was and still is being the most widespread and popular drink all over the world. This
popularity is conditioned by unique wide spectre of biological activity as well as variety of produced production:
black, green, yellow, red, white, pressed, briquetted, granulated, tinned, tabletted it can also be herbal or made from
fruit-berry and so on……
One of the well-known teas, among the teas existed nowadays is ,,Paraguay tea,” that is known as ,,Mate,” it
is made from the leaves and young sprouts of tropical plant Ilex Paraguerinsis St Hill. It is a species of wildy
native to subtropical south America: Paraguay, Argentina and southern Brasil.
Tea ,,Mate” is distinguished by wide spectre of biological activity, it has positive effect on heart and
bowels, causes strong apetite, stimulates heartbeating and regulates working of other organs, widers the capillaries
and drops in pressure. As a result all organs are working better and temperature of the body is falling down by0.3-
0.40C because of this features it is called ,,mankind benefactor.”
This unique features conditioned increased demand on this tea all over the world, but because of the limitation of its natural raw material resourse it cannot satisfy market demands, for which it is needed to work out the new technology to produce ,,Paraguay tea” like drink from alternative raw material. There exist different methods of producing ,,Mate” tea, for example, according to ,,classical technology” they are processing the raw material (branches cut off the trees) by singeing it on the fire or we may say, by Sapeca till an epidermis of the singed leaves begin to break. In such case the product acquires the aroma of smoke and bitter taste as well. After this more than 4mm diameter stems are taken away from the raw material. Then the raw material is dryed in primitive dryers on 80c temperature during 24-36 hour. According to other method the branches which were cut off are placed under the sun for disactivization of en symes (for preventing the fermentation). The drying is started 24 hours after picking it. In the beginning of the process the raw material is stayed on the flame of strong fire during 30 seconds. In the whole cycle of ,,Mate” tea technology the most important is the process of drying, on which depends the final quality of manufactured product. Hence it follows that there exist principal methods of drying: De cinta: At first the green leaves and stems are poured into permanent speed rotating drum on constant
temperature of the fire during 30 seconds. After this the raw material is layed on distended cone and is dried by hot air during 4-7hours. Then the fire is put out and the raw material is still delayed 24hours. Baba Barbacua o carte: It is nearly analogous with DE CINTA’s method, the difference is that the drying
is cotinuing 12-18hours and finally the leaf looses 70% of initial weight. Hereby the drying is made on firewood, which is very labour-consuming and expensive, because nearly 1ton firewood is needed to receive 1ton ready tea. This drying method is most important and is considered to be the traditional method. Roughly breaking up the leaves and stems and putting it on bags represents the next stage of technologycal process, which is called Yerba Mate Canchadada.
Then all these things are dryed in tea-bags itself in a huge angar-shed by natural ventilation. So dryed leaves and stems are broken up on special frying-pan. The process is called Molienda. In this
process the small and large fractions of ,,Mate” are received. In Con Palo ready production of ,,Mate” the stems should be of 1stm long. For Sin Palo ,,Mate” not very
To determine the prices on ,,Mate” the whole process of processing should be perfectly directed taking into consideration the ineritable actions and duration of delay. ,,Mate” detained during 14 months is used for markets of premium class, as it is Selection Especial There exist an industrial method of producing ,,Mate” tea on the basis of electric gas and disel dryers, with short duration processes, which is widely used by the big companies producing ,,Mate” tea. O Rotativo, the same as De Camara. According to this industrial method the whole process of drying the
leaves and stems lasts from 15 minutes till 1hour and the dryed raw material is quickly cooled with the help of needed temperature of the air. The dryed raw material is delayed during 2-3months. Then it is broken up and so the manufactured ,,Mate” is used for mass-mark teas.
