July 2012
SAVE THE DATE: Sat, July 21, 2012
4. True or False: Lyme Disease is
7AM & 12PM are tee-off times for the 21st
While most ticks and tick bites are harmless, contagious.
ticks can carry infection. The most common Answer: False. The only way to catch
Bev at the clubhouse at 403-721-2003 for infection is Lyme Disease. It's caused by a germ (Borrelia burgdorferi) carried by black-legged ticks (also called deer ticks). If not caught early, Nordegg Community Church meets on
Lyme Disease can affect the joints, heart, and 5. The best way to remove a tick is:
a. Put a hot match on it
Do you know the facts about ticks and Lyme b. Smother it with Vaseline and wait
Join us on July 22nd for our monthly potluck! Disease? Take this quiz and find out!
for it to fall off
For more details contact Janella at 403-721- c. Using tweezers, grab it as close to
3727 or visit the church’s Facebook site. ☺ 1. True or False: You need to go hiking or
the skin as possible and pull it
otherwise be out in nature to get bitten by
straight out.
Summer Kid’s Clubs (Vacation Bible Schools) Answer: c. Don't wiggle it -- pull
are running in July! Crafts, games, snacks & Answer: False. Ticks live off the blood of
straight. It generally comes out easily. If rodents (usually mice) and other mammals, and July 12-14: Outside the Heritage Centre
hang out in places where they can meet up with worry -- they will come out on their own. July 19-21: Fish Lake (Lake Front Shack)
those mice and other mammals -- usually tall July 23-24: Outside the Heritage Centre
grasses and low-lying vegetation like shrubs. Contact Gil or Andrea Kidd @ 403-721-2347 Nordegg Community Association
2. True or False: The sprays you use
6. The symptoms of Lyme Disease
against mosquitoes can help prevent tick
next meeting is scheduled for Wed, August Answer: True -- provided you use a spray that
contains DEET. Use one that has at least 20% c. fatigue and headache
DEET, but not more than 30% (the maximum d. joint pains
recommended for children). You (not your kids) e. all of the above
If you have anything you would like to see in should spray exposed skin as well as clothing Answer: e. In 70 to 80% of cases, the
(you can also use sprays containing permethrin first sign of Lyme is a ring-like rash, at to spray clothes, tents, and other gear). Avoid the site of the tick bite (that's why it's the mouth, eyes, and hands (since hands tend Please have all submissions in by Friday, 3. True or False: As soon as the tick bites,
it spreads the germ that causes Lyme
Pancake Breakfast & Library Sale!
Answer: False! First of all, not all ticks are
the rash is missed or not present at all. infected (it varies depending on geography and If you or your child have had a tick bite Breakfast: free but donations are accepted the age of the tick, but usually less than half are Sale donations: phone or text Darlene Jones infected). And if they are, it takes around 36 hours for the tick to transmit the germ. This is very good news, because it means that if you do 7. True or False: Lyme Disease can
Annual Corn Roast August 25 – Details TBA daily tick checks on your children (look them
be cured by antibiotics.
over carefully as you put them in the tub or get Answer: True -- with caveats. Most
Meditation Classes Mondays @ 7pm in the
them into pajamas), you cut way back on the Nordegg Community Hall, cost is by donation risk of Lyme. Check the pets daily, too -- not ($5.00 recommended per class). Please call only do you want to prevent any ticks from crawling onto you while you snuggle with them, for months or years, especially if it's not Did you know…?
* July was renamed for Julius Caesar, is the
----------------------------------------------------------- Bear-Proof Bins Available
Calendar and was given 31 days by Julius Bear season is upon us! Use these bins for Lyme Disease, visit the Ticks page of the Caesar in 46 BC. In prior years, it was called garbage or recycling storage. Contact Simon to Quintilis, since it was the 5th month in the ----------------------------------------------------------- * July and April start on the same day in

Source: http://squeak.nordegg.ca/Squeak201207Jul.pdf

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