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Types of Organizations that use Water-Jel 4 • Hypothermia; Autograft Skin Graft 12 Technical Specifications – Burn Care Products 14 Sample & Information Request Form 17 Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 COMPANY PROFILE

• Founded in 1979. Developed the gel technology and gel-soaked dressings and blankets for the
• Known for high quality, competitive pricing and guaranteed, on-time delivery. • ISO-9002 FDA regulated Manufacturing facility in Carlstadt, New Jersey. • Most products are available in Private Label with standard boxes or in bulk. • Leading brand of burn care products in the Occupational Health, Industrial Safety EMS/Fire and • Expanded first aid product line includes creams, ointments and sprays, which are widely available • Products are widely featured by industry-leading distributors in the Industrial Safety, Occupational • Acquired by KosmaKare International in January 2000 bringing a wide range of first aid adhesive bandage products to the Water-Jel product line. WATER-JEL TECHNOLOGIES CONTACT INFORMATION Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 Burn Care Products
Sterile Burn Dressings - water-based, gel-soaked dressings. Cools and soothes both minor burns and more
serious burns. Protects burn injury against airborne contamination. Utilizes a medical grade, polyester pad.
5-year shelf life. Available in 6 sizes as small as 2” x 2” up to 12” x 16” facemask.
Fire Blankets and Burn Wraps - water-based, gel-soaked blankets extinguishes flames, cools and soothes
burns, protects burn injury against airborne contamination and stabilizes victim. 5-year shelf life. Available in
3 sizes, 36” x 30” burn wrap; 72” x 60” and 96” x 72” fire blankets in canisters or pouches.
Burn Jel - water-based (96% water), viscous gel with 2% lidocaine for the topical care of minor burns. Cools
the burn and relieves pain. 3.5 gram foil packets, 4 oz. squeeze top bottles. Available in box of 25 and 6 unit
dose packets. 36-month dating. Cool Jel is the same water-based gel as Burn Jel, without lidocaine.
UnBurn - same water-based gel as Burn Jel, for Sunburn, contains 2.5% lidocaine, Vitamin E, moisturizers,
and spearmint scent. 6 gram foil packets, 2 oz. and 4 oz. squeeze top bottles. Available in box of 12 and 5
unit dose packets. 36-month dating.
First Aid Unit Dose Creams and Ointments – standard size .9 gram unit dose foil packets,
available in boxes of 25, 144 bulk.
Triple Antibiotic Ointment – Active Ingredients: Bacitracin, Neomycin Sulfate and Polymyxin B Sulfate.
30-month dating.
Bacitracin Single Antibiotic Ointment – Active Ingredient: Bacitracin Zinc. 30-month dating.
Neomycin Single Antibiotic Ointment – Active Ingredient: Neomycin Sulfate. 30-month dating.
Hydrocortisone Cream – Active Ingredient: Hydrocortisone Acetate. Maximum strength 1% anti-itch cream.
36-month dating.
First Aid/Burn Cream - standard size .9 gram unit dose foil packets. Unique, water-based formula of pain
relieving Lidocaine, antiseptic Benzalkonium Chloride and moisturizing aloe for cuts scrapes and burns.
Available in boxes of 25, 144 and bulk cases of 1728. 36-month dating.
Skin Care Moisturizing Lotion - lotion contains Vitamin E and moisturizing aloe to soothe dry, irritated skin.
3.5 gram unit dose foil packets and 2 oz. squeeze top bottles. No expiration dating.
Hand Sanitizer Antiseptic Gel – for hand washing. Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 62%
Squeeze top bottles - 2 oz., 4 oz., and 8 oz.
Unit dose foil packets - standard size .9 gram. Unique, water-based formula contains moisturizing aloe.
First Aid Sprays – non-aerosol pump sprays
Antiseptic Spray - 2 oz. spray, water-based formula. Active Ingredient: Benzalkonium Chloride.
Burn Spray - 2 oz. spray, water-based formula. Active Ingredient: 2% Lidocaine HCL.
Isopropyl Alcohol Spray 70% - 2 oz. spray, first aid treatment that kills bacteria.
Hydrogen Peroxide Spray 3% - 2 oz. spray, first aid treatment for cuts and scrapes, helps prevent infection.
Active Ingredient: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide Topical Solution USP 3%.
Itch-relief Spray – 2 oz. spray to relieve pain and itch from insect bites, poison ivy and poison sumac.
Active ingredient: Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride. SureStick and Private label Latex-Free Adhesive Bandages
• Heavy Flexible Fabric, Light Flexible Fabric, Plastic, Sheer, Foam and Clear • ¾” x 3”, 1” x 3”, 2” x 3”, Junior - 3/8” x 1 ½”, 5/8” x 2 ¼”, Knuckle, Fingertip • Kidz Health Bandages – Bob the Builder, Rescue Heroes, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Strawberry Shortcake Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 TYPES OF ORGANIZATIONS THAT USE WATER-JEL
Companies and Organizations that use Water-Jel First Aid Products for Burns
• Manufacturers - all types where there is a risk of heat, fire, hot liquid or explosion. • Contractors - roofing, paving, welding, plumbing, electrical • Ambulance Companies & Fire Departments • Hospitals – Emergency Departments, Operating Room Suite (fire blankets) • Government – Federal, State and Municipal agencies