The largest companies producing “Mate” tea in the world are as follows:
The name of the company
Characterizing the produced production
Produces product only with the help of traditional technology existed over centuries. “LABORATORIOS PIPER POL S.R.L”
Produces curative plants, food products in which it widely uses high quality “mate” prepared by CINTA method. “MARTIN AND Cia L.T.D”
Is preserving the traditional methods of cultivating, making and processing(drying) the tea “Mate”. It has 110 hundred years history. The plantations of the company are located on Mission province of Argentina in San-Ignasio settlement. “GENERAL DE ALIMENTOS”
Company was created in 1839. It’s plantations are located in the province of Misione. The production is sold in USA, near East, Spain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Brasil, Chile, Venezuela. “AMANDA”
Is known as the best quality raw material of “Mate” producer in the world.It’s production is spread over the international market of highly developed countries.It has the best technology for the production and high quality product as well. Also this company has international certificate. “CACHAY
Is represented in market as producer of “ Mate” which is aromated by natural oils and has curative plant supplements. “ESTABLICIMENTO LAS MARIAS
Is “Mate” producer company in Argentina, which is famous with “Mate” tea trade-marks “Taragui” and “Mananta”. On the basis of above mentioned informations we can conclade, that ,,Mate” tea producing techniques have the following defects: 1. The raw material used for production is tropical as we know and it’s resoures is very limited for this reason it is impossible to prepare so many ready products to satisfy market demands. 2. The existed technologies for processing the raw material are very primitive, labour-consuming and expensive, so on one hand it can’t ensure received products chemical and qualitative indicators fixed standards, on the other hand, because of the high prime cost and realization price (nearly30-40 dollars for 1kgr). It is inaccessible for certain part of population. In order to show the imperfectness of an existed technology producing the tea ,,Mate”, we have to work out the new technology of producing the tea-like drink ,,Mate” from alternative raw material – Caucasian rhododendron leaves. This gives us an opportunity to widen the base of raw material needed for producing the tea ,,Mate” in subtropical conditions and to relize it in small industries and farming manufactures besides the specialized farms. Caucasian rhododendron is an evergreen bush. It is nearly 1,5m. long. It flowers in June-July and it grows in highlands 1600-3000m. high from sea level. It is spread in the mixed forests of Alpine and Subalpine zones. It belongs to the Georgian endemic plants family and is spread in all the mountain regions of Georgia. The leave composition is different in different vegetation periods: In spring surpluses the leaves of last year (of 2 year and of 3 year), but in Autumn of one year. It is known from public medicine, that the dryed leaves of rhododendron are used as tea substitute from a long time.It is widely used in Homeopathy in a case of quick-silver intoxication, deseases of macilaginous cover and headache. It has a high P-vitamine activation. It is especially widely used when walking on highlands (mountains), because it can release the syndrom of oxygen insufficiency. The scientific-research works for receiving the tea drink from Caucasian rhododendron leaves began in 90 years of 20-th century. Biopharmacological research of the received product, which was going on in Experimental Medicine Connecting University (Sokhumi C) showed that the working ability of mice has risen 2,5-3 times according to the ,,Evil wheel” tes. But unfortunately, because of the events taking place in Apxazeti the works on this matter didn’t continue. That’s why continuing the work represented in the project has scientific and practical value, which can finally be seen by high quality commercialization of the received results The aim of the represented project is to widen the resource of existed raw material producing the tea-like drink “Mate” on the base of the new, alternative raw material-Caucasian rhododendron and to work out an effective and economical technology to receive the production. According to this fact it is necessary to solve the following problems: ●To research anatomic and physical-chemical indicators of Caucasian rhododendron leaves according to the plant’s vegetation periods. ●To work out the rule how to prepare the raw material, to choose the methods of technological processing and to work out experimental models of the production. ●To establish and standardize the chemical composition and qualitative indicators of the ready made tea drink. ●To decorate with machine-apparatus equipment and to work out entirely normative-technical documentation to produce the tea-drink ,,Mate” from caucasian rhododendron leaves. List of Tasks with timeline and personnel involved
Title of the task
Expected time needed for
Key personnel
accomplishment of the task, in

connections, arbutin, mineral substances) leaves of the Caucasian rhododendron during vegetation "Mate" from leaves of the Caucasian rhododendron substances) the tea received from leaves of a rhododendron an output of a ready tea product and the charge of leaves of a rhododendron source of raw materials of processing of manufacture of tea from a rhododendron and reception of pre-production models of new products "Mate" for industrial and small average For each reporting period: Countable indicators for expected outcomes of the
accomplished work
I stage (01_06; 2012)
II stage (07_12; 2012)
III stage (01_06; 2013)
IV stage (07_12; 2013)
outcomes/ List of
outcomes/ List of
outcomes/ List of
outcomes/ List of
1 Laboratorial
1 biochemical
2 publications
2 Industrial
2The inventory
