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September 2008



Diploma in Gastroenterology, Milano University
Research and devolopement manager with long lasting experience in
pharmaceutical medicine.
The experience has been gained in hospital and University setting from
1975 –1980 and in pharmaceutical industry from 1981 to the present date.
Dr. Grossi has been directly involved in clinical research either for
registration or marketing support purposes with over sixty products, and in
preclinical research with over ten products.
A substantial part of clinical development activity has been carried out
within Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies.
Presently E.Grossi is heading Medical Department in a large Italian
Pharmaceutical Company ( Bracco SpA) and is Scientific Director of an
important Clinical centre In Milano ( Centro Diagnostico Italiano).

Author of about 150 of publications under the form of full papers among
which more than 90 indexed on PubMed.
Author of about 200 contribution to national or international congresses under the form of abstracts, oral presentations of posters Editor of 7 books or special issues of Scientific Journals Organiser of over 20 Scientific Symposia and 5 International Congresses Invited Speaker on more than 50 conferences inherent to clinical pharmacology and artificial intelligence in medicine at national and international congresses and University settings. Editor of national and international congress proceedings Member of a variety of Scientific Societies and Scientific Boards Author as inventor or co-inventor of ten patents Main therapeutics areas in which dr. Grossi has played a substantial
role in connection with University and Hospital scientific societies:
• Gastroenterology (IBD, GERD, H. Pylori )
• Central Nervous system (Alzheimer Disease, epilepsia, depression)
• Respiratory Diseases (Asthma, Chronic bronchitis, Pneumonia)
• Cardiology ( heart failure, IHD )
• Endocrinology (obesity, thyroid diseases)
• Oncology and palliative care
• Ginecology (Cancer screening and treatment)
• Diagnostic Imaging
• Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research
Recent specific research interests
• Quality of life assessment
• Drug compliance
• Communication in Science and Medicine
• Antioxidants and free radicals
• Artificial neural networks

Member of following scientific societies:
• 1976 Italian Society Of Gastroenterology
• 1976 Italian Society of Rheumatology

International Association on Study of Pain • 1991 American Association for the Adv • Società Italiana di Scienze Farmacologiche Applicate • 1986 Italian Society palliative Care Società Italiana Cure Palliative • 1990 Drug Information Association • 1991 European Respiratory Society (ERS) • 1998 Italian Interdisciplinary Network of A • 1998 Società Italiana Attività Regolatorie
• 2000 Semeion Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in medicine
Recent institutional memberships and appointments:

• Editorial Board , Health Economic Section "MEDIC" Journal
• Editorial Board “International Journal on Drugs and Therapy”
• Coordination of Pharmaceutical Medicine Working Grup within Italian
Society of Applied Pharmacological Science • Advisory Board “Italian Interdisciplinary Network on Alzheimer Disease” • Executive Committee Associazione Geriatria • Contract Professor at Pisa University , Pharmacy Faculty on “The role of Pharmaceutical Industry in drug discovery and development” • Contract Professor at Pavia University, regulatory affairs school • Scientific Director Centro Diagnostico Italiano • Review Committee of T he World Scientific and Engineering Acade • Editorial Board International Journal of Intelligent Computing in Medical echnical Committee on medical informatics SMC society, USA • Editorial Board of Quality & Quantity, International Journal
• Honorary editorial board of Clinical and Experimental Gastroenterology
Referee for the following journals:
• BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making
• Annals of Human Genetics
• Evidence Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine.
• Substance Use and Misuse
• International Journal of Intelligent Computing in Medical Sciences and
• Archives of Oral Biology • Health and quality of life outcomes • Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research GENERAL LIST OF PUBLICATIONS CITED ON PUB MED
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Drug Name -- Buspar Alternate Names – Buspirone Manufacturer – Bristol-Myers Squibb Type – Prescription (not controlled). Pregnancy Issues – FDA Pregnancy Class B. Buspar is not expected to cause harm to a fetus or to cause birth defects. This, however, has not been proven over time. It is not known whether or not Buspar is transplacental. It is not known whether or not


1. How many single rooms are available to NHS patients at each of your Trusts hospital sites? 1.1. Of these how many have: an ensuite toilet? 1.2. Of these how many have: an ensuite toilet and shower or bath? 2. Please indicate which hospital sites within your trust operate an accident and emergency unit: 3. How many speciali

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