Products and uses

• Gel-soaked Fire Blankets and Burn Wraps - use where fire or serious burns may occur in manufacturing, petro-chemical, utility companies. Available in 3 sizes from 3’ x 2.5’ to 8’ x 6’. • Sterile gel-soaked Burn Dressings - keep where serious to moderate burns occur - manufacturing, chemical, refineries, utility, food service, construction, contractors. Available in 6 sizes from 2” x 2” to 12” x 16”. • Burn Jel - where minor burns occur - all markets listed above • Cool Jel - where minor burns occur - all markets listed above, school grades K-12 where use of any • UnBurn - where sunburns occur - outdoor construction, contractors, colleges, camps
Benefits of Water-Jel Products
• Thick “Water-Jel” gel is utilized in all burn care products. • Cools burns, relieves pain and protects against contamination, all in one easy step. • Thick, viscous gel dissipates the heat. • Gel stays wet on the burn injury, does not evaporate. • Provides optimal burn care and improves patient outcome. • Reduces risk where serious, permanently damaging or life threatening burn injuries can occur. • Portable to fit in any first aid cabinet or kit, tool kit, vehicle, desk, etc.
Water-Jel - Properties
• 96% purified water - rinses off easily. • Thickening agents - keeps gel on wound, helps maintain thick layer to dissipate heat. • Natural Tea Tree extract (Melaleuca) - all natural, anti-bacterial Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 NEEDS ANALYSIS – WATER-JEL BURN CARE PRODUCTS
Water-Jel meets the following safety needs within most companies and organizations.
1. Risk Management – lower the risk of serious injury and liability. 2. Employee Productivity – improve productivity, care and goodwill to keep employees on the job. 3. Workers’ Compensation – lower employees time off due to injury.
Identifying areas within a facility that have a risk of fire and burn injuries.

Manufacturing Areas
Burns occur in areas where there is high heat, hot liquids, electricity and chemicals.
ƒ Small area or minor burns are commonly caused by welding sparks, hot liquid splashes, hot tools, chemical splashes and small flames. These burn injuries occur frequently and can be treated quickly and effectively with Water-Jel Burn Jel, Cool Jel and small Water-Jel Burn Dressings. ƒ Large area or serious burns occur in areas with risk of large spills, fire or explosion, high temperature environments, hot metal, hot liquid, hot equipment, flame, oil, gas, chemicals. These burns occur less frequently but there is a severe threat of long-term effects or disability. Therefore it is important to have Water-Jel Blankets and Dressings on hand to effectively care for these severe and potentially life-threatening injuries.
Construction Sites
Burns occur at construction sites in many of the same ways they occur at manufacturing facilities. Often,
water supplies are limited and transportation time to a medical facility may be longer so the availability of
Water-Jel is even more important.