vegetation, periods of raw material preparation 3 Chemical
3 Saleability
4 Physico-
4 Physical-
5 Publications
5Publications on
articles), the patent application summary report 1.3.Novelty of research, scientific justification of metods and compliance with the goals of the
(Describe: Scientific and technological novelty of the tasks accomplished within the project; Innovative approaches in the planned research;Necessary methods and means/ways to fulfil the planned tasks of the project,, etc.) The innovation of the project is to produce the tea-like drink ,,Mate” from alternative raw material-by using the leaves of caucasian rhododendron(Rhododendron Caucasicum L), on the basis of ecological absolutely clean and effective thermo-physical methods highest frequency field and infra-red irradiation, in spite of very difficult and expensive technological operation processing the raw material existed till today. These finaly ensures the fundamental. The product foreseen by the project is a tea drink without caffeine, which can be used by people of all age. It is recommended for children, adults and for those who suffer from heart and brain diseases. Hereby, it can be item of everyday use. The production can be used as ready-made natural product and can also be used as a biosupplement component to enrich different feeding products. To develop the project further, for the reason of encreasing competibility, the product can be produced as liquid, as well as dry concentrated product. The importance of the project for science lies in the following: In researching anatomic and physical-chemical characteristics of the new raw material-Caucasan rhododendron leaves-needed to produce tea-like drink “mate”, according to vegetation periods. In processing the raw material with the help of new, simple and cheap technology. In establishing and standardizing the chemical composition and qualitative indexes of rhododendron tea and concentrate. The whole area of Caucasian rhododendron in Georgia is 120 thousand hectre. This gives an opportunity to prepare nearly 20 thousand ton raw material from second and third year leaves, which absolutely excludes any kind of abolishment in plant production and it is full-harvested for the next year. The above mentioned possible quantity of raw material with an adequate technological processing, gives an opportunity to receive nearly 5-6 thousand ton ready made tea. In research will be used the second and third year leaves of Caucasian rhododendron in the whole vegetation period, in which humidity and anatomic indicators will be determined and they will be found in special apparatus for afterwords chemical analysis. The humidity will be determined by drying the test to its cinstant weight; Anatomic characteristics will be studied with the help of microscopy method; Phenolic compounds will de studied in double space chromatography method of the following system: 15% acetic acid and butanon:acetic acid:water 4:1:5. The sparate microelements will be researched on ELVAX roentgen-flourescentral spectometer. Arbutin will be determined with the help of idiometric and spectometric methods worked out by us; According to the received results we can establish optimum periods of preparing the raw material. The raw material will be processed in laboratory conditions: the newly picked rhododendron leaves will be fixed by steam during 2-5 minutes.Then the raw material will be dryed and cut in “cutter”-type mincing machine. The cut leaves will be dryed in toasting apparatus, leading the rest of humidity till 3-5%. In this way the dryed raw material will still be cut into pieces in cutter and will be qualified in vibro-sieves as small and large fractions. The received ready-made tea will be studied by organoleptic analysis (aroma, taste, admixture).The ready-made products outlet and raw material expense standards will be established,assortment will be determined.The inclusion of phenolic compounds and mineral substances will be studied in ready made product. At a time of raw material processing (when qualifing it ) , its leavings (second-hand raw material resourses) will be researched on chemical composition and technological parameters(extraction, concentration) of receiving liquid and dry concentrate will be worked out on it’s base, for which laboratorial extractor and vacuum rotative evaporation(or sublimator) will be used. The inclusion of phenolic compounds and mineral substances and organoleptic indexes will be studied in received concentrate.On the base of received results the technology of producing rhododendron tea and concentrate will be worked out, entirely normative-technical documentation and recomention on their use and rules of usage and needed machine-equipments for realizing it in industrial and small and middle farming manufactures will be chosen. The methods of planning experiment (mathematical statistics, factor experiments, central composition rotatobelic planning) just to establish the principal factors acting upon optimisation parameters will be used during the work. The represented research methods will be realized according to udermentioned technological scheme and technical means of processing the rhododendron leaves. Raw material
The physical and chemical analisis
Figsing and dry
Koch’s device, the hair drier -device
It is sharp
Meat grinder such as “Kutter”
MFry the device
Meat grinder such as “Kutter”
Waste products
Vibro a sieve
Finished goods
The physical and chemical analisis
Concentrate liquid or
2.Applied potencial of the project

2.1.Research’s expected product to meet the demands of the local and/or international markets
