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The acrobatics that circus dancers do are sometimes very dangerous
A Mercedes is a very expensive car, I can´t afford to buy one
An ambulance is a vehicle used to transport sick people
When you are sick, your blood is sent to the laboratory for analysis.
Her appearance is very neat and tidy.
If you eat ice-cream before lunch, you will loose your appetite.
He nodded his head approvingly.
Robin Hood uses a bow and arrow.
Astronauts have to learn to live with and without gravity.
We attribute the lack of fruit to the lack of rain.
He looked at her in awe, as she was so beautiful.
A barge is a boat that goes down the river.
A bees house is called a beehive.
Look the sky is black, and it´s beginning to rain.
John like s to read his book, sitting beneath the tree.
It is great fun to ride a bicycle.
Biographical information is always fact.
Indian food is definitely not bland, it is very spicy.
She blinked, because the sun was in her eyes.
With a lack of gravity, your blood is rerouted by your heart pampering harder.
A bracket is what you put around numbers in math.
You should think with your brain!
A branch is an extension of a tree
If you don´t take care of your teeth properly, you will have bad breath.
Dalmatian is a breed of dog.
A cameraman is a vital person when making a film.
The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place.
The police chased the thief, until they caught him.
No story is complete with out a main character.
Please put these dates in chronological order.
Chunks of chocolate are delicious at Easter time.
The murderer pushed the girl off the cliff.
Sherlock Holmes always looks for clues to resolve his mysteries.
The cluster of stars was beautiful in the nights sky.
His concentration didn´t last long, he started to talk again.
A dinosaur is an enormous creature.
Batman loves to do dangerous things.
Choosing a career for your future is a very difficult decision.
Detail always makes a description more interesting.
Thank goodness everyone has different fingerprints.
The earthquake in Chile was a terrible disaster.
A pain in your body always causes great discomfort.
To dismember something is to cut a body into pieces.
The flowers are dying because there hasn´t been any rain.
The earthquake in Haiti killed a lot of people.
Please try and make an effort when you are taking a test.
An elevator will take you from the 10th to the 20th floor in 10 seconds.
Tom went very red because he was very embarrassed.
We need to encourage our friends, to try and be better
There isn´t enough sugar in my coffee, it is horrible
She was so enthusiastic about the party.
Mrs. Portugal said the essay had to be drafted and finished by Friday.
There was not enough evidence to convict the criminal.
It would be an exaggeration to say that we are friends, we hate each other.
John felt exhilarated by the days events.
Your parents always expect you to do your best.
The expense of the trip was very high.
Going on vacation to Disney will be a wonderful experience.
An essay that gives you a lot of details and facts is expository.
The judge was fascinated by how fast the student ran.
Her cry over the phone was so feeble.
After a few months in space the astronauts muscle were all flabby.
He fondly gave her a kiss on her forehead.
The sound of the footstep got louder as the man came closer
Her big dog is very friendly.
A furnace is a large container for a very hot fire.
I have A wonderful fuzzy teddy bear.
She loves to lie on the grass and gaze at the stars
You can´t make a generalization about what men and women are like because
The boy showed his greed but grabbing a handful of candy , and not just one.
Have you heard if the school will hire a school guidance counselor this year?
The park is a great habit for many birds and different animals
We were all scared, by the horror film we saw at the cinema yesterday.
We are all humans in this auditorium.
A hundred is the number that comes after 99
If you don´t put up hand up to speak , I will ignore you.
The young child felt impelled to admit he had broken the cookie jar that morning.
The drama teacher loved to use improvising activities during in his class.
I will increase your salary if you do a good job.
The teachers lesson was incredibly boring.
The club has an initiation ceremony for new members.
The inner core of the earth is extremely hot.
Some people are more intelligent than others
The spaceship was built for interplanetary travel.
A Jawbreaker is the hardest candy you can find
Christmas is normally a joyous time of the year.
I cut myself with a sharp knife when I was peeling the apple.
Brian has a good knowledge of math.
We had an American literature class with Mrs. Fonseca yesterday.
A lion is a very majestic animal
A boys manhood is very important to him.
At last she was with the man she loved, and nothing else mattered.
Dan likes his soft mattress, because he likes to lie on his bed
You measure the ingredients when you make a cake.
William took some medicine for his cold
I merely want to stay at home a watch a good movie, I don´t want to go out.
Microgravity is the near weightlessness that astronauts experience as their
We should all be aware of the Sant´Anna mission.
I hope that our teacher is in a good mood today.
The sky is so romantic when there is a full moon.
We mourn, when someone or something close to us dies.
Your mouth is under your nose.
Please do not mumble because I cannot understand you.
He murmured so we could not hear him.
If you don´t stretch before you exercise, you can easily pull a muscle.
A narrator is someone who reads something out loud.
The astronauts often feel nauseous when they return from space.
He neglected to give the baby birds food and they all died.
The opposite of a beautiful dream is a horrible nightmare.
Dogs never have one puppy they always have numerous puppies
Thank goodness earthquakes do not occur very often.
1,3,5, and 7 are examples of odd numbers.
The offspring of a dog is a puppy.