Kitchen areas
Burns occur among the kitchen staff in the lunchroom or cafeteria.
ƒ Small area or minor burns: ovens, grills, stoves, deep fryers, microwaves ƒ Large area or serious burns: deep fryers, hot soup/liquid, gas ovens, gas stoves, gas grills.
Lunchroom/Cafeteria - burns occur in the lunchroom or cafeteria among employees and visitors from
microwaves, hot coffee & tea, hot spills.
Warehouse Areas - burns occur from use of warehouse equipment such as wrapping machines, heat-
sealing machines, glue guns, packaging machines as well as in the lunch room.
Home - Burns that occur at home often need additional care at the workplace. These burns occur from
stoves, microwaves, hot water, irons, hair curling irons and dryers, etc.

Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 Water-Jel vs. Water
Water-Jel is Portable
-- Water-Jel is portable so you can apply it to a burn, wrap it lightly and go back to
work or home while Water-Jel continues cooling the burn and relieving the pain. It’s the only way to treat
burns when on a job site where water is not readily available.
Water-Jel Provides Continuous Cooling – Water-Jel provides cool soothing relief that can be reapplied
if necessary.
Water-Jel Doesn’t Evaporate – Water-Jel doesn’t quickly evaporate like sterile water does so it
minimizes the risk of overcooling the patient even when treating large burns. Burn Sheets or dry
dressings soaked with sterile water quickly evaporate causing the pain to come back and requiring the
rewetting of the sheet or dressings which can cause excessive cooling and even hypothermia.
Water-Jel is Easy to Apply – For burns large and small. Treating victims of large area and serious
burns with sterile water is difficult to manage. With Water-Jel, they are easy to manage. Water-Jel Fire
Blankets and Dressings help first responders quickly care for large area burn injuries in one easy step.
Water-Jel Helps Prevent infection – Studies have shown that because Water-Jel covers the burn and
contains Melaleuca Alternafolia, better known as tea tree, it helps prevent infection.
Water-Jel Has a Long Shelf life – Water-Jel is naturally bacteriostatic with anti-bacterial activity to help
prevent bacterial growth.


Water-Jel Sterile Burn Dressings
feature more gel in the dressings, which means it feels better, longer.
There’s plenty of gel in the dressing to cover burns with a thick layer of gel to cool and soothe the burn.
Water Jel dressings come in 6 sizes so a first responder has the right product for the injury. The more
gel, the better. Water-Jel is the only brand that uses a medical grade pad that carries the gel and applies
it liberally to the burn injury. Other brands use a foam-like sponge that absorbs and retains the gel but
does not as effectively release it onto the burn. Water-Jel’s unique Face Mask facial dressing has pre-
cut eye, nose and mouth holes for easy and immediate one-step care.

