Dear PTRX Member,
We would like to let you know about the opportunity to reduce your out-of-pocket
costs on a medication you have recently filled.
We are PTRX, the prescription benefit manager for you through your employer’s
benefit plan. We have determined that you have recently filled a prescription for
which we have identified a lower cost alternative, called a SaveSmart Generic.
SaveSmart Generics are alternative medications within the same drug class as
some common high-cost brand drugs. These generic alternatives provide the
same medical benefit as their brand counterparts for most patients and, because
your plan provides large copay discounts for generic medications, using the
SaveSmart generic will significantly reduce your out-of-pocket cost.
Please contact us at (877) 469-7879 at your earliest convenience so that we may
discuss this opportunity with you. With your permission, we will contact your
doctor to see if this is a suitable change for your therapy. The reverse of this
is a list of the High-Cost Brand drugs for which PTRX has identified a
SaveSmart Generic alternative. You may also want to take this list to your
to discuss this and other opportunities to save money on your medication.
If we have already spoken to you about this prescription, please disregard this
letter. PTRX is here to help in any way we can, so please don’t hesitate to contact
Thank you,

PTRX Patient Service Center
Phone: 877-469-7879 Se Habla Español
Hours: Mon – Fri, 7am – 8pm (CST) Visit us Online at www.ptrx.com After Hours & Weekends: Emerg. Voicemail System Email us at help@ptrx.com Listed here are the brand name prescriptions for which PTRX has identified generic alternatives. For a plan with the SMPL Program in place, PTRX technicians and pharmacists wil reach out to patients and, upon patient approval, work with their physicians to discuss the opportunity to use the SaveSmart Generic alternatives listed for significant cost savings to both member and the plan. High-Cost Brand Name
SaveSmartTM Generics
Allergy +
(Nasal Antihistamine)
Rhinocort AQ,
(Nasal Steroid)
Veramyst, Omnaris
Anti-Inflammatory /
Atacand, Benicar,
Diovan, Micardis
Atacand HCT,
Blood Pressure
Benicar HCT,
Diovan HCT,
Micardis HCT
Crestor, Vytorin
Tricor, Trilipix
All Brand Name
Diabetic Testing
Test Strips, and
Nerve Pain
Lyrica, Savella
Nexium, Aciphex
(Acid Reflux)
Sleep Aid

Source: http://tylerisd.org/modules/groups/homepagefiles/cms/1698606/File/District%20Site/Insurance/Health/PTRx%20Savings%20Opportunities.pdf


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