& Nuclear MedicineSt Vincent’s Clinic Level 5, 438 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010Opening hours: 8.30am–5.00pm Tel: 02 8382 7530 Fax: 02 8382 consent forms will be required to be completed prior to the commencement of the examination. A radiographer CT stands for computerised tomography and is CT scanners use x-rays which are a form of ionising or department nurse will go through these documents sometimes also still referred to as CAT scanning. It is radiation. All radiation doses are cumulative and have a with you and assist with any questions you may have at an imaging technique that uses x-rays to acquire images risk. Modern scanners such as that used at St Vincent’s rapidly in multiple fine slices through the area of interest.
Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear Medicine have Please ask the staff any questions you may have.
At St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging & Nuclear specialised software to minimise the radiation dose. Our Medicine you will be scanned on a multislice scanner professional commitment is to keep your dose as low as which takes a fraction of a second to obtain the data needed in each slice and can produce multiple views of Contrast agents used in radiology are stable safe CT examinations require an appointment to be made. compounds as long as they are not contraindicated Sometimes this may be immediately available but in due to a patient’s particular medical condition. Contrast order to ensure that you receive an optimal examination agents are only administered after stringent safety we do ask you to call us or drop in with your referral for checks have been completed and approved. Details assessment as some preparations may be required.
CT scanning is used for diagnostic imaging of all body of all allergies, particularly to iodine and medications parts. With the advent of multislice technology, CT particularly metformin (diabetic medication), should has been adapted for use in a wide range of clinical be disclosed to booking staff and clinical staff prior to applications including the diagnosis of disease, the your test. Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers functioning of human organs and blood vessels as well should also make their condition known prior to any as guidance for interventional procedures such as biopsy • You will need a referral from your doctor before having In many CT examinations oral and or intravenous contrast may be recommended. Contrast agents are • Check the preparation required with our booking staff used to increase the detail and clarity of images as well as add information on the functionality of the area being As with most imaging techniques the exact procedure scanned. Contrast is administered after a radiologist has will vary slightly depending on which body part is being • Advise booking staff of any medical conditions that reviewed your referral and/or your preliminary scans. may contraindicate preparations or the test itself.
Contrast is not a medication and does not have any • You will have a safety form to fill out before any • Bring any previous relevant imaging you have.
• You may need to drink some oral contrast for abdominal and pelvic scans prior to the test.
Preparations for CT vary with the type of test being performed. At St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging & CT scans are performed by specially trained • You may require an intravenous contrast injection.
Nuclear Medicine the majority of CT examinations do not radiographers, sometimes with the assistance of nursing • You will be asked to change into a gown.
personnel, and under the guidance and supervision of • You will lie on the CT table which will move through • Virtual Colonoscopy – due to the need for the bowel radiologists. At St Vincent’s Clinic Medical Imaging & the machine when the scans are being taken.
to be free of faecal matter a preparation sheet will be Nuclear Medicine your CT will be planned by an onsite- given or sent to you upon booking this procedure.
radiologist, performed by senior radiography staff and • You may be given breathing instructions during • CT Cholangiograms – fasting is required from midnight then checked and reported by the radiologist.
to your appointment time. Contrast is infused The department’s nursing and/or radiography staff will 45 minutes prior to your scan whilst you are in the thoroughly discuss your particular scan with you at the time of your examination. Your consent will be sought • Cardiac CT – may require cessation of certain For all interventional examinations, including possible intravenous injections, safety, medical history and


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