Water-Jel Fire Blankets and Burn Wraps
come in 3 sizes for large area burns. They are the only gel-
soaked blankets available in either high visibility orange canisters with an optional wall bracket or in large
foil pouches. Water-Jel products have expiration dates so when people invest in Water-Jel products
know when it can best be used and when it should be replaced. There’s no guessing and no taking
chances with an old product.
Water-Jel is the only brand that offers two topical cooling gels and a topical gel for sunburns.
Burn Jel cools burns to soothe the pain and also contains pain relieving Lidocaine. Lidocaine is a
commonly used anesthetic used found in many over-the-counter pain relieving products. Cool Jel has
the same formula as Burn Jel, without Lidocaine. UnBurn is for sunburns. It contains Lidocaine and also
moisturizing vitamin E and aloe.
Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – WATER-JEL BURN CARE PRODUCTS
1. What is Water-Jel?
WATER-JEL is a water-based, water-soluble gel that draws the heat out of a burn while it relieves the pain, cools the skin, and protects against airborne contamination. By applying WATER-JEL as soon as possible, the heat of the burn is dissipated and helps prevent the heat from progression deeper into the skin. The gel consists of 96% water and has the same cooling effects as water, but because it is thick, it stays on the burn and doesn’t evaporate. Water-Jel also contains a small amount of the natural extract Melaleuca Alternifolia, better known as Tea Tree. This has anti-germicidal activity to help prevent infection. Water-Jel also contains thickening agents and preservatives to maintain the gels’ viscosity, efficacy and give it a 5-year shelf life. 2. What is the active ingredient in Water-Jel Sterile Burn Dressings and Fire Blankets?
There are no active ingredients in WATER-JEL Burn Dressings and Fire Blankets. They are considered Class I Medical Devices.
3. What are the active ingredients in Water-Jel?
Water-Jel Burn Dressings and Fire Blankets do not contain any active ingredients. Burn Jel and UnBurn contain lidocaine, which is found in many over-the-counter topical pain relievers. Cool Jel uses a similar gel formula as Burn Jel and UnBurn, but does not contain any active ingredient. 4. Which Water-Jel product should I use or have on hand?
WATER-JEL Sterile Burn Dressings and Fire Blankets are intended for any burns, minor burns, serious burns, and burns which cover a large area of the body. Burn Jel and Cool Jel are intended for minor burns. UnBurn was created specifically for the relief of sunburn pain, and contains vitamin E to help moisturize the skin.
5. Can WATER-JEL be used on chemical burns?
The first principal in treating a thermal burn is to put out the fire and cool the burn wound to stop the burning process; if the victim is unconscious the presence of a pulse and airway should be established early on. A Water-Jel blanket puts out the fire and cools the burn without removing the clothing while the victim can be transported in the blanket. In contrast, the first principal in chemical burns is to remove the offending agent with copious and continued irrigation with water or saline. Generally, no attempt should be made to neutralize the chemical agent since that will waste time. The clothing must be removed completely and quickly in a chemical burn as clothing serves as a reservoir for the offending agent. Also check the chemical’s MSDS and see our Technical Bulletin on Chemical Burns.
6. Do WATER-JEL products have expiration dates and what if the product is expired?
Because we want to insure the high quality of our products at all times, they have undergone stability testing to insure the effectiveness for a given length of time. The expiration date indicates that the product -- if not opened -- will be stable and effective until that date. WATER-JEL topical gels have a three-year shelf life. The expiration date will be noted on the packaging near the lot number. WATER-JEL Sterile Burn Dressings and Fire Blankets have a five-year shelf life, and the expiration date can be found on the label near the lot number. If your WATER-JEL product has expired, then it should be discarded or used for training and replaced. The blanket canisters can be placed in any local recycling program. The gel, since it is non-toxic, can be disposed of in the regular trash. No special handling is required.
7. Does Water-Jel freeze and will it get ruined from low or high temperatures?
Water-Jel freezes at 5°F but can be used when thawed at ambient temperatures. Similarly, Water-Jel shouldn’t be used at temperatures in excess of 110°F but it will not harm the gel, blanket or dressing. Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 Technical Bulletin – WATER-JEL TECHNOLOGIES -- March 1, 2001


