Recipe for lomitos de carne, rellenos (stuffed beef)

Recipe for Lomitos de Carne, Rellenos (Stuffed Beef)

Have your butcher cut very thin strips of raw beef with the grain: 3 inches
wide, 5 or 6 inches long; tenderloin, sirloin, top round, will all do well.
Make marinade of 1 part each lime or lemon juice, 1 part orange juice, 3
parts olive oil, ½ part chopped onion. Season with plenty of fresh-made
Garlic Salt (see recipe below), Tabasco or hand-milled black pepper, and a
little grated yellow orange peel for zest. Wet this meat well, and stand in
refrigerator over night. Just before service pan-fry some highly-seasoned
lean ground pork in enough butter. Rack up a slender bunker of this
lengthwise on each marinated strip of beef, spread with a trifle of finely-
chopped onion, roll-up snugly like a cigar and skewer with toothpicks at 1 ½
inch intervals. Grill close over coals or under oven broiler. Cut into sections
and serve sizzling. Toothpicks serve as miniature handles.
Now a word on the Two Lively Lilies: Garlic and Onion; including the Proper Way of Making Daily-Fresh Garlic Salt. Of all the witless, ill-founded cracks of the Steak-French-Fries-&-Ketchup class of our North American eaters, that one about “there’s no such thing as a speck of garlic” ranks about the lowest rung on the totem pole – if totem poles have rungs. Granted that a certain few potent Latin receipts call for chopped or crushed garlic right in the dish, like Spanish Gazpacho, or Pan con Ajo (Garlic Bread), every experienced Chef knows a host of subtler ways of introducing garlic flavor without offending friend or foe – and the best of these is by using fresh-made Garlic Salt, for bottled Garlic, Onion and Chives Salt are makeshifts for lazy amateurs and promptly lose their flavor, regardless of make or price. Recipe for Lomitos de Carne, Rellenos (Stuffed Beef)

Do this:

Toss a handful of salt in wooden bowl. Snip end off garlic clove. Hold
between thumb and first two fingers of right hand and rub clove round and
round with cut end pressed on and in the abrasive salt. When clove is worn
away, you’re done. Discard remaining husk. Make fresh each day as you
need it; use like regular salt and not only will your Cordon Bleu rating rise
but your social standing won’t ever be in jeopardy.
As for the other Lively Lilly, when any lame-brain starts defaming the
onion, simply crush him with this one sentence: Ask any fine professional
Chef and he’ll tell you that no civilized cuisine, be it of high or low degree,
would be worth eating without the onion’s loyal unfailing aid – and this
applies especially to all cookery throughout South America. For neither
Senor Garlic nor Senor Onion is considered lowly there. There they are truly
royal herbs, just as they were in the days of Homer, Dante, & Chaucer, or
the Egyptian Pharaohs when they literally were rated Kings of the Kitchen
We find the best routine in the more delicate onion-flavored dishes is to use
scraped or grated pulp, rather than chopped onion. This semi-liquid pulp
promptly amalgamates with the balance of the dish. Thus its flavor goes
quickly and subtly into the food, not through offending fibers in the teeth.


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