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EFT & Asthma
My own Case History

Sue Sawyer a therapist based in Hampshire writes an extraordinary account of how
she literally threw away her medication for Asthma after 44 years as an asthmatic
using EFT.
I have been an asthmatic for as long as I can remember, as a child I attended weekly
physiotherapy sessions to deal with my breathing issues. As new drugs became
available I was prescribed them, the first type being Ventolin at the age of ten. In my
thirties I given Becotide, a preventive steroid based inhaler to control my over-
reactive lungs. On occasions my asthma became so bad that I had to take oral steroid
Prednisolone. My medication has for the last fifteen years been two puffs of Becotide
every morning and two puffs every night, with Ventolin if required. I was an,

Last year I attended the Advanced Meridian Energy Therapy Course given by Sandra
Hillawi. During the course we were asked to challenge ourselves and look at resolving
some personal issue with EFT. A colleague suggested that I attempt my asthma. My
immediate response was totally negative. I thought my asthma was far too big an
issue to resolve with EFT. I was asked by the group why as a therapist I didn’t
believe that EFT could resolve asthma. “It’s too big a physical issue”, I responded, “I
know the physiology behind it. It's a real physical reaction of my lungs to substances.
I am too sacred to challenge it, as to do so would question my use of inhalers. If I
come off medication I know I won’t be able to breathe, I have been told so by my
My colleague suggested that we should look at and tap on my fears and beliefs,
regarding my asthma. Here are a few; “Even though I don’t believe that my asthma
can be improved”. “I don’t believe I can control my asthma”. “My asthma scares
me”. “I am frightened without my medication”. “My lungs are weak”. “My lungs
don’t work properly”. “I am angry asthma has stopped me doing things”. “It’s pathetic
that I get panicky if I don’t have my Ventolin with me”. I left the session definitely
less negative but still not totally persuaded. One therapist told me he would surrogate
tap my fears regarding this issue on an ongoing basis.
I visited my local asthma clinic the following month, since I had decided to ask if it
was ok for me to come off my steroid medication. I was told that it was not advisable
but if I was insistent I could try. I was however warned that it was probable that my
lungs would react and my condition would flare up. Ideally they would prefer it if I
just carried on taking the drugs! Given that sort of consultation it is hardly surprising
that I had held such negative dogmatic beliefs about asthma! It would have been easy
to give up at that point. However I did not, I challenged it head on with EFT, because Email: I was no longer frightened, the previous EFT sessions had indeed shifted my beliefs
that it just might be possible!
The next step was to feel in control of the process, so I studied Gary Craig’s
Constricted Breathing Technique in his Steps Towards Becoming an Ultimate
Therapist. It was whilst tapping with Gary, that there was a massive break through.
He included in the set up line for constricted breathing, “and I love and forgive myself
and anyone who may have contributed to it and I love and forgive myself for anything
I may have done that contributed to it”. What followed was a flood of emotional
memories, of a blessed but over protective mother, of missing school, of using my
asthma to get sympathy, to get out of certain jobs, the list went on. I tapped through
each emotion, tears pouring down my cheeks. When I stopped I felt a massive change
in my breathing, it felt easier, controlled and strong. The next day I reduced my
steroid medication in half, whilst tapping myself for all the emotions that then
surfaced, including, “even though I am still a bit scared of doing this”. After two
weeks of waiting for the “flare up”, that I been “promised”, I realised it was not going
to happen. Two weeks later I came of all medication, yet I still tapped for, “Even
though I have been told that my breathing will get worse”. Three weeks passed, my
chest had not reacted, and my inhalers were put away. I felt such a high and that high
is still with me. After thirty-four years I no longer check frantically in my bag for my
inhaler, in fact I don’t know where it is?
Nearly three months on now I am drug free, sorry I am going to have to say that
again, “DRUG FREE”. It is extraordinary, only a year ago the thought of me
controlling my asthma to such a degree was as about as likely as meeting Elvis!
So thank you Sandra Hillawi for your inspiration, thank you Andy Clements for your
surrogate tapping and thank you Gary Graig for your inspirational DVD’s.
I would like to point out that I am in no way advocating that asthmatics should cease
taking their medication, in the way I did. My reduction/cessation was done having
had a consultation, however negative with my Asthma Clinic. To support my new
regime I am using Power breathe a hand held device that exercises my respiratory
muscles; to strengthen a lifetime of lazy/drug controlled breathing. I am also using
Phytobiophysics Flower Remedies to counteract the toxicity of the medicines I have
taken for so long. I still tap when my chest gets itchy or tight or times when a new
issue comes along like having a cold, or being with certain animals. The difference is
that now I ask, “Am I an Asthmatic”? Hmmm, happy breathing!
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