It is now widely recognized that early cooling of a burn, no matter the size, will reduce the depth of the
burn. Cooling with water, or with Water-Jel, also puts out the fire. Putting out the fire stops the thermal
insult. In short, early cooling fulfills the American College of Surgeons’ recommendations and those of
the American Burn Association. The first principle of emergency burn care is to remove the source of the
thermal injury and cool the burn.
There is still some reluctance in certain quarters to the cooling of a burn of any size. This harkens to the
1930s when burns were packed in ice or bathed continuously in ice water. This caused severe vaso
constriction and at best made the burn deeper and at worst caused amputation of the involved limbs or
hypothermia. The resulting hypothermia caused cardiac arrhythmias that could result in cardiac arrest.
The thought and teaching in this matter has lingered and adversely affects good burn care.
Early cooling of a burn can be accomplished with water and some sheets or a blanket, but these may be
inconvenient or unavailable in an emergency situation. Water-Jel, which is deionized water mixed with
additives that greatly retard evaporation, is impregnated in large amounts into wool blankets or medical
grade, non-woven dressings. Because the product consists of 96% water, it cools the burn; since it is
water-based and water-soluble, it will not stick to the wound the way petroleum-based ointments will. And
when the bacteriostatic Fire Blanket or the Sterile Burn Dressings are placed over a burn, they can help
prevent airborne contaminants from infecting the wound.
These products have been widely adopted by first responders, including EMS, Occupational Health
Physicians, Nurses, Fire Departments and Industrial Safety Professionals. Water-Jel is widely used in
industrial plants, utility companies, food service settings and the military. The Navy and the Marines
employ it in shipboard fire fighting gear, corpsman’s equipment and individual combat first aid kits (the
last item mainly for the control of white phosphorous injuries so commonly seen in modern day warfare).
The three principles of treating burns are keeping them clean, keeping them moist and avoiding
mechanical trauma. Water-Jel is not a treatment, it is a device that cools the burn, relieves the pain, and
helps prevent airborne contamination of the wound.
It keeps the wound moist and allows that moisture to be the treatment. Because it can easily be rinsed
away, there is no danger of further mechanical trauma.
Should you have any further questions regarding the use of Water-Jel as a first aid device for burns, I
would be pleased to answer them for you.
H.D. Peterson, D.D.S., M.D.
Medical Consultant
Tel: 512-328-2016

Dr. Peterson is a medical consultant for Water-Jel Technologies. He was Director of the North Carolina
Jaycee Burn Center at University of North Carolina Hospitals and Professor of Surgery, University of
North Carolina School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, North Carolina from 1983 to 1998 and Director Emeritus
from 1996 to 1998. Dr. Peterson was appointed as the Oliver R. Rowe Distinguished Professor of Burn
Surgery, Dept. of Surgery, School of Medicine, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC from 1983 to
present. Dr. Peterson was also Chief, Plastic Surgery Service, Walter Reed Army Medical Center,
Washington, D.C from 1977 to 1983 and Deputy Commander, Plastic Surgeon And Chief, Clinical
Division, USA Institute of Surgical Research, Brooke Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas from
1973 to 1977.

Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072



Increases the wetting, penetrating, and spreading properties of the solution. Is a clear liquid preservative suitable for the preservation of A natural oil, obtained from Melaleuca Alternifolia; (Also known as Tea Tree Oil) used as a fragrance and a preservative. Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 TECHNICAL BULLETIN – WATER-JEL TECHNOLOGIES – APRIL 1, 2001

Regarding the role of Water-Jel in the on-site, emergency treatment, and transportation of chemical
, we would offer the following guidelines. Before considering these guidelines, it should be
understood that because of the vast array of chemicals capable of causing burns, and the multiple
chemical reactions seen with the burns, a single set of guidelines is not possible, but general principals
are widely agreed upon. A helpful way to consider these principals is to compare them with the
emergency care of thermal burns.
The first principal in treating a thermal burn is to put out the fire and cool the burn wound to stop the
burning process; if the victim is unconscious the presence of a pulse and airway should be established
early on. With a Water-Jel blanket this can be accomplished without removing the clothing and with the
victim transported in the blanket. In contrast, the first principal in chemical burns is to remove the
offending agent with copious and continued irrigation with water or saline. Generally, no attempt should
be made to neutralize the chemical agent since that will waste time. The clothing must be removed
completely and quickly in a chemical burn, as clothing serves as a reservoir for the offending agent. Then:
• If water or saline is available at the site of the injury the irrigation should be done in massive amounts for 10-15 minutes with an acid injury, and at least 30 minutes with a base or alkaline injury. If the agent is unknown it should be treated as a base. After the irrigation is complete, a Water-Jel blanket is an excellent method of coverage for transport. If the eyes are involved the irrigation should continue until definitive care is reached. • If no water or saline is available at the site of the injury, and irrigation is not possible, all clothing, to include underwear, should be removed and any offending agent remaining on the skin removed with a dry cloth (such as a bystander’s shirt) and the victim wrapped in a Water-Jel blanket for transport. This should never be done if water is available for copious irrigation.
In either case, Water-Jel, so valuable in thermal injury, is an excellent supplementary treatment for
chemical burns.
In theory, there are a few chemical agents, the injuries of which may be made worse by irrigation with
water, but the removal of excess offending agent is as important and immediate action in a chemical
injury that irrigation should be done, if possible, unless specific knowledge about the danger of such
irrigation is known to be fact. Phenols are an example of such agents.
If there are any questions about specific offending agents, or specific aspects of treatment, please feel
free to contact me either through Water-Jel, or directly at 512-328-2016.
H.D. Peterson, D.D.S., M.D.
Medical Consultant
Tel: 512-328-2016
Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072