The opening paragraph of your essay has to be the most interesting paragraph.
A passage is a small paragraph.
A pattern is the regular way in which something happens, The child showed a
pattern in his development.
The parrot is sitting on his perch.
The photographer said "Please smile."
The physical education teacher in Sant'Anna is Mr. Pereira.
Please put your book in a neat pile.
Susan pondered for a while, to see if she would jump off the bridge.
They tried to do everything possible.
Spiderman is extremely powerful.
Prior to living in Brazil, Ms. Amaya lived in Argentina.
A professor is normally teacher at an university.
She told me to come home quickly, because it was going to rain.
Did you realize that it is already 10 o´clock?
Teaching is a great responsibility.
He was full of righteous indignation about the attack.
Routine is the same thing we do every single day
Terrorists are always planning acts of sabotage, and unfortunately innocent often
Children love scribbling on the walls
The setting for a fairy tail is often a castle with a wicked witch.
The teacher was so strict, the students thought she was severe.
Peter Pan lost his shadow.
When there are a lot of different nationalities in a meeting, you need to translate Simultaneously
simultaneously, so that everyone understands what´s going on.
He kicked the ball, and it smashed the window.
Boys always have smelly socks.
Somersault is an exercise that little children love to do.
Some people wear their spectacles on the ends of their noses.
The astronauts bones get thin and spongy.
She squeezed the lemons, to get all the juice out.
He does a lot of exercise, he has a flat stomach.
The government´s economic strategy was very successful.
Constant exercise helps you strengthen your muscles.
They lived on a quiet suburban street in the country.
Local people have given us a lot of support in our campaign.
Dead leaves floated on the surface of the water.
I have had a difficult few months, but I´ll survive.
The dry bread was very difficult to swallow.
Everyday, there is new technology in cell phones and computers.
The theme of your essay is: what is your favorite television series.
I have a terrible sore throat.
The football coach said “Throw the ball as hard as you can."
A timid person walks with their heads down.
In space your muscle tissue becomes flabby.
The doctor said, please stick your tongue out.
The sinking of the Titanic was a great tragedy.
The Titanic was a transatlantic ship.
Some people have their own treadmill in their house so they can exercise.
The Caribbean Ocean is a beautiful turquoise blue.
I had never been there before, so I was unfamiliar with the food.
The girl was very upset because her boyfriend finished with her.
The table was looking very old, so we had it varnished.
A village is a small town.
The violence in Sao Paulo is getting worse by the day.
The first voyage from England to India used to take six months.
The police are still looking for the murder weapon.
To weave is to make cloth, carpet or basket by crossing threads together.
The astronauts feel weightless for up to six months after coming back from space.
He whispered in her ear “I love you.”
Presents always look nicer , if they are wrapped in pretty paper.
To wrestle is to fight someone by holding them or pushing.
Def: a group of cells in an animal or plant with a similar structure and function.
Eg: The connective tissues form 40% of the body organs.
Def: a large glandular organ which secretes bile, balances nutrients, and removes Eg: Hepatitis is a liver infection caused by viruses.
Def: either of two saclike respiratory organs in the chest of vertebrates; serves to remove carbon dioxide and provide oxygen to the blood.
Eg: People who smoke have a higher risk of developing lung cancer.
Def: A muscular membranous partition separating the abdominal and thoracic Diaphragm
cavities and functioning in respiration.
Eg: Yoga is a great exercise to control the diaphragm movements.
Def: The muscular membranous tube for the passage of food from the pharynx to the stomach.
Eg: People who suffer from reflux may have their esophagus corroded by stomach
Def: a large gland behind the stomach that produces insulin and aids digestion.
Eg: diabetes is a deficiency in pancreas cells which cannot produce insulin.
Def: the simplest unit of a chemical compound that can exist, consisting of two or Molecules
more atoms held together by chemical bonds.
Eg: The water molecules are capable of diluting most substances.
Def: the smallest unit of matter which can take part in a chemical reaction.
Eg: The hydrogen atom is the smallest element in the Periodic Table.
Def: a specific type of matter with definite or fairly definite chemical composition Eg: DNA is the substance of our genes.
Def: any of a large group of energy-producing compounds, including sugars and Carbohydrates
starches, that contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.
Eg: Pasta, spaghetti, rice and potatoes are good sources of carbohydrates.
Def: any of a group of organic compounds including fats, oils, waxes, and sterols.
Eg: Bacon, oil and lard are good sources of lipids.
Def: any of a large group of nitrogenous compounds that are essential for life Eg: Meat, eggs and beans are good sources of proteins .
Def: any of a group of complex proteins, that act as catalysts in specific biochemical reactions.
Eg: Pepsin is an enzyme that digests proteins in the stomach.
Def: the watery fluid secreted by glands in the mouth, which aids digestion Eg: Starches and other carbohydrates are digested by saliva.
Def: A mineral that is part of rocks, shells and bones.
Eg: A lack of calcium leads to osteoporosis.
Def: The act of changing to a different state.
Eg: There are still many doubts about human evolution.
Def: Blood vessels that carry the blood from the tissues to the heart.