(Survey of the research expected product’s potential customer/market; Justification of the project”s expected outcomes competitiveness advantage, uniqueness; expected social-economic impact of the project implementation for specific region, country, social sphere, domain etc) According to beforehand calculations the prime cost of ,,Mate” tea made from Caucasian rhododendron If we take into consideration the fact that in the markets of DST countries (Georgia among them) the price for realization of imported ,,Paraguai” tea is 40 dollars for 1kg, it is ineccessible for wide mases of population and belongs to category of elital brands. As a result of realization of tea-like drink ,,Mate” will be nearly 10-12 dollars for 1kgr, which will bring 30- 40 million dollars in a case of the products full selling. Hereby, besides the fact that it will remove the deficit existed on ,,Mate” tea, it will become eccessible for everybody. That’s why the project is very important according to ecological view. Hereby, the technology suggested by us gives an opportunity to realize it on existed machine-mountings producing the green tea, without adding some technical means on it. This machine-mountings are eccessible for any small and middle farming manufactures. The importance of the project in economy and social field will be the following: Widening the raw material base of tea drink. Realizing the worked out technology in small industries and farming manufactures. - Creating the new places to work in raw material making and product producing fields. Personal Composition. - Developing the infra-structure n highland regions of mining the raw material. - Increasing people’s health with the help of high biological means of product usage. - Increasing the inovative potential of native tea industry. After finishing the project we take into consideration the commercialization of the received results and continuing the scientific research. For practical realization, the tea sector markets of Caucasian state will be researched for the first time. According to datas, existed for today an import of ,,Mate” tea, produced in South America is very unimportant in these countries and it changes according to season orders, which, to our minds is connected with not having enough information about this product and also with it’s high realizing prices. Because of the later, the product is ineccessible for many people. The product created by us will be 3-4 times cheaper than classical ,,Mate” tea, which will make the product
2.2 Feasibility and sustainability of the research results application
(Describe: Feasibility of creation and development of:device, technology, product, construction,

new or improved specimen/prototype; establishment of partner relations between research and business during and after completion of the project; Prospects for continuation of the activities started in the project with or without any financial support, etc) We will offer an absolute technological package worked out by us to tea producing companies and farming manufactures Georgia in a case of receiving the corresponding financing from them. In a case of our work on biopharmacological research towards its matonizing and energetic characteristics (It is true, that these characteristics exist in reality).This will give us an opportunity to use it for creating the new energetic drinks and biosupplements which we will later offer them to the firms producing non-alkoholic drinks and functioning in Georgia, like ,,Kazbegi,’’,,Coca-cola,”,,Natakhtari,”,,Aia” and so on… We will advertise our product, which could be used for people of all age, children among them, because it doesn’t contain caffeine, for adults, old people and those who suffer from heart deseases can also use it. We will inform commercial companies of Azerbaijan and Armenia about above-mentioned matter, in order to establish business relation with them. And we will do the same in Middle Asia Countries as well as in Ukraine. We will offer our project to Germany-Georgia joint company ,,Doehler-Georgia”, which is interested in creating an industry of processing the local valley curative plants and use the production for non-alcoholic drinks and other feeding products. After these, the project suggested by us will straightly connect the commercial aims of the firm. We are connected with this firm by private contacts and joint working experience. The leadership has already given us consent to create Germany-Georgia joint industry. For this reason German side is ready to give us machine-equipments corresponding to our needs on the base of represented project documentation. In a case of having business relationship with above mentioned firm we think it’s possible to export the Four quarter after beginning to work on our project we will give a short account of fulfilled work to German firm ,,Doehler” in order to discuss it. At the end of 7-th quarter we will send full account to them. Besides, we will participate in International conferences for Caucasian countries taking place in Tbilisi every year, held by above mentioned firm and we will make vast addresses on these matter there. This will give us an opportunity to introduce the results of our work, to representators of Caucasian and Europian countries and Germany first of all. Besides, we are going to create the web-page for results of our works and inform ,,Mate” tea producing companies to exchange scientific results. We also foresee to publish scientific articles on received results in well-known European scientific journals, like: ,,Central European Journal of Biology,” ,,Koch-Mechnikov journal”(Germany), ,,Health,”(USA) and others. It will be a good advertisement for our working results.



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Housing & general equipment:

FussBudget Farm Housing & General Equipment: • A really really really good fence • Fresh Water • Grain and Hay Feeders • Shelter • Bedding (dusted with Diatomaceous Earth) • Loose Minerals and Free-Choice Feeder • Baking Soda Free-Choice Feeder • Collars • Leads • Small Dish Pan, Water, Bleach, Old Towels for Disinfecting Equipment Grooming: • Scissors •

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