The following is my opinion as to the use of the Water-Jel product line in the emergency and early
treatment of cryogenic burns.
The main difference in a thermal burn and a cryogenic burn is that although some or all of the dermis may
be dead from the initial insult, the architecture of the non-viable dermis is maintained in a cryogenic injury,
while it is lost in a thermal burn due to coagulation of the protein by heat. It is critical that the cryogenic
burn surface be kept moist as soon as possible and until the wound is healed. Desiccation will rapidly
destroy the non-viable dermal architecture and impair healing.
Water-Jel is an ideal way to dress a cryogenic burn onsite and for transportation. If the injury is
superficial (painful) it will control the pain but more importantly it will prevent the wound from starting to
dry and have early dermal damage. There is no medical contraindication to application of Water-Jel to a
cryogenic burn.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Water-Jel Technologies or myself at
H.D. Peterson, D.D.S., M.D.
Medical Consultant
Tel: 512-328-2016

Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 TECHNICAL BULLETIN – WATER-JEL TECHNOLOGIES – MAY 1, 2001
There are concerns about using burn sheets soaked with saline or sterile water because the fast
evaporation, repeated wetting and evaporation cause not only the skin to become cool, but also the
patient. This may contribute to HYPOTHERMIA via evaporative cooling in a poorly-managed transport,
over a long distance. The key lies in how the patient is handled.
It is well established that early care of the burn wound should be to – PUT OUT THE FIRE AND COOL
THE BURN. During transport, the wound should be kept moist, to avoid pain in the more superficial
areas and desiccation in all burned areas. Moist transport is even more important as the distance
traveled becomes greater. However, we must realize that evaporation causes surface cooling and can
lead to core hypothermia particularly on larger burns if proper care is not provided.
What needs to be done is:
• Wrap the patient in dry or foil blankets over their wet dressings, so as to hold the evaporation to a • Keep the patient area of the transport vehicle as warm as possible. That’s easy in a ground transport but more difficult in a helicopter. Also, every effort should be made to reduce excessive airflow over the patient.
In my opinion, the admonition to remove the WATER-JEL blanket or the wet sheets, and replace them
with dry sheets is without merit. In fact, without thought, since it causes delay, causes pain to the patient,
and is non-rewarding for the wound. All these opinions are relative to the transport from the site of the
injury to the first level of definitive care.


Water-Jel does not interfere with Autograft. Water-Jel is totally water-soluble. Any residual Water-Jel on
a burn wound will be removed with the first bath. Even when Water-Jel is used for the definitive treatment
of a small burn, it is removed with each washing.
Any wound that will benefit from Autograft will have a necrotic surface that must be removed for
preparation of the bed. If there were noxious residuals, which there are not, they would be removed
along with the necrotic material in preparation of the bed.
There are a myriad of reasons for graft loss - but Water-Jel is not among them.
H.D. Peterson, D.D.S., M.D.
Medical Consultant
Tel: 512-328-2016
Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 TECHNICAL BULLETIN – WATER-JEL TECHNOLOGIES – JANUARY 1, 2001