Eg: The vein that carries the blood to the heart is called vena cava.
Def: Blood vessels that carry the oxygenated blood from the heart to the whole
Eg: The aorta artery is the larger blood vessel in the body.
Def: The application of the principles of engineering and technology to the life
sciences; bioengineering.
Eg: Scientists hope that biotechnology may help cure diseases such as cancer and
Def: The type of cell division that forms somatic cells.
Eg: Mitosis generates two identical cells.
Def: The type of cell division that occurs in reproductive cells.
Eg: Meiosis produces four cells, each with half of the original genetic material.
Def: The fusion of an egg cell with a sperm cell.
Eg: In vitro fertilization may produce fraternal twins.
Def: The earliest stage of animal development.
Eg: Human embryos can be used as sources for stem cells.
Def: The female gonads which produce egg cells.
Eg: The ovaries produce female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone.
Def: The male gonads which produce sperm cells.
Eg: Testicles produce testosterone.
Def: An economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of Capitalism
production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is done with money.
Eg: The most common type of economic system today is capitalism.
Def: When a person or group of people are mistreated for being different in some
way from physical, emotional, or ethnic differences and people treat them as
Eg: Many people suffer discrimination every day.
Def: To disagree with someone or something in a formal way.
Eg: His dissent to the agreement ended negotiations.
Def: The social, cultural, language, and religious beliefs of a certain group of
Eg: Your family has a specific ethnicity.
Def: The person of position in government of power over the executive branch in a democracy.
Eg: The President of the United States in the executive of the United States federal government. Def: The murdering and or complete destruction of a group of people based on Genocide
Eg: The holocaust was a terrible act of genocide.
Def: The movement of people from one location to another for the purpose of
starting a new life.
Eg: Immigration to the United States has increased this year.
Def: A governmental term that means to remove someone from an elected office.
Eg: President Clinton risked impeachment during his term as president of the
United States of America.
Def: The process which a civilization moves from producing only food and agriculture to that of producing machines to do the work more efficiently and Industrialization
Eg: The Age of Industrialization has passed in most first world countries.
Def: When a country's economy enters a depression and the currency Inflation
progressively becomes less valuable.
Eg: The United States has not had inflation for many years.
Def: The power of government in which the law is interpreted and the people who break the law are punished. Judicial
Eg: The Supreme Court is an example of a judicial power in the United States
Def: The branch of government that creates the laws through public approval. Eg: Parliament is an example of a branch of legislative government.
Def: The feeling of pride in ones ethnicity in connection to the nation in which Nationalism
Eg: Nationalism is one of the causes that led to World War II in Germany.
Def: The opening of an official document; usually a constitution.
Eg: The preamble of the U.S. Constitution begins with "We the people."
Def: The form of government in which we elect people to work in a government to Republic
represent our ideas.
Eg: The government of Brazil is a republic.
Def: When a part of a country or state would like to separate from the rest of a country or state.
Eg: The American Civil War is a famous historical example of secession because
the southern states wanted to separate themselves from the North.
based on needs because of local geography and conditions. Sectionalism
Eg: The different in culture between Recife and São Paulo are examples of
The average test score of our class was 7.8.
An angle bisector divides an angle in half.
One centimeter is equivalent to one hundredth of a meter.
There are two formulas used to calculate the circumference of a circle.
An equilateral triangle has three congruent angles.
Four, five and six are consecutive numbers.
Compass and ruler are tools used for constructing angles.
A decameter is equal to 10 meters.
A decimeter is equal to one tenth of a meter.
A degree represents 1/360 of a full rotation.
The demographic density in the Amazon is very low.
The density of gold is greater than the density of water.
Amount of food and number of calories are directly proportional.
There are 5,280 feet in a mile.
The greater the flow rate of a faucet the faster you can fill up a bucket.
Eight fluid ounces is equal to one cup.
One gallon is almost four liters.
A hectometer is equal to 100 meters.
One inch is bigger than one centimeter.
The stairs had an inclination of 45 degrees.
Multiplication and division are inverse operations.
Speed and time are inversely proportional relationships.
Pi is an irrational number.
A kilometer is one thousand meters.
The length of our class is 9 meters.
You can use a meter stick to measure the dimensions of our classroom.
A thermometer is tool used in temperature measurement.
A mile is longer than a kilometer.
A millimeter is equal to one thousandth of a meter.
Negative three is the opposite of positive three.
One pound is equal to sixteen ounces.
Food at the cafeteria had a percent increase of 5% last month.
Two cups is equal to one pint.
Commutative and associative are examples of number properties.
Two equivalent ratios form a proportion.
The amount of food you eat and the number of calories you ingest are directly proportional.
John’s pay rate is U$7 an hour.
The ratio of boys to girls in our classroom is 12 to 7.
A fraction is an example of a rational number.
Three fifths is the reciprocal of five thirds.
If you want to find the real distance between two cities in a map you need to use the map scale.
An airplane travels at a speed greater than a car’s.
When measuring something, do not forget the unit.
A vertex is a place where two lines meet.
A triangle has three vertices.
The width of our class is 4 meters.
The yard is a little shorter than a meter.

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