Presently the FDA does not require Class 1 Medical Devices such as our Fire Blankets and Burn
Dressings to have expiration dates. However, considering the serious nature of the intended use of the
Fire Blankets and Burn Dressings, Water-Jel made the decision to place an expiration date on the Fire
blankets and Burn Dressings.
The FDA is reviewing this question specifically and plans on requiring Class 1 Medical Devices to have
an expiration date.
The Fire Blankets and Burn Dressings have been given a five (5) year shelf life as a result of extensive
testing under FDA guidelines for shelf life. Expiration dating provides the caregiver or end-user with the
assurance that if these products are used during its five-year shelf life, the Fire Blankets and Burn
Dressings will perform and function 100% as per their designed and intended use.
Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS -- WATER-JEL TECHNOLOGIES
Water-Jel is a unique, multi-purpose product for emergency burn care and fire protection. This one step
product helps to lower skin temperature and ease the pain of burns while protecting the covered wound
from further contamination.
Water-Jel comes in sizes from an 8’ x 6’ (244 cm x 183 cm) blanket to a 2” x 6” (5 cm x 15 cm) sterile
burn dressing.
In its larger sizes, Water-Jel can be used to extinguish small fires, put out flames on a victim and shield
rescuers from heat and flames. It is ideal for industrial plants, on-location worksites, restaurants, and
emergency vehicles.
Appearance Off-white,

Staphylococcus aureus

United States Patent Number: 5,753,257, 5,384,125, 5,529,784, 6,033,675, 5,628,066
Foreign Patents issued and/or pending.
Trademarks issued in most countries.
Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 SUBSTRATE:

Packaging has been specially developed to prevent any interaction with the product.
Blanket Inner Bag
Extruded polyethylene, 2.25 mil, 75 gauge Nylon and Saran, knife cut at 3” mark from top of bag on each side of bag.
Canisters and attached labels were tested for weathering, low temperature resistance and ultra violet
Accelerated weathering
(100 hrs Atlas Weather Ometer)

Dressing Pouches (Foil)
48 gauge reverse print polyester, #10 white polyethylene, 0.0003 foil, ADH, P 900 PET or 25 gauge Scotch Pak A combination laminated printed web consisting of 48 gauge polyester, 10# white, 7.5# PE, Metalized PET, ADH 3 mil, LDPE Extruded polyethylene, 2.25 mil, 75 gauge Nylon and Saran, knife cut at 3” mark from top of bag on each side of bag.
Meets or exceeds U.S. Mil Spec (NATO) Standards for a Fire Blanket – per MIL C-883429 A.
Meets or exceeds ASTM No. D-4108.
Permission to Market FDA Medical Device
FDA Export Letter available on request. Sterility Assurance Material available on request. Sample Heat Test Results Of Water-Jel Blankets: (Available on Request) Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 Test Material
Distance from Flame
Burn Through Time
Oxy torch (1700 degrees / 2000 degrees)
6” square - dry

Blow Torch (600 degrees / 900 degrees)

6” square - dry

Water-Jel 6’ x 5’ Burn Blanket (Canister) Water-Jel 6’ x 5’ Burn Blanket (Pouch) Water-Jel 12” x 16” Burn Dressing Face Mask Water-Jel Technologies 243 Veterans Blvd. Carlstadt, NJ 07072 (201) 507-8300 • Fax (201) 507-8325 email: web: Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072 REQUEST FREE WATER-JEL® SAMPLES AND INFORMATION

To receive samples and information, please fill in and fax to Water-Jel Technologies: 201-507-8325.
Please send the following items (check all that apply).
Product Reference Guide – Product Overview, Technical Bulletins Product Sheets (Fire Blankets, Burn Dressings, Burn Jel, etc.) Samples – SureStick - Adhesive Bandages Samples – Triple Antibiotic, Hydrocortisone Cream, First Aid Cream foil packs Samples - First Aid Pump Sprays – Burn Spray, Antiseptic Spray, Hydrogen Peroxide Spray, Alcohol Spray.
Requested by:

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City, State:
Phone: ________________________________________________________
# people requested for: _______________________________________________

Ship to:

Same as above
Name: ________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________
City, State:
If you have any questions, please call Lane Card: 800-551-6499, or Paul Slot: 800-752-5544.
Water-Jel Technologies